Photography Items Camera Review

Photography Items Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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As a pro photographer what equipment should you be buying my name is max brood and in the next five minutes I’m going to tell you what gear you really need and I’m gonna say where the best place to spend your money is what’s happening guys in my opinion light modifiers and grip equipment is easily the most important place that you can spend your money why well generally speaking products are a lot smaller than a person most of the time you’re photographing things which are maybe this size or perhaps the size of will watch you guys have seen me photograph watches quite a lot and we need to accentuate every single characteristic of that product and those might be very very small things that we need to light and make it good so to do so we have to modify a light in lots and lots of creative ways even though I think lighting grip equipment is the most important thing you can spend your money on I obviously recognize that you do need cameras lenses and lighting so what is the bare minimum all right barely on camera I’m saying 20 megapixels interchangeable lenses you can tether at your computer and it has a hot shoe mount if it has those things then you’re gonna better shoot.


Photography Items Camera Review

Most things so that covers quite a lot of cameras especially very old ones you can get very cheap lens is I think you need at least a 100 mil macro that’s a good focal length for a macro I don’t care if you get the Canon version and nichkhun version Tamron Sigma you’re going to be shooting at something like f/8 or even beyond that and it’s not going to make a massive difference what brand you get they will obviously be better ones people might shout at me for saying that but generally they’re only going to be noticed by people who zoom in really far and pixel peep every detail which your clients aren’t going to do so other than lenses and cameras we have the lights now this is a pro photo D – it’s a thirteen hundred pound light it’s pretty expensive in terms of what you actually need though you want to have a light that has a modeling light so you can see where you’re shining the light and you want to have it to be quite color consistent you don’t want a light where you’re going to fire it a couple of times have a few lights firing and they’re going to be very different colors so I would say is plus or minus 200 Cal have a look in the specifications of your light for that and have a modeling light that covers almost every light there is on the market except for some of the really cheap ones you get from foreign countries you could even use speed lights and annoying things that is about a speed light as it doesn’t have a modeling light and that’s about it so that is our bare minimum kit now I’m going to take you through five of my favorite pieces of lighting and grip equipment the first piece of lighting equipment I’m going to show you today is this now everything is going to be in a description below so don’t worry about noting anything down and this is a roll of trace specifically it’s Li one two nine and trace is basically just like a big roll of paper it’s a little bit thicker than paper and it’s slightly translucent now what you can do with it is you can roll the trace out and then you pop your light behind it if you had your light far away you’d have a really big soft source if you had like you like very close it’d be quite a small hard source you can then have different modifiers on your light and create different effects on the trace which can then be reflected in your product if it’s a reflective product or you can do all kind of different effects it’s really really useful but it’s very important make sure you get one that’s quite thick there’s one in America called Savage trans loom that from Y here is very good this is Li one two nine make sure you get that version of the Li trace because it is in my opinion the best so while she can do a trace and this is a trace frame this is a massive behemoth four foot by four foot trace frame you can see it’s got the trace in the middle which I’ve just taped to it it’s basically just an aluminium frame which allows you to then give this kind of rigid surface you just got to put your trace wherever you want you can get them in three foot by three foot versions or two four by two foot versions and put them in airing any orientation you want around your set to do so you would use a knuckle which is this here and moves us on to our next piece of equipment so this is AC stand on top of the C stand we have a knuckle and attach to the knuckle it is an extension arm so this is an extension arm here it’s this long piece of metal with a knuckle permanece hatched at the end of it if you wanted to you could attach the knuckle to the C stand and get rid of this knuckle and then just have the extension arm going out and I do that or time if I’m putting trace on to these extension arms I’ll do that but it’s quite nice to have the knuckle here because then it allows you to use this end of the extension arm as a clamp you could put a mirror into there you know you’re just loosen that clamp it into here tying it up put a mirror in there a piece of acrylic in there and you can even these are strong enough to hold that which is fantastic you can put that in there and then boom out over your set and really really great so other things you can do with this they’re strong enough to put a light on the end you can also using a super clamp you could clamp on large piece of acrylic you might have seen me doing that in the video quite recently it was about photographing bottles and yes so extension arms are fantastic I use them all the time and I really love using them next we have a magic arm magic arms are fantastic this is a variable friction magic arm and as you can see you can move it in any way that you want you can pop on the end here you can pop a light on the entities can hold up to something like five kilograms so I’ve put a light with a small modifier on the end and then you can position that where you want if you haven’t got the space put an extra light stand you could like superclamp it to an existing stand you have on your set and then you have another place to put a light which is really really useful you could also use a super clamp like this pop that on the end and then you have another place to clamp things like mirrors piece of acrylic everything we did here you can do that here as well now lastly we have a reflector and a grid so the reflects that on its own is just going to stop your light spilling out too much gonna focus it a little bit and control it you can also pop a little bit trace onto the front of there effective which is just going to help diffuse it and stop it having any kind of a hotspot makes it really nice and even and then you could put that very close to the trace and create a nice gradient down it really really useful and finally we have this grid this is a 10 degree grid which you can pop inside your reflector and then it really focuses the light into a very very small pool of light which can be extremely useful in of ways so those are my five favorite pieces of lighting and grip equipment.

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