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Paddle Board Reviews Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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This is the ten six all around inflatable stand-up paddleboard that comes in two different colorways blue and aqua now this is your go anywhere do anything inflatable stand-up that’s a perfect choice for flat water paddling and small wave surf what’s really cool about these inflatables is that they go from this size inflated to this size deflate it and rolled up all our single board inflatables they come standard with a three piece adjustable paddle this is a carbon shaft and the nylon blade it’s perfect for accommodating different sized paddlers and you can easily break it down for storage or travel the ten foot coil leash will make sure you always save clothes and attach to your board next is the high-performance hand pump for fast and easy inflation we also have our screwless snap and fin for easy and quick installation now you’ll be able to fit all these items in a convenient carried backpack which is perfect for storing your board when it’s not in use no need to worry about dings or scratches these inflatables are constructed with a military-grade outer skin so they’re forgiving when bounced off any hard surface the three fin setup allows for great tracking and flat water as well as small waves the board’s front mounted bungee system allows for simple quick gear attachment and super close to your fingertips for convenient transportation we’ve added a neoprene standard comfort grip as well as a front nose handle for easy accessibility the 10-6 all-around inflatable SUP has the stability of a hard board but small enough to easily store and transport making it a great all-around choice the peak 10-6 all-around inflatable stand-up paddleboard brings the ultimate beginner paddleboard package to you the board is ten and a half feet long 6 inches thick and 31 inches wide it weighs only 23 pounds and when inflated supports up to 300 pounds if you drop or bump this up it won’t ding your scratch because this board is built from the highest quality military-grade PVC and drop stitch material the soft Eevee a deck pad serves as the perfect exercise mat that makes it family and pet friendly the bungee system keeps your water bottle and gear out of your way during practice but close enough to your fingertips this board comes with two handles one at the center of your board and the second is a nose grab handle for easy transportation to and from the water when deflated this board rolls up to a compact size with a cinch strap and fits neatly just about anywhere the peak all-around paddleboard package comes with everything you need to get out and on the water including an adjustable three-piece alloy paddle and nylon blade a 10-foot coil ankle leash a high-pressure dual action hand pump a toolless snap in center fin a bonus waterproof smartphone case and everything fits neatly inside this travel backpack hey guys this is Dave with eye rocker we’re gonna take a look at the Iraq or Cruiser this board is ten foot six inches long by 33 inches wide this board is built for maximum stability it carries the 33 inch width throughout the majority of the board and it’s built with an extra wide tail so this board is going to be for anyone that wants to go out in any water condition and feel very comfortable and stable it comes in five colors comes in blue aqua orange green and black because of the extra width in the extra wide tail this board is going to feel a little bit more stable than the all around let’s take a look at some of the features on the board at the nose of the board we have our action mount this is used for the over fishing rod holder our speaker or an action camera we also have the extra wide cargo area built with safety handles on each end which are great for when kids want to ride on the front of the board the deck pad is a crocodile texture pad with color coded beveled edge stripes running from the front of the pad all the way to the rear of the pad and the center of the board you have a neoprene covered carry handle on each side of the deck pad we have four D rings for the optional kayak seat shoulder strap or two tie-down extra gear at the rear of the board we have the high-pressure inflation valve the ankle strap ring as well as an added carry handle that makes it easy for grabbing the board out of the water now let’s take a quick look at the bottom of the board at the nose we have a d-ring that’s great for towing or anchoring at the rear of the board we have our tri pin setup new for 2019 are all three fins are now removable with the flip lock Center fins what you’re going to get with any eye rocker paddle board package is gonna be your board a backpack carry bag a fiberglass shaft paddle your fins ankle leash the new full-throttle dual chamber triple action hand pump and repair kit enjoy the open water with a premium stand-up paddle board from serene life and experience adventures like never before every serene life paddle board comes with all of the paddling essentials contained in a convenient storage bag this includes a coiled ankle cuff safety leech a 9 inch detachable board fin and a manual air pump getting on the water is a breeze simply plug the pump into the air valve and start inflating once the pressure gauge on the pump reaches the green zone you can easily detach the pump without any air escaping while you replace the cap attach the safety leash and the fin and you’re ready to go the paddle easily assembles and can be extended to fit just about anyone’s height the inflatable design and wide non-slip top deck provide improved stability and balance for kids and adults making it easy to glide across the surface with ease more importantly the PVC body makes it stable while standing but gentle enough that if you fall while learning you won’t hit a hard board on your way down and if you ever get snagged on something tough repairs are easy with the included kit if you love the open water there’s nothing quite like enjoying it atop your very own paddle board [Music] and thanks to its portable design you truly have the freedom to go where you please get some fun exercise and soak in the beauty of the nature all around you when the day finally comes to an end it doesn’t take long to open the air valve roll up your board and hit the road [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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