SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 256GB Review

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 256GB Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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You know what guys no matter how much storage you’ve got it’s really never enough so guess what I picked up a new micro SD card and this is the sandisk micro SD card 128 gigabytes of memory so yeah I’ve got tons of storage space and then this is the micro SDXC uhs-1 it also comes with an adapter alright so what I’m gonna do is unbox this card run a benchmark on the phone and see how the read/write speeds are but it claims to have hundred megabytes of read speed mmm I smell snake well I don’t think it’ll be 100 megabytes per second but we’ll test that out and then this is the back of the packaging now depending upon the country this packaging might vary so don’t say that you’ve got a fake card or that I have got a fake card anyways but this off Amazon during sale and this was actually quite cheap anyways let’s go ahead and box this do some benchmarks and then I also want to test out 4k recording it says it’s for full high-definition recording but I think you can also record 4k on this so I’m gonna pop this SD card into the camera and then see how it goes all right let’s get cuttin so it says here you should cut along this edge alright so let’s do this alright so there’s our micro SD card and the adapter and you peel this thing off and let’s see so here is our micro SD card and man this thing has 128 gigabytes of storage and look how thin this is and you also get these in 200 and 512 gigabytes of storage if I’m not wrong but anything above 128 gigabytes the price goes up very quickly and I think 128 gigabytes has the best price per gigabyte ratio and here’s the back side of the card you can see the serial number over there and this one is made in China.


SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-1 256GB

I’m just gonna verify the serial number because these ones supposedly come with 10-year warranty and that your adapter also made in China but just for a comparison here is our microSD card here is a five and a quarter inch floppy if I’m not wrong these floppies used to have a capacity of 360 kilobytes and here’s your regular one point four four Meg three and a half inch floppy but wait there’s more here’s an 80 gigabyte laptop hard drive and this is not that old I think this came out of a laptop that we bought and run 2007 so yeah I’m not that old and yeah it is open because this harddrive does not work but yeah this little micro sd card has more storage than this hard drive and here’s another one this is a 11 or 11 or 12 gigabyte hard drive so this one came out of a desktop PC and again this is dead technology has come quite far in the past 20 to 30 years all right let’s verify the serial number so I made an account on Sand s comm for warranty purposes and registered the micro SD card looks like it has 10 years warranty so we have plenty of warranty and yes it is genuine can see in warranty and this is on SanDisk comm so yeah definitely a genuine card so what you want to do is whenever you buy a card you will see the you see the serial number here I don’t think we camera can focus but there’s a serial number there on the back of the card what you want to do is register for warranty just so it makes it easier for RMA purposes just in case the card goes bad but from my experiences I have never had a micro SD card or an SD card go bad and yes let’s go ahead and do some benchmarks and take it from there okay so it looks like I was using a SanDisk card with this phone it’s in micro SDHC not X C so this is the slower version although it’s at last 10 so let’s take this out and put the new one in here alright here we go so that’s in turn the phone on alright turn the phone on and it shows SD card tap to transfer media who else but I want to see how much space we’ve got so got a device care then storage and storage analysis then SD card and we’ve got hundred and nineteen gigabytes of total storage that’s completely normal because these actual formatted capacity is always less than the advertised so it’s advertised as 128 gigabytes the actual usable space after formatting is hundred and nineteen gigabytes so I’ve installed another little software here called a 1 SD bench and this should give us an idea of how the read/write speeds are so I’m gonna do a benchmark here now just a little bit and see how it performs all right so the results are in looks like you’ve got a read speed of 60 4.99 to 65 megabytes per second read speed and we’ve got a write speed of 40 6.22 that’s a pretty decent write speed because this SD card used to give around 16 megabytes of write speed yeah I think we can do 4k video on this card mmm so I’m gonna pop this in the camera all right so I’ll have to use the adapter because the camera accepts a full size SD card rather than a micro SD so go and start this by the way the old SD card that I was using in the camera claims to have a transfer speed of 94 megabytes per second and this is a slightly older one and this one claims to have a transfer speed of 30 megabytes per second and that’s quite old but yeah 4k should work we should have any problems and boom there you go it shows that we can record for 4 hours 27 minutes so when it comes to quality this camera has two settings so let me show you we have 25 P 60 M which is the setting I record my videos at and it has a higher quality settings which say is 2500 M you will not be able to record in the settings with this micro SD card you see that it shows that you need a uhs-1 u3 compatible memory card which is this one you can see that you three logo there so this is the memory card which will be able to record in that setting but again I don’t recommend recording in the setting because YouTube automatically downgrades the quality even below this 60m setting but if you want to record in this setting it works perfectly fine and because you can see it records without any problems and the camera’s battery is dropping quickly but yeah if you want to record in 4k I suggest you get one of these u 3 cards but yeah if you’re on a budget this microSD card will work just fine for 4k video recording as you can see so yeah if I want to use this in the camera I can because I don’t really record at much higher quality but yeah just so you know it does work now when it comes to recording 4k videos on the SD card from your phone it works perfectly fine so let’s change the storage to SD card rear video size USD that is 4k and if you select the 60fps option it defaults to the internal memory so you cannot record in 60 FPS 4k on the SD card no matter what the SD card you put in it so regular for kid works just fine so that’s it at 4k now let’s start recording and there you go it works fine and we have absolutely no issues while recording in 4k on the SD card on the phone let’s just pay it back and we have absolutely no issues while recording in 4k on the SD card on the phone some of you guys might be using an older phone and you guys might wanna know if this memory card works with older phones or not especially with earlier version of Android I think this phone is running Android lollipop let’s go ahead and see so about phone let’s see Android 5 yes that is indeed Android lollipop and this is the Sony Xperia Z