PetChatz HD Pet Camera Review

PetChatz HD Pet Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys now you’re probably wondering why I’m lying on my floor I am a line of a florida show you this and this is pet shops pet shops is absolutely hands-down the most technologically advanced camera that I’ve ever used you just have the opportunity to try it out we’ve been testing it with our dogs for a couple of weeks and the biggest thing is set spec checks apart from other pack cameras is the fact that has two-way audio and video typically these devices sorry this is our little Dino Molly comment she thinks she’s gonna get a tweet other pet shops right now so typically these devices you know they have a one line video you can see your god but they can’t see you and sometimes the audio is one way as well you can hear what’s going on in your home but they can’t hear you it is more common to actuate audio for sure but the video is definitely something that pet shots brings to the table that nobody else does so that’s really exciting for me I like the fact that my dogs can see me as well as me seeing them so let’s take a little bit closer look at the camera inside so here is a close-up look at the pet chat device now the first thing you’re going to notice is that this is attached to my wall I also want to point out that this cord right here is not the pet chats cord this is the cord to our router and it’s plugged in with the pet shots as well which typically you wouldn’t do we did that because it needs to be close to the router and this is where happens to be but not only does it need to be attached to your wall it also needs to be attached over an electrical outlet.


PetChatz HD Pet Camera

So that’s a little bit inconvenient for me I don’t care for that I would prefer something that stands on its own if you see my review of the furball that sits on your coffee table or an end table which is great for me that’s what I prefer so anyway you can see it attaches to the wall the top cover comes off it’s really easy to take on and off which I love you’ll notice that mine is not actually secured to our wall and that’s because I didn’t want to leave holes in the wall you’d have to take off your outlet cover and you’ll have to attach it to your home and I didn’t want to do that so ours isn’t super secure because I’ve kind of rigged it up for this video but usually the petshop comes with or you actually you can buy separately its own stand and that’s what I prefer but just the basic pet shop comes like this and you can see the screen right here in the front there’s a microphone down here treats release from underneath which I will show you and this is the button that you can press to well you use it to navigate when you’re setting up your pet shops but you can also use it to release a treat manually if you’re at home and you want to do that so I am connecting on the app right now which I’ll show you in just a second but you can call your dog or your cat in this case so you call them and what I’m gonna do right now is call and you’re gonna hear the feedback because it’s a two-way audio too so you’re gonna hear my voice plus you’ll hear it repeating so I’ll only do it for a second but you can see it needs that little chime which is great because it’s easier to train your dog to use the pet shots when it’s doing that so hey you guys you can see me on here with your nice clear picture which is great you can hang up and then it goes off again a little tone it’s a different tone so it’s easy every time you call it makes that that music so your dog knows that it’s you calling them and you can say mommy mommy come on come on and then she’ll come hopefully let me back up a little bit savings here and you can really succeed you guys can stir the Molly oh let me zoom out a little bit so there’s my little face and you can see she’s waiting for her tree but she likes it when I call her too [Music] so you can make the noise at any time you can call your dog you can talk to them you can treat them which is great and the app is really easy to use so let me show you that okay so here is the pet chats app whoops of course that would happen so here’s the pet chat app it’s really easy I’ll just go back to my home screen and that’s exactly what it looks like when you open it you get this little menu and you can shop you can go to your gallery because this allows you to save pictures and videos to share with family and friends so that’s great you can also link to dog TV which is awesome and it’ll play on that screen where you were seeing my face so you can use dog TV for your dog you can add information about your pets change your password email add you know pet shots units get help things like that so that’s that screen and then obviously so you might have different devices I only have one so I clicked on that and that’s the feed you can see me there hey guys and a little Molly right next to me so there’s the feed if you want to chat you just hit the chat button and there we are you can end hang up and that’ll get you back to your home screen if you go back to chat again and I’m gonna call us and [Music] you can press the boom button to release a treat or the little music no will play that time again for your dog so right now it’s basically on silent mode and I’m not calling so my dog can’t see me but I can as you can tell obviously see what’s going on in my home so you can do that as well if you just kind of want to eavesdrop and check in so it’s really easy to use a very user friendly as well another great feature of pet shots you can also buy a thing called pet call and it’s basically a little button that you put it on the floor and you train your dog to use it they can press it when they actually want to call you so not only can you call your dog that they could call you which I think is just the coolest thing I don’t work out at the home or I would definitely invest in that but there are some really unique features the pet call is definitely one of them sorry it’s actually called paw paw not pet call so the pop call is one of them like I said it’s dreams dog TV which is fantastic if you get the paw paw you can actually your dog can play games if you’re not available to talk to them at the moment they can play some games and they’re rewarded with treats so it’s mental stimulation which is super important for our pets but this products made in the USA another great benefit so you’re probably thinking to yourself oh my gosh this is such a fantastic product I need to run out and get one well yes it is a fantastic product is it a need absolutely not it’s certainly something that’s not a necessity to have it does have sound and motion activation which is great so it will notify you at any time if something’s going on your home your dogs barking or something like that there’s a really really really positive functions here of course the two-way audio and visual like I mentioned so the biggest downfall we have is the price a brand new pet shots will have you three hundred and eighty dollars and I absolutely understand that out of most pet owners price range so that’s something to keep in mind you can buy refurbished products on the company’s website which i think is pretty cool and a lot of companies are going out right now so you can buy a refurbished model for being about $300 and you can buy their treats you come by Oh another great feature that I forgot to mention is the aromatherapy if you open your pet shots no you’re not getting another treat I know me Friday we’re so right here on the bottom you can see that there is a place here first of all this is the button that you use to power it on and off but there’s a place there here where you can include scents and you can use essential oils or you can also use pact eyes actually makes this is upside down pet rocks pet Chad actually makes small little set strips to put in there as well and you can use this for aromatherapy for your dog so if you have a dog that’s nervous or has separation anxiety you can do that as well so another great feature that you never find on any other pet camera so a lot of things make this one stick out above the rest but you will pay for that in the end and the other big downfall like I mentioned is where you have to attach it to the wall like beside you can buy the stand which I should have gotten out to show you guys obviously because that’s what we do but this stamp cost $60 so that’s expensive as well but if you want to just do just the touch-up and attach it to the wall you know you can do that renters probably can’t do that if you want to check with your landlord before you make that decision but pet shop it’s really cool great gadget we obviously love it you can telephone they love it I mean except any questions be sure to email me Samantha hot dog tips calm I can give you any updated information that you might need on the pet shop and I appreciate you guys watching the video I will be back next time with more information from talk to our tips thank you so much for watching my video guys we really appreciate you guys tuning in whenever we post a new video of course you can check us out on our website top dog so be sure to bookmark that and check back often because we are always publishing new reviews product information top 10 list information about dog hair grooming training all aspects of dog care health and we share some vet tips on there all kinds of a stuff.

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