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Oral b Pro 6000 Toothbrush Review

VB Pro 6000 review a solid mid-range model so what is it about electric toothbrushes that make them so popular is it the advanced bluetooth technology that most will probably not use the higher output and self-cleaning features that make it much easier to use than manual toothbrushes or the fact that electric brushes have been clinically proven to reduce as much as 300% more plaque than manual toothbrushes whatever the reason may be the oral-b pro 6000 has everything you need to start giving your teeth the luxurious lifestyle this toothbrush is a powerful little machine that is capable of carrying out 48,000 precision movements per minute using its oscillating pulsating rotating technology this enables it to remove between 50 to 100% more plaque than your average brush the oral-b pro 6000 contains a user instruction manual brush head holder with splash guard wireless smart gut guide with wall mount three different brush heads a charging station and the Braun oral-b pro 6000 toothbrush key features and useful technology the unique feature about the pro 6000 is the Bluetooth enabled technology a lot of people won’t use it but for the ones who are interested it will open up a wide range of data and functions to help make your brushing experience better and more efficient wireless smart guide this is a neat little gadget which will act as a clock when not in use but once the toothbrush is turned on and is within range the smart guide will also turn on and become your personal coach it will show you a two-minute timer to make sure you’re on track while also showing the cleaning mode that you were using five different cleaning modes the different cleaning option makes this toothbrush versatile in many ways firstly there might be days you want a thorough clean in which case you would go for the pro clean mode other days your gums might be feeling slightly sore and that when you use the sensitive mode here is the full list of modes available daily clean comprehensive everyday cleaning gum care gently stimulates the gums sensitive lower speed for a gentle queen whitening alternate speeds to polish away stains and proclaim faster bristle movement for an intense clean feeling visible pressure sensor toothbrush abrasion will occur over time if you keep using too much pressure while brushing but this problem is reduced when using the oral-b 6000 because it has sensors which tells the brush to stop pulsating and reduce the speed if it detects you’re brushing too hard it will also light up red to clearly tell you to reduce the force you were applying how’s the battery life the oral-b pro 6000 has made some great leaps and bounds because it has the new upgraded lithium ion battery and this makes the battery life much better than some other models oral-b has to offer this means you get a good solid 12 days of battery life before recharging the brush this is based on the recommended 2 minutes twice per day methodology that’s around 45 to 50 minutes of usage time who is it for it’s a mid-range toothbrush that offers so many features and is powerful when it comes to giving you a thorough clean we recommend only children above 12 and adults use this brush although children under 8 may well be proficient enough to use it the extra bells and whistles might distract them from actually cleaning their teeth that being said oral-b have not specifically mentioned any dangers for kids while using their toothbrushes so it’s totally up to you a few negatives to mention this model is more bulky than some other brushes on the market which could cause slight issues for people with small hands the downside to the bluetooth pairing is you will always have to have your phone on you while brushing to get constant feedback the RRP price is high it’s around $200 for this toothbrush which is ridiculous do not buy it for that much it’s currently been reduced by a massive $80.00 which makes it justifiable to purchase but you never know when the prices will increase again reliability and long-term use the oral-b pro 6000 is a solid long-term investment opportunity because it has all the features and signs for us to believe it can last a very long time some people have had theirs for over 5 years which fantastic there’s really only a couple of problems you might encounter the battery after one to three years it is most likely to fail due to the constant charge and discharge the internal parts could wear out but anything beyond three years and you were doing well discoloration previous models with similar white material like the six thousand have shown signs of discoloration over long periods of time and we expect the six thousand to be similar there is however four different colors to choose from if you want to stand out from the crowd what do customers think this toothbrush currently has four hundred and forty five reviews on Amazon with an average rating of four point five out of five stars making it one of the highest rated toothbrushes ever it’s also Amazon’s choice at the moment and we believe it has something to do with the massive price reduction the majority of customers said they found it really helpful because of the 30-second interval beeper which kept them on track and also the pressure sensor which stopped them from brushing too harshly the other main feature they enjoyed was the different modes were shown right on the toothbrush handle which means you can program which mode you want to start brushing with there were also some people who switched from the sonic care brand over to oral-b and the pro 6000 toothbrush has made them fall in love with these types of brushes the best place to buy the pro 6000 we think the easiest place to buy is Amazon because well they are the number one online retailer and have high security and consumer protection you get a 30-day money-back guarantee and the added two year warranty from the manufacturer you can also see the reviews people have left which makes it a lot easier for you to decide if it’s a good product or not and they even do comparisons between different models to show you the benefits of each the toothbrush is currently priced at $119.95 but we can’t say how long the offer will stand because the normal price is $200 we also suggest you go walk around the mall and the big stores such as Walmart and Target to see if it’s any cheaper there we doubt it but sometimes they do have a clearance sale when they have other products that want to replace them with but if you want to take advantage of the massive 40% off sale head over to Amazon now you will also be able to see real customer reviews in all their glory we have also created a full 3,000 word review on this toothbrush so if you want more detail please visit our website the link is in the description box below thanks for watching but before you go please subscribe share and comment thanks see you next week

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