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Hey guys welcome back to Shakti reviews and today I am reviewing on popular demand class called Pilates it is getting a lot of popularity in the cities and everybody is trying out this castle I have to sew Pilates is simply a very very nice class to strengthen and tone your body and rest I will get to learn from the teacher today her name is Sonia so let’s cover it class has already started like always I’m late so come class has begun and they won’t let me do it so crazy players and structured this is not even like five minutes into the district and points and this last one which push-ups on reverse do three four five six seven switch to this exercise is my Louie if you do blanks it really you can just relax you don’t have to do any of the exercise planks take care of your shoulders your core your back entire body is weakened oh okay Moreno zombies naturally fermented baked millet the submerge okay shakal kakushi up to the three we push no parking gate but we’re but this class is so amazing for dancers we have done push-ups planks we have done some isometric work so I challenge all those people who go to the gyms to come and do this class for one hour I want to see your strength and Sonia is very sweet a nicely she makes us through everything la esposa let go Oh as many kind of she’s chatting tutors are not allowed very slippery little class cabal bought a ton of extra warrior what an amazing class every time I come to this class I learned that my body is so we can I have to work so much Oh God this class is amazing and I love it every time I come here I walk like that now coming to the most important part of the video which is the review I would give sannyas Pilates class five on five I would save one Pilates session here at NASA Shakti studio is equal to your ten gym sessions and I can assure it or its class how many nice are each is a courier from warm-up to technique going on the floor or poo Raj obsession kata Madonna Tommy really took at least a day I am sitting and walking like this like a ghost so I would say I must do I want to say to all the dancers agar aapko apne strength improve carny hair applet rescale our improve name course after you have to come and do this class Sonya I love you you are so much father Giuseppe are so secretive or abroad challenge curtail and yeah please come for this class Sonya for your class five-on-five guys we love your comments and feedbacks for short interviews or as more affordable sorta so thank you for telling us to do Pilates review next class who make on sacani apathy I will review it for you if you guys enjoyed this video like share subscribe

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