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Hello everyone here OS reviews you’re watching our throwback review of the pebble time in 2018 this is a SmartWatch that you can still find on Amazon or Ebay in refurbished condition for $50 and under making it very affordable now but as we know one of the reasons why the cost has come down is because pebble has been acquired by Fitbit about a year ago and unfortunately if Fitbit hasn’t seemed to continue designing pebble inspired smartwatches in terms of giving us a notification watch as well as this really cute interface a lot of community support for watch faces as well as games and apps but they’re pushing more on you know fitness oriented smartwatches which is what Fitbit is known for as a results the closest thing to a pebble that we have in 2018 is actually by Xiaomi is known as the amaze Fitbit and this is a $70 SmartWatch that’s been getting quite a bit of attention recently so here’s the box again it’s pretty simple even though the pebble time does not have an optical heart rate monitoring it does still give you basic step tracking calories burning distance walked and it also is a great notification watch in the sense I can tell you when you get a new text message a call or you can sync it up with a calendar to tell you when you have new updates and notifications coming along furthermore the pebble does have again a pretty large community when it comes to support so you can update it with a lot of watch faces like this Mario one that you see here in addition.


Pebble Watch Review

It’s capable of running some very basic games which at the moment the amaze the VIP is unable to do we also have in the box the charging cable so it’s a magnetic charger pretty similar to other smartwatches there is a sticker from pebble as well as a QuickStart pamphlet for downloading the companion app through iOS or Android and the apps are still fully functional so you’re so able to download them register and bind a watch without any problems so taking a closer look at the design of the pebble time first again next to the bip you’ll see that it is a little chunkier just because it’s a slightly older watch by now but it doesn’t look too outdated of course the bezels are kind of large which gives it a slightly analog retro look to it which some people like some people think art is too toy like it does have a slightly rounded glass display which is tempered and feels very good in terms of construction as well as a watch face that’s made at aluminum as well even though it feels really saw it the aluminum on the outer edge here does scratch a little bit more easily than the plastic used on other parts of the body the side here features a dedicated key for going back so you can wake it up from sleep and let’s say I’m in a menu I can tap on this once to go back one page and on the other side you have access to three keys one which takes access the ok button and these to act as the up and down Keys it’s pretty intuitive and easy to get used to so the Pebble unlike the Amaze fitbit does not have a touchscreen display I still do prefer touchscreen in most instances but if you are you know getting it wet or if you’re underwater then having physical keys does make more sense otherwise in the back we have just a pebble logo and it’s slightly curved as well which makes a very lightweight and ergonomic when you’re wearing it on the wrist in fact just like the Amaze fit pebble was praised when it was first launched for being so lightweight and not obtrusive when you’re wearing it compared to past smartwatches which felt very bulky and like a computer that was physically strapped onto your wrist one reason why pebble watches developed kind of a cult following was because of their colorful and playful personalities with all the animations and the menus as you’ll see in a moment that definitely makes it feel more alive and has a fun character compared to other smartwatches which I think it still has a head up compared to the inmates that bit which is still kind of a more boring overall design when it comes through the menus and the overall navigation interface it’s just a very straightforward compared to the pebble which again has a more kind of unique animation system as well as a way that everything is displayed just feels a lot more youthful and fun closely a quick look at its menu interface you’re tapping the bottom key brings us to what’s called the timeline and essentially when you have new updates or calendar notifications from the phone it’s going to push that over to the pebble you’re able to see that in a chronological order scrolling down words will take you through the events in the past scrolling upwards will take them to ones in the future and ones in the present I don’t have any available right now so nothing is showing up currently but I can also tap on the top here to take a look at my fitness data so this is the first which is just our pedometer it tells us kind of the weather information right now as well as the day in terms of our average average step count that I’ve been wearing it so far calories burned and how many steps that I’ve taken today as well as a quick chart that my step count each day of the week so for instance on Monday I reached my goal pretty well on Tuesday not so much swiping up again takes a look at our sleep data so we can see deep sleep versus light sleep in our session and also the same information for the past week so that actually works quite well I can go back again and tapping on the center key here is what takes me to the main menu I can take a look at weather information if it’s available and synced up correctly on my phone not at the moment I can also take a look a battery percentage remaining I can control the music that is stored on my phone and then I can use these buttons to play pause to track as well skip tracks as well which is pretty cool notifications if I haven’t set it up I can also see things like you know new messages as they pop along under watch faces you can sync various watch faces from the phone and push that over through it and update and afterwards the faces are stored in the pebbles memory so that you’re able to constantly switch them without even using the phone which is very cool so for instance there’s a lot of community support in this area people have designed all sorts of cool faces and one of them is this a DOS command line inspired version so it says American pebble trends and after a few seconds or refreshes to this we can see the month which is right now July 22nd we can see the copyright which is 2018 that’s the year we also have the time which is 632 other faces I’ve downloaded include a classic Macintosh which looks very cool this is a black-and-white watch face which still is very nicely represented even though it’s a color ePaper panel it can