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are you shopping for a new office chair but you don’t want to spend over $500 on a name-brand product stick around I’ve got nine picks for you and they’re all under 500 bucks looking for office chairs betide TV is your number one source for everything office chairs subscribe today so you don’t miss out on any of our future content hey guys it’s Ryan with betide TV we’ve uploaded quite a few videos on office chairs so far but most of them have been on mid to high end products we see your comments we see you asking for recommendations on chairs in the lower price range so we put together a video here for chairs that are under five hundred dollars we’ve got nine picks here three chairs that are best for 500 dollars or less three chairs for 400 less and three chairs for 300 or less offering you a nice range of different price points and styles to choose from let’s hop into the list [Music] starting off our list at number nine is going to be the one one six one seven from offices to go this is gonna be a basic leather task chair that sells for two hundred and seven dollars and ninety nine cents this is gonna be a synthetic leather product so it has 15% real leather and then the rest is made up of other filler products it has the look and the feel that is similar to leather but it’s not going to have the real characteristics of a genuine leather product it’s going to have a basic functionality Center tilt mechanism with a full upright locking position and some nice padded armrest to give it a little bit more comfort I think this is a nice pick for a home office or a conference room setting coming in at number eight is gonna be the b67 one six by boss this is gonna be a mesh back task chair that sells for two hundred and eighteen dollars in ninety nine cents the main attractions with this chair are going to be the seat and the functionality it’s got a really thick padded seat offering good support and good comfort and it has nice functions for the price point that you’re getting with adjustable seat angle adjustable back angle adjustable lumbar support a backrest height adjustment and adjustable height arms at number seven we have the offices to go one one six nine two this comes in at a price of two hundred and fifty two dollars and ninety nine cents so it’s going to offer a good price but it’s a nice task chair for those of you that need something for four hours or less it’s gonna have that synthetic leather that we discussed in the previous offices to go chair fifteen percent real leather the rest of it’s gonna be synthetic products it looks and feels similar to the real leather but it saves you some money by going the synthetic group it does have a mesh back giving you some nice breathability and it features a center tilt mechanism one nice thing about this chair is giving you seat depth adjustment which is not something that we see on too many chairs under three hundred dollars our number six pick is the B Tod lq – 2 – BK – GG this is a chair that sells for three hundred and thirty four dollars and ninety nine cents and this is gonna be a nice option for big and tall users it has a taller cylinder a wider seat and a weight capacity up to 350 pounds making it a nice option for those of you that don’t want to go with the standard sized chair it does have good adjustability with four-way arms adjustable lumbar to support and a nice syncro tilt mechanism and it also has one of the most comfortable seats that we’ve had a chance to test with us a suspension seat system and nice padding on top coming in at number 5 is the 4×4 SL by Eurotech seating this is a chair that sells for three hundred and fifty two dollars and this is a nice option for those of you that are really looking for a workhorse type task chair this chair is built to last and it’s backed by a reputable company with a really nice warranty especially for the price limited lifetime warranty with coverage on all of the components and parts with five years on the fabric and foam it also offers a ton of adjustability for the price point with independent seat and back angle adjustment a seat slider for your seat depth two-way arms and back height adjustment with a ratchet system the fourth chair on our list is going to be the Vera buy euro tech seating coming in at a price of $399 this is gonna be the first chatter list that can start to compete with those high-end name-brand chairs when it comes to comfort and functionality this is one of our highest rated chairs for comfort including the top score for back support it has a nice thickly padded seat with no hard edges so it’s nice for most people and it also has good adjustability with a seat slider a synchro tilt mechanism and four-way arms it can accommodate the postures of most people the third chair on our list is gonna be the be Tod of tier chair this is a chair that sells for four hundred and four dollars and ninety nine cents and it definitely competes comfort wise with those high-end name-brand chairs this has the most comfortable seat score we’ve given to any office chair thus far it’s soft thickly padded and offers good support for the entire workday it also has a breathable mesh back and good adjustability syncro tilt mechanism four-way adjustable arms a seat slider and it also has adjustable lumbar support with the same padding as the seat so overall a very comfortable chair the number two chair on our list is gonna be the affirmed by office master this is a chair that is built in the USA and received one of the highest build quality scores on our list one of the main attractions of the affirm is going to be its high amount of customization you can get it knocked down in a very basic version for three hundred and twenty dollars and ninety nine cents or you can get fully loaded with every option four $499.99 when you fully load it you get an upgraded synchro tilt mechanism which includes seat depth adjustment four-way adjustable arms back height adjustment back angle adjustment basically every adjustment that you would look for in an ergonomic office chair the number one chair on our list of the best office chairs under $500 is going to be the truly buy office master this is the most well built and in our opinion the best looking chair that you can find for under $500 it does have some customization so it has a starting price of 430 $5.99 but you can get it almost fully loaded for 490 $6.99 so when you choose that package you’re gonna get an executive synchro tilt mechanism which gives you a nice synchro tilt recline a seat slider independent back angle adjustment and you’ll also have backrest height adjustment you can pair that with two-way adjustable arms and you have a really well rounded chair with a nice build quality another thing that sets this chair apart from most other office chairs is going to be the poly backrest design its breathable and it’s flexible so it moves with you while you move while you’re working searching for an office chair under the five hundred dollar mark can be a bit of a tricky task there’s gonna be a ton of options to choose from from a lot of different manufacturers a ton of different styles and a lot of times there’s not going to be reviews or information other than what the manufacturer provides so it can kind of be tough to know what is good and what is bad these chairs here are good choices good options but they’re just kind of a starting point if there’s not something here that really piques your interest I would highly recommend coming to our blog post on this topic we have a bunch of information on the things that you should consider when shopping for chairs under this price point so you can become educated on what to look for in an office chair if you’ve made it this far please smash that thumbs up button and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on our next office chair video thanks a lot for watching [Music]

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