Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera Review

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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What is up guys favorite interesting review of the Polaroid snap instant digital camera now these have gotten really big over time and a lot of people want or have these so I’m definitely doing the review and show you what I think and you guys want to pick one up I’ll leave links down below for you now we just have already cameras a long time ago they were very big back then and it’s read that we’re going back to see that trend happening again but talking about what comes in the box you get the Polaroid camera itself we’re going to take a look at that in a minute get a charger to charge it up now you do have to buy your film extra which costs about $10 and want to take a look at that but here’s the box it comes in now I want to talk about the specs is bad boy it has a 10 megapixel digital camera which is not bad at all it’s got a self-timer 6 picture modes it’s got options for Polaroid borders if you want to include that it does have a built-in SD card slot it has a built-in lithium iron battery so you charge it up it doesn’t take batteries and this you see in the bottom you can set a tripod up with a charger port to charge it right here is where you can put the string that goes around your wrist leave a micro SD that can be hold up to 32 gigabytes.


Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera Review

This way you could just transfer photos onto an SD card instead of printing them out up top it looks with your timer with the power button we look at our picture mode looks like we the border option right here as well as some color options I’m gonna float that down it opens up to put the printed paper in and here’s where the printer will print it out and here’s the camera lens itself and it’s just removed by a magnet now ready to take print a picture but first we got to load it up so there we go I loaded it in so we’re going to turn it on picture I believe and see if it’s going to print out I believe it’s just printing out the barcode itself too low to the sheet in there we go just printed a so we’re going to get another picture outside and see how the lighting compares see right now printing out another picture it looks like it did print a picture of the wall so there it is right there so we’re going to go outside and take a picture of a palm tree or whatever it might be all right so I’m gonna go ahead and take a picture right now as you see the picture is printing out and then you have it the picture printed out someone take another picture.

I have a different color option and border selected and there you go it’s printing now it does print pretty quickly and here we go the pictures coming out so about to see what it looks like it’s right there the picture I definitely like this color option it looks pretty cool to me so let’s say one more picture with the third color option so the last what I’m going to take is right here we also the third color option on so it should be interesting to see what color shows up so the color is printing out you can see it’s coming out in black and white so right there you got to see the camera in action and like I said the second photo I took boy with the border and that’s the border right there besides that you see the different color options that you can choose for the camera overall what I think of this camera I was very impressed I was very impressed with this camera one thing one point out was how fast the pictures printed out one of my friends has one of these bad boys and when they print the picture out it just prints the picture and you have to wait like three or four five minutes for it’s actually developed.

This is cool get printed on the spot these pictures look nicer compared to my friends like I said I was definitely impressed with this because it’s really cool the fact that you could just print pictures on the spot it’s a very fun unique thing to do if you’re going out with a group of friends or just want take a picture of whatever you could print it out you could put it anywhere and basically hang the pictures up anywhere you want like your room your office or your dorm that’s what my pictures themself for ten dollars you can take twenty pictures and like I said overall I was very happy with this so if you are interested I’ll leave the links down below it is a little pricey so one hundred dollars.

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