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Leisure time with family and friends can get more exciting with a good game of pool if you’re out to win professionally or for fun or if you’re an entrepreneur spicing up your business with a billiard table do you know that the game does not rely on skills and sportsmanship alone the quality of the billiard table and its accessories equally mattered the truth is billiard tables don’t come very cheap and that’s because it’s a lifetime investment so choosing the best pool table can get a little challenging but that’s what we’re here for don’t worry stay with us until the end of this video and you’ll realize that pool tables can offer more than just a game of billiards today we’ll give you a comprehensive review of our top five pool tables whenever you’re ready to shop click on the links below and you’ll get these products at the best prices here we go the first item on our list is the red cedar log pool table constructed from Canadian aromatic red cedar it was inspired by the American rust pool table called Ponderosa it exudes a countryside charm with its clear coat catalyzed lacquer finish and scalloped edges hand hewn by a draw knife it displays the natural beauty of cedar wood waves of red and white with knots portrayed and aromatic rustic character the red cedar log pool table has a table size of 7 by 8 by 9 foot and one inch Brazilian slate top a perfect addition to your log home game room its inner structure is made of 14 ply main beams and 7 ply side beams it’s chocolate brown fringed pockets add to its rustic look you can also purchase matching red cedar log cue racks to complete the ensemble specially made and built to last the red cedar log pool table meets all the specifications of the billiard Congress of America more than a beauty it displays it allows you to enjoy quality game time with your friends and family next on our list is the Messer AK Dakota eight-foot slate billiard table and attractively designed pool table made of high quality materials it’s elegant and sophisticated no doubt a worthwhile addition to your gaming room this 8-foot pool table promises enjoyable playtime as you effortlessly push the cue sticks to action and watch the balls roll around this is opposite to the slate run design a wooden billiard table that tends to bulge after a short span of time the mizerock Dakota billiard table comes with a metal frame and laminated cabinet one of its striking features is that it has rail integrated pockets and a ball return system that makes it easier to play the game it also has reinforced pedestal leg with leg levelers a would blend cloth for durability and playability as well as three to five eight-inch rails with k66 nose rubber for consistent rebound for all it can do you’ll be surprised at the Miz erected coda 8 foot slate billiard table is actually affordable it comes with two cues one set of billiard balls a triangle a brush and two pieces of chocolate for more informative videos like this one subscribe to our Channel and open an endless resource of honest and relevant product reviews also tap the Dell icon to receive notifications every time a new video appears if you liked this video and you feel like helping us out we’ve launched a patreon campaign or you can support us and build the backbone of how we can continue to create free review videos for you we’ve left a link of our patreon page in the description below where we’ve explained everything so please consider checking it out now let’s get back to our list one of the top-selling billiard pool tables today is the fat cat pocket 7-foot black three-in-one air hockey billiards and table tennis table this innovative and revolutionary designed gamer table is a dream come true for people who want several fun games at the price of one also consider this perfect if you don’t have much space to spare for a gaming table the fat cat pocket weighs a total of 268 pounds and measures 80 by 44 by 32 inches it features a trifold tabletop technology to change the game and store the accessories by simply unlocking the latch and flipping it over you can switch games from hockey table tennis and billiards it’s equipped with an exclusive GLD latch system and a power cord channel for stability the first table is the air hockey field which measures 74 by 38 inches it has extra glassy color lines and a smooth surface that mimics a real hockey play field it’s electric 110 volt motor can produce the needed airflow of 80 cubic feet per minute it includes a manual to make score tracking easier when it comes with four Parkson four pushers the next table is the tennis play field which measures 84 by 42 inches the ideal size for casual gamers comes with two balls two racquets one post set and one net the third table is the billiard play field the 70 by 34 inches playing surface is covered with Tettleton green cloth and surrounded by authentic rubber bumpers the accessory set includes 2.2 five-inch billiard balls two pieces of 50 inch cues one triangle one brush and two pieces of chalk for unstoppable fun with family and friends be sure you have a fat cat paw key 7-foot black three and one air hockey billiards and table tennis table in your home we love to create more reviews about products that matter to you if you have a particular product or category in mind that’s not on our playlist leave a comment below and we’ll put it together with all the information you need forth on our list is the atonic two-in-one flip table 7 feet this cool reversible gaming table doubles the fun of family events at home the atomic two-in-one flip table is made of sturdy and solid composite wood its legs come with pads to ensure perfect traction with any kind of floor it weighs 330 pounds and measures 90.5 by 44 by 32 inches despite its large frame rotating on the top part of your preferred playing field it’s all easy the locking mechanism is extremely durable with corner locks that are resistant to breakage one side of this combo table is for air hockey it’s 70 6.5 by 38 inches laminated surface spacious enough to accommodate four players or two competing teams it comes with an electronic scoring system two pucks two strikers the dynamic power of this 110 volt motor can produce powered air flow to let the puck slide fast on the super slippery and smooth surface the other side of the atomic two-in-one flip table is for billiards the size is comparable to a mini billiard table with a rail of 4.5 inches it features a high density play bed which guarantees a smooth roll for the accessories include 15 ball set one cue ball to cue sticks one plastic triangle and two cute chalks and best of all it’s perfect for all ages last on our list is that carmely ng 2520 PB hustler 8 feet pool table with slate graded rails and an internal ball return system with this Rockstar billiard table you can enjoy a broad playing surface that is 88 inches in length and 44 inches in width it does not require expertise to assemble you can put it together in a matter of minutes its durable black cabinet has pedestal style legs with Levellers for better playing it fronts the internal ball system for easy re-racking of the billiard balls the komali pool table is built with high quality and durable materials for comfort you can absolutely feel when you strike a corner shot are just leaning on the bridge it assures solid and smooth performance to its users through California Air resource board approved playing surface table with blue blended felt the package comes with a manual instruction for easy assembly table racking triangle two pieces of chalk table brush set of billiard balls and 257 inch pool cues this pool table can be the next addition to your game room but your family will surely love the blue felt k66 gum rubber cushions and it’s awesome black matte design is sure a win for your gaming experience regarding its quality the Meli’s warp resistant pool table stands out now you know what kind of pool table you need and where to get it there’s a link below check out the best deals there today also don’t go without subscribing to our channel do that by tapping the subscribe button as well as the bell icon to keep you posted on our latest videos your suggestions we’re here to listen let us know what you think by leaving a message in the comment section thank you for joining us today expect more product reviews to come your way thanks for watching

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