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Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

What’s happening everyone my name is Alex and welcome back well today’s video is a bit different and mostly because I don’t usually do long term reviews for anything but there is a good reason for that I usually get like the newer version or I get something better I’m not happy with the performance and I replace it with something else so don’t usually get to keep the same thing and use it over and over well that’s a bit different Robo Rock s5 so this is a robotic vacuum that you can buy for about five hundred and fifty dollars and I’m imagining if someone buys this vacuum will they’re expecting to use it for at least a couple of years because it is pretty expensive so I’ve done a review on this vacuum after I’ve had it for about a month and I wanted to do another one now that time it’s been six months since I got the vacuum because I feel that it will make it easier for you to make a purchasing decision if you’re looking for a robotic vacuum so this has been vacuuming and mopping my house two to three times a week for the past six months and I don’t feel that there was any decrease in performance.


Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The battery life seems to be the same the suction power seems to be the same and I feel that the vacuum actually got better after the past couple of updates that it got so is the vacuum does get updates a fairly often I’m still using the original filter and the original brush that’s on at the bottom of the vacuum but I do take them out every three to four weeks and I clean them very well so I remove all the dust from the filter and then I wash the filter and then I am let it dry and for the brush I remove all the hair because it catches a lot of hair and just don’t have all that hair in there now I’ve had a small incident well the vacuum had a small incident a couple of weeks ago when it fell down the stairs and that it was kind of my fault because I never cleaned those sensors at the bottom of the vacuum so if you’ve been using this for a while and you’re using it in a dusty environment just make sure that you clean those sensors at the bottom of the vacuum because if not there is a chance they tore fall down the stairs because it cannot see the stairs but I don’t that I haven’t had any problems with it I mean there are a couple of scratches on the vacuum because it touches furniture and stuff all time but other than that it works really really well after one of those up they you can also use it to the Google assistant or Amazon’s Alexa but me personally have only been using it to the Google assistant because that’s what I have at home.

So now you can tell the Google assistant to start the vacuum to send it back to the doc and so on and this is very convenient if you’re not at home or if you’re just lazy and you wanna send the vacuum back to the talk or have it start cleaning another thing that got better is the app that controls the vacuum so the me home app so now the app saves the map that the vacuum makes before every single time you start a new cleaning the vacuum would start mapping the house again so having the map saved makes it much easier than ever you’re sending the vacuum to mop something and up I’m gonna explain why that’s important so as I said in the original review the vacuum doesn’t know when it’s mopping hard floor sorem when it’s mopping carpets and nobody wants wet carpets right so you don’t exactly want the vacuum to mop your own carpet so you can select only certain places in your house where the vacuum should mop and once it’s done it goes back to the dock and this you’re not gonna have on any wet carpets and this is a very important feature because this way I wanna actually use the vacuum mode for mopping now the mopping function is somewhat gimmicky because you basically have a wet cloth being dragged around your house but if you use it every two to three days.

You’re definitely gonna notice a difference in your house like any other robotic vacuum if you live small toys on the floor if you leave cables if you live even socks for example I left one of my socks on the other day and it went around that brush so there’s a good chance the vacuum will get stuck so try climbing up the floor before I’m leaving because otherwise the vacuum will just get stuck on something and then you come back home and the vacuuming isn’t done but other than that the vacuum has been awesome on I feel that it’s better than it was at the beginning when I first got it because now on it works with a Google assistant now I can use it better for mopping and so on so definitely a great great vacuum to have around the house and these are never gonna have to vacuum ever again alright guys hopefully I made it easier to make a purchasing decision if you’re looking for a robotic vacuum this is definitely want to get them I don’t really have any complaints about it I even have the old version the original Xiaomi vacuum and that one still works good up to this day and that one is almost two years old my parents actually have that one and it cleans every second day in their house and up they do work.

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