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Poker Table Reviews Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Let’s do this so this is the Lancaster’s barrington poker table for ten players it folds it’s certified refurbished and I got from eBay so we’ll see what the quality is like but yeah this thing’s pretty big I am about I’m 6 foot 2 4 you know reference so if I’m standing up fully comes up to about my ribs so it’s very tall so let’s get into this thing it’s got that kind of gummy older tape that uh is just kind of nasty and I stick it on the knife so I don’t know maybe it’s been sitting in a warehouse for a while who knows but ya got all the tape cut so let’s open up so once again I am 6 foot 2 I’m a fairly tall person and I could lay out on this thing like this and this is full didn’t happen pretty sure so it’s gonna be a very long table which is good that’s what I want for gaming so let’s get it open okay having a little bit of trouble having a little bit of trouble getting it out so there is a good couple inches of packaging here to keep it safe so I appreciate that this box I think is the actual box so a little smaller than that but we’ll keep going it actually says to team lift this I’m doing it on my own because my roommates are out getting groceries so yeah hopefully I don’t kill myself doing this doing for the views yeah I don’t know if you can see me from here but I some some of the reviews that it said that these cups were like falling out when they got them and that they weren’t aluminum like they looked like they’re they’re clearly a hard plastic which is fine I’m not actually gonna use them for drinks because they’re way too shallow and I don’t want to get as carbon Oh woah oh that’s nice oh oh that feels very nice whoo oh god it’s so heavy one moment I’m gonna actually go move all the boxes out of the way so that I can pull this out and actually like open it up here me this is the table oh it’s warm in here so this is it half half folded closed up its yeah it’s it’s pretty flippin big a little bit of noticing a little bit of looseness on the felt not fan of that but it’s probably gonna be okay once it’s folded out so I’m gonna open it up see what’s like so this is pain to actually sit up which I’m not too shocked because it is for ten people we looked at ten people I don’t know like I’m sitting right here we’d be bumping elbows pretty hard if I was actually here with the tenth person but generally I’m not with more than three maybe four people now I’m doing myself so up to five so this should be fine I’m gonna mostly use it for a tabletop gaming and for my show Iggy kids whiteboard games so I’m gonna be filmed on this bad boy yeah the build quality is pretty nice or for what I paid for you know this is pretty good I got a refurbished low if I got it at the full 379 no no seems pretty solid as far as I can tell I notice in the vinyl there’s a couple little spots that look like they’re about to crack I don’t care for that very much the felt feels nice you know here let me actually get some stuff for gaming got a set of RPG dice here and a deck of cards so let’s take the deck of cards nice that’s a good wash okay okay that’s something yeah that’s a good feel on that I’m able to pick them up real easy now the two tests of felt as far as I know I’m not professional the two tests I know are the pitch seeing how far that goes okay okay oh no cut on that okay it is able to get all the way to the end of the table it has a little bit of trouble it doesn’t see this is if I’m throwing it right the felt has a little bit of trouble going but I’m able to get it to the bumper so that’s not bad now the other test yeah okay it’s just enough yep no problem picking that up throwing that around yes yes okay so that’s good nice okay let me try hold on I want to try this trick real quick you go like this then you Hey nice sorry I’m showing up now oh it’s clear those add the weight now some RPG dice so here’s some standard resin dice I think resin maybe plastic so those are gonna go nice bumpers working well bye nice dude but I expect it to go off on that one we Wham okay that time we went off but I was trying to so that’s my bad let’s try with a metal die this is a metal d6 see how that works oh yeah you can hear it bumping against the wood so this is there’s some foam you can feel the wood but it’s a it’s going good that’s a nice long roll see if I want to do just a small roll that’s pretty good nice okay yeah okay so far it’s working out pretty good I apologize I’m sweating I’ve been send this thing up this is a pretty nice table for the price which for me was about 250 after taxes and things refurbished on eBay I believe it’s about 379 new yeah yeah that’s a as a solid table as much better than the folding table I’ve been using which is just a standard plastic folding table there’s a little bit you can kind of see it kind of wrinkles up here and there but that’s just yeah it’s a little loose a little loose I hope it doesn’t stretch out more as time goes on but that stands to be seen I will probably do an update in like I don’t know a year of good use to see how it works in fact I’ll do it after uh after I finished the season of white board games because it’s gonna get a lot of use on that so I’ll give you an update of how well it fares for that so I’d recommend this table this is pretty nice you know if you don’t need to do this you can use a dining table with just like a sheet of felts if you really don’t have the money felt is like 20 bucks for a sheet that will fit over a dining table but if you are wanting to get a nice enough table for poker or any other tabletop gaming this would be a good way to do it I don’t know if I trust these holes I honestly I don’t trust them enough to even test it because I don’t want to have to return this thing this thing’s so heavy yeah I’d recommend it so thank you for watching this I hope I gave you a good idea of how good it is how good the packaging is how will they ship it and I hope it lets you know whether or not you should purchase this thing so thank you very much you’ll like comment subscribe all of the YouTube business that they always tell you to do I’ve been Iggy kid this is my new table so excited you

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