Ring Floodlight Cam Review

Ring Floodlight Cam Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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Hello guys life hackster here so my ring floodlight camera turned one year this week and today we will see how this camera is doing after a year I got this camera a week or so after it has been released elect idea of a floodlight with a camera which gives you an alert when it senses motion and also has a manually activated alarm aside from the two-way audio it has a retail price of $250 and is on the higher end range for Wi-Fi cameras but it does have the floodlight and the siren alarm feature as you can see just a little bit of wiping it still looks new no fading of the components and no rust that I can see this camera is definitely wetter proof and has survived the South Texas weather I also did a two months and a six month video review which a link in the description below together with my original review of this camera a year ago there were issues initially when I installed it and it was hardly connecting to my main router inside the house so I have to use my old net gear extender just to make it to work reliably and even to this day my extender has no issues and has survived the Texas summer heat inside the garage and the same thing with my ring floodlight cam which is installed high up above my garage door and usually gets direct sunlight starting around one o’clock until 4 o’clock in the afternoon which is also the hardest part of the day one thing I learned about rain cameras they are Wi-Fi sensitive and needs to have a stable signal for it to work reliably adding an extender usually helps with the connection issues early on though ring had an issue where when you click on the alert the app will open the live view feed but you just get a black screen it will record the footage to the cloud though and you can review it later on but not in real time ring eventually fix this issue and I haven’t had any more experience like this ever since fast-forward seven months later I complained about rings night vision which was around the end of November ring.


Ring Floodlight Camera

Noticed my post and planned to do an update which at this time I don’t think it has been officially released yet I also did a hacked on my floodlight a couple weeks later for the camera to record in full color at night when the lights are on and it was way better than the Rings blurry night vision I’ll include the links to this videos also in the description down below they contacted me and eventually became a beta tester for their enhanced night vision update I did a release a video about it last February but ring seems to be still tweaking it and hasn’t released the full update to their customers if you notice a hint of color during live view at night when the lights are off then you have the update you will all love this update whenever it is officially released best thing the floodlights features are still working without any issues so here manually turning on the floodlights then lights off now let’s activate the alarm still works pretty good the only thing I noticed and I think it has been an issue with ring is their two-way audio which has a lot of static and it’s not as clear during testing it cuts off but it is pretty loud he will also observe in the following footage the almost instant notifications of the ring and how fast you can open up the app when you get an alert not really yeah [Music] [Laughter] try this a couple of times standard Oh sister I guess if then you hear they’re not not really same thing does it have a lot of static hey bud can you hear me no okay the recorded footage though will record both sides of the conversation which is a plus because I’m learning that some cameras will only record the cameras side I usually don’t use this feature so it is not a biggie for me and I’ll mostly use the alarm instead of talking if the need arises [Music] [Music] another thing I have noticed and want to show you guys as you all know you can also review download and share your recorded footage via rings website through a computer just log in to your account you can change the camera settings or use live view though I may protect Plus subscriber which is a hundred dollars a year for unlimited cameras it has an extended warranty and 10% discount to purchase this on their website and I know that their basic or per camera plan will only store the recorded footage for up to 60 days but with a protect Plus they didn’t specify for how many days but when I was checking my footages check it out if I scroll down on the recorded footage and see how long they kept my recordings I can scroll back down up to the first week of October of last year which is around 6 months ago I don’t know if that is how they intended it to be I really don’t want or need 6 months of footage but ring might need to check on this and this might help them with their server issues probably their programmer hurts 6 months instead of 60 days now I’ll show you a sample footage from the old night vision recording and also comparing it now with the enhanced night vision and color recording at night I’ve also noticed that night vision motion detection is more sensitive at night my motion zone is the blue area in this picture but you will notice that the camera records way earlier than daytime so I’m thinking it is triggered by our cars headlights when turning into the garage please note that regular cars passing through doesn’t trigger the camera it is just when they turn towards my garage and I think their headlights trigger it so if you live in front of an intersection you will probably get a lot of alerts when cars headlights beams in to the area you are monitoring now in my setup I am not bothered by it I wanted to record and alert us anyways for any movement in my garage driveway and the bring floodlight cam does the job also because it is a wired camera and not battery it starts to record early on and you will get the whole footage and sometimes before the subject gets into the frame of the camera overall from all the Wi-Fi cameras I have the ring floodlight cam is my favorite and it does its job well I really don’t have any complaints after a year and I know ring is actively making their cameras and software up-to-date getting input from their customers ring is now owned by Amazon so I’m positive that it will just get better hopefully.

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