still pass as a monochrome look if you want it to only display grayscale images there’s taller which is a kind of designer based theme that is a pretty attractive as well there’s two which are built right on end called tik-tok and kickstart which is the more sports based version in this face the border will turn completely green when your daily goal has been met so for instance 10,000 steps and this entire border will turn green tick tock is very simple you just have an analog represent representation here and Casio which tries to imitate the look on a Casio digital watch otherwise we can also create a timer stopwatch functions directly from the watch and down below here we have all of our apps that I’ve downloaded from the pebble store and pushed over now it’s stored in the pepper memory so things like small games can be run actually pretty well so for instance I have op obelisk which is kind of like stack on your phone you have a high score and then you simply tap on this when you want to stop the block it gets smaller and smaller if you’ve misaligned the blocks and then just keeps on going up it’s a nicer testament to the fact that you know the the processor of the pebble time is powerful enough to run some of these very basic games which are actually pretty fun and cool that it’s you know functioning on such a small device like a watch and of course we have a color display here so it’s showing off all the multiple colors and a pretty attractive way other games I’ve downloaded here include blocks which is pretty simple and it’s also in full color and this is basically just brickbreaker which you control the movement of the cursor here by pressing left and right mr. runner another fun little game this one is in black and white but it uses the accelerometer of the watch for you to tilt left and right in order to move the avatar to collect coins and to jump higher and higher so it’s actually pretty cool in that sense the accelerometer works surprisingly well and it’s a nice way to can reprogram the fact that the motion sensors are used for tracking your fitness but now you can use that for gaming as well which is again very clever and Piney wings is another kind of fun game but unfortunately it’s a paid one you can only play so so much of the game in the trial version but you release the character here to basically jump and then to gain momentum when you are going downhill to go faster and faster and the objective is just to have perfect slides and to beat the game before the Sun Goes Down and to travel as far as possible and again it’s pretty fun it uses again shows up the graphic capabilities of the pebble which other quick launch commands include long holding on the up key down key Center keys for a extended period of time to launch a specific program so for instance the UP button can be set to let’s say activate the backlight were activated airplane mode that turns off Bluetooth or turn you to the weather or settings page so the overall menu interface is still very clean the UI is intuitive it’s simple to understand it’s animated and whenever you get a new text message or a new call the entire pebble will vibrate the vibration motor on the pebble time is tough one of these strongest I’ve seen out of any SmartWatch period sometimes rattles so hard I’m worried it’s gonna fall apart that’s how intense it is you definitely won’t miss it at all the pebble app is still up and running and works really just fine you’re able to see your health right from this main dashboard it’s gonna automatically sync whenever bluetooth is turned on and the syncing process is actually faster than on the me fit and the amazed Fitbit at least in my testing sometimes a bit will take about you know thirty Seconds to a minute to completely sync up versus this one which is around 15 seconds and my testing so far so it gives you your step count as well as your active time for the day you can also take a look at a calendar view 30-day average and all of these visualizations which are actually done very well they’re colorful and easy to understand same thing when it comes to sleep data down below here I can also take a look at watch faces the ones that I have currently on here I can also push it over to the watch in real time and you can see it starts to change you know with really no delay at all and the store provides almost an infinite selection of new faces to download some of them which are paid if they’re by a specific designer but the majority are for free and you can even create your own watch faces without too many too much work which is pretty cool and again there are thousands of apps so you’re able to then download and push over to the pebble which is again very cool in terms of how the apps can be further managed on your phone you’re able to then rearrange these they can be displayed in different order and the timeline and if for instance if there’s a settings available because right now we are opening up the obelisk game here I can tap on this here to take a look at the leaderboard whoever has the highest score in the entire pebble community I can even tweak the themes for the game so if I want a different color spectrum I can tap on that and I’ll be pushed over to the watch so that’s the pebble time revisited even after all this time no pun intended I don’t think it holds up pretty well has a smart notification watch because a form factor is extremely comfortable it’s super lightweight battery life is still pretty good as far as smartwatches are concerned you can charge at once and will last you for about a week before you need to recharge it again which sure isn’t as long as on the Amaze Fitbit which has a one month battery life which is pretty ridiculous but still is far better than on the Apple watch which you have to recharge daily furthermore if you don’t need all of the new fitness tracking data per se such as an optical heart rate sensor because you don’t plan on let’s say using that data in the first place all you need is kind of steps calories and sleep tracking the pebble can still fit that bill pretty well and compared to the Amaze Fitbit it does have kind of a more creative community that has still a lot of charm as well as personality to it even after two years but looking to the future if you want to watch that has a warranty intact and more support down the road because a misfit and Xiaomi are probably going to produce more wearables in the future than the bit would probably be the better option I think for many consumers however if you do want something that has a bit more personality as well as at the moment still a fair amount of again watch faces and so works pretty well as far as a notification SmartWatch is concerned then again the pebble time still holds its own pretty well here in 2020.

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