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PowerBeats Pro Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey guys mark here I think this is the first product from beats in a long while that I’ve been interested in usually beats products are a lot of show and a lot of bass and not much of anything else this one however is interesting when you first unbox these earphones they’ll be inside their black charging case the case itself is an internal battery so anytime your earphones are inside their case they will be recharging provided the cases own internal battery is not dead the case has magnets to draw the pins located on the outside of each earbud into the appropriate place so it’s fairly straightforward to get them back onto their charging port to make things simple all you need to remember is that they go bud first into the dock the left one goes in the left side the right bud goes on the right side it’s not quite as simple as something like the air pods but no big deal if your case runs out of battery it has a port in the back for a lightning connector which is included in the box if you didn’t know that Beats was owned by Apple before now well now you know side note I really wish Apple included these black lightning cables in the box of the iPhones even just the black iPhones because they look much sharper than the white ones in my opinion a lot of people complain about the size of this case and it’s easy to see why I have really big hands and this case still looks massive in my palm.


PowerBeats Pro Review

There’s no way that these will fit comfortably in a pair of pants so you’ll have to carry them in a backpack or a gym bag if you’re traveling with them I get it they had to make room for the ear hooks but yeah this case just too bulky the power beats Pro earphones compared to both ios and android products as well as Windows 10 pcs although the process is easiest on iOS go figure there’s also a few features missing on the Android side of things which we’ll get to a bit later to pair the earphones to an iPhone all you need to do is unlock your phone open the powerbeats case and hit connect on an Android you have to open the case then go into your Bluetooth devices and pair it if you don’t see them there hit the little pairing button on the inside of the case and they should show up alright let’s talk about the physical controls each earbud has identical physical buttons on each side the beats logo itself is a button and there’s a volume rocker just above it the volume rocker is fair self-explanatory but the beats button has multiple functions if you’re playing music watching a video or listening to a podcast pressing that button will pause and resume it double pressing will skip to the next song and a triple press will take you back to the previous song you can also use it to accept or reject calls pressing once will accept the call and long pressing the button will reject it if you don’t have an incoming call holding the button will activate Siri on an iPhone and that’s it remember when I said there are features missing on the Android side of things here’s where that comes into play there is currently no support whatsoever for any other assistant other than Siri if you do have hey Siri activated on your iPhone though you can call that out at any time to activate her through your power beats pros in terms of other features the power beats Pro feels a little empty there’s no apps for the earphones but you can control a few things from the bluetooth menu you can toggle automatic your detection on or off which will automatically switch the audio from whatever device is currently streaming audio to your earphones when you put them in your ears you can also switch which microphone will be active in which ear and you can make a custom name for your earphones the microphone quality is all right it’s not gonna win any awards anytime soon but the person on the other end is gonna be able to hear you just fine the other feature that it has is it’s able to recognize when you take your earbuds out of your ears it’ll pause your music for you when you do that so it’s kind of cool but that’s about it there’s no first party equalizer unless you count the one found in the settings under the music app there’s no active noise cancellation or anything else that you might find when you buy other earphones but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the power beats pros are actually bad actually for the right person they’re pretty good the earhook design that Apple sorry beats put into these earbuds work very very well these earbuds are not coming out of your ears unless you deliberately pull them out and they’re comfortable too so much so that you can put them in and even forget they’re even there if you have them in for long enough that’s where the whole the best earbuds for athletes title comes in whether you’re running or boxing or do gymnastics or running up the wall whatever these won’t come out even if you get super sweaty and supposedly they’re ipx4 water and sweat resistant which is more or less essential when you’re working out or even getting caught out in the rain now the part of the review you’ve probably been waiting for this these are beats earphones and as the name implies they tend to be a little bass heavy however unlike most other Beats headphones I’ve tried in the past the bass isn’t horribly overpowering it just carries a little bit more of a presence than most other earbuds for someone that exercises a lot it’s a good thing they’re punchy and the sound has a little bit of excitement to it dialogue from a TV show or movie also sounds decent and the extra bit of bass doesn’t actually bother me in either of those the only thing that does bother me is the volume while the max volume of the power beats pros is decently loud and can be a little overpowering if you’re just sitting in a quiet room the same can’t be said if you’re running on a loud treadmill or you’re exercising and aloud gym in my experience music volume got just loud enough to block out the noise of my treadmill but there were times I wish I could have just gotten it a little bit louder as I’ve said before the earphones don’t have any sort of active noise cancellation so you’ll be relying on the seal the earbud makes over your ear canal to provide you with a little bit of passive cancellation not exactly ideal especially given the fact that the newly released sony WF 1000 xm3 earphones give you that active cancellation for a cheaper price battery life is a solid Pro though beats claim a nine hour battery life with mixed usage which can be extended up to 24 hours by using the charging case even better than that but the charging case gives the ear buds an hour and a half of playback for just five minutes of charging time so they charge incredibly fast if you find yourself suddenly with dead earphones it’s not too big of an inconvenience to throw your beats into the charging case for a few minutes before your workout so for the average Joe that wants a pair of earbuds to take with them to the gym wit or when they go out for a run these earphones are a decent buy however for the casual user just looking for a pair of earphones for their daily commute I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them given the fact that they have no active noise cancellation and they do leak a little bit of sound if I got to mention that earlier it’s not the ideal set of earbuds for everyday use for that I’d look more into the sony WF 1000 XM threes I have the WH 1000 XM 3s and the noise cancelling on these guys our next level so I have high hopes for the little earbuds do not disappoint me sony that’s about it guys what do you guys think of the power beats pros how beats finally made a decent pair of ear are these just another pair of overpriced Apple earbuds.

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