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Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Toothbrush Review

hi guys and welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be doing a review video on the new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush now I’ve had this toothbrush for about four weeks now been using obviously every morning – hoped but you’re supposed to do and basically what I did is share with you my thoughts on the product and basically is it worth the money so let’s get into this why did I buy it in the first place is probably a good fresh tip basically I’ve heard really good things about it and I just wanted to take an even more sort of care of my teeth so I got myself an Andrew one they were in the sale normally the like two hundred and fifty quid for the toothbrush which is an insane amount money for a toothbrush and in the sale they’re like 115 so I got myself one and a blue one and it was basically anniversary presents from each other so I got a pink one and he got a black one and that’s how exciting it is when you’ve been with someone for eight years but anyway we’ve got toothbrushes and that’s why I got it basically and I just wanted to share with you if you’re thinking about getting one my thoughts on it sort of how it works and that sort of thing so when you take out the Box it comes like with all this stuff inside it and the one thing that I really do love about it is this little case now I’ve popped the little toothbrush back goodness so you can see what it’s like inside and this is a travel case that comes with the toothbrush and basically you know you take your toothbrush out and you put the the head back onto your toothbrush but the cool thing about this little travel case is that this is actually a chargeable travel case so you put your toothbrush in here like so yeah and then you get a lead this any plugs out at the end here this little hole and you just plug the other end which the USB end into let your phone charger and it charges your toothbrush and to me that is such a cool little case as all you have to take with you when you go traveling and you’re sorted and I just think that’s really nice solid case hi in this obviously pink because I bought pink one I think Andrews is black but we mean inside because his has got like a lime green inside which is quite good for like a more manly sort of toothbrush I was going to get the purple toothbrush but they didn’t have it in stock so I went for the pink one which is still quite cute and pretty and all that sort of thing the only thing I would say in the downsizes it doesn’t come with a spare toothbrush head you have to sort of buy them separately but I thought it would use come with one spare one as well and it doesn’t involve that price you loose this but maybe one spare toothbrush head but we get over that it also comes with something else which is really cool so if it in your bathroom we don’t have it in our bathroom unfortunately in your bathroom if you have like a bar from socket I know that like in America you don’t have different sockets in your bar four meters have normal ones but in Britain we have like a two pin sort of bathroom socket which is less voltage because obviously it’s in a bathroom and because our voltage is pretty high over here so basically this goes onto the little cup the cup sits on here your toothbrush then relax it in that little thing and when you plug it in and that charges your toothbrush as well so this a little bit here like a magnet and it charges your toothbrush we don’t actually have that so can’t use that I use the travel charger to charge the toothbrush but you know either oh I think it’s quite cool I still use the little dish though to hold my toothbrush in just to keep it nice and tidy so getting on to the actual toothbrush so this toothbrush has quite a few settings it has a clean setting a white setting a polish setting a gum care setting and a sensitive setting now I’m going to say that I’ve only used the clean the white and the polish settings I haven’t used gum care or sensitive because I don’t have sensitive teeth and I feel like the toothbrush actually cleans my gums fine without using the gum cap one the nice I’m going to tell you which each one is so busy clean is what I’ve actually decided to use all the time I did start off on white but white is quite a long clean and I find that I may be a bit too long sometimes and so basically the clean one is around two minutes long and you just what you have to do is basically pop your toothbrush toothpaste on your toothbrush obviously I actually brush the toothpaste across my teeth before putting on because I find that if I do turn it on with a toothbrush or for putting in my mouth it goes everywhere and if I pop it in my mouth and turn it on with the toothpaste the toothpaste isn’t sort of distributed evenly in my mouth so what I do is I pop the toothpaste on the brush I rub it across and then I turn on and then what you do you basically just hold it and it gives a really fast obviously and then you just move it to your next tooth Lutie next to desert desert and it beeps for like every 30 seconds I think or something like that it beeps to tell you to change place where you’re putting it so you do know 30 seconds here and you move it around that side and then you do like 30 seconds here and so on as they form and you distribute it evenly is such you know my teeth feel so clean when I use the clean mode I just feel like fresh and that my teeth look like mmm so soft and sort of smooth and really clean it’s just such a good feeling when you feel it your mouth is so clean the white one was really good is basically the same as the clean but extra 30 seconds and I just thought that was too long I’m after two minutes of my teeth feel very very clear I have a tiny little mouth I don’t really feel that there needs the extra 30 seconds and what I do do if I feel like my teeth aren’t that clean or feel like my breath isn’t as fresh as I’d like it to be afterwards I do the Polish one which is a thirty second quick sort of burst the porous your teeth and I do that after the clean one if I feel can use a little bit extra and it’s 30 seconds or is it a minute could be a minute actually I think it’s one minute the Polish yes so the Polish is a minute and then the gum Kate is also an additional minute I think that it just vibrates a bit differently for the area of your mouth that you’re cleaning so for gums it’ll be a bit gentler than the Polish and that sort of thing as sensitive is basically the same thing it was clean your mouth for like the two minutes as b’keen but with a more gentle pulse and I just think through can I’m going to show you what it looks like so when you turn it on if I brave oh I’ve used it some game before over the base and have a little light this is clean on it and then as you press it down there goes to white and you can hear the different noises and then this is polish to do to death this is gum care so it’s more of a and sensitives obviously a lot quieter and you can see how much more gentle that is so as you can say I will do it one more time clean is quite sort of a mmm look all the time and quite deep white is like that and polish is do digital digital to try and get all that crap off your teeth and then gum care again it is the gentler and a sensitive is really sensitive and really gentle so if you do have really sensitive teeth at I’d be really good for you so overall I’m actually super impressed with this toothbrush I feel like I’m really happy I purchased it I don’t know father purchased purchased it for two hundred and fifty pounds I think that’s a little bit steep I mean it’s for me what would seem to be like sparkling if I pay two hundred and fifty quid for a toothbrush but for the hundred and fifteen pounds I spend I’m actually really happy with it it does really clean your teeth again the down point of it is that B doesn’t come with a spare head and that annoys me and the heads are quite expensive to buy but you only have to replace it every three months but again I still feel like it should have come with one least one extra toothbrush the travel case is insanely good I just love that I think that’s really really cool the toothbrush doesn’t come out in lots of different colors so this pink this purple there’s black and I think there’s white so you get a little bit of a choice of what you really want it sort of you know good sort of choices for men and women and I just think that basically it is a really really really good toothbrush and I do follow my teeth have got a little bit whiter but using it and I wasn’t is this the and you see things easier to notice on other people’s that his teeth look much more healthier and sort of whiter as well so overall I’m putting a face huge huge thumbs up and just if you’re looking for a new toothbrush and you’re looking at something that you’re thinking oh should I spend that much because electric toothbrushes can be really expensive but I can really really recommend this one it is really really good and I’m just so happy that I got it one last thing it does also come with this little charger which is for your travel thing so it got cut up into here like that and then it plugs in to your bathroom socket that way as well so if you don’t want to have the whole cup and stuff so that’s great if you’re going traveling you can take this with you if you’re going to charge it in your bathroom but I just take my my phone charger with me and I charge you on that so instead of carrying another thing with me so that was it for this review I really hope you enjoyed it I hope it was insightful for you if you’re thinking of buying a really expensive toothbrush and this one I can obviously definitely recommend I really enjoyed using it and if you did enjoyed the video please do give it a thumbs up and do subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video see you later

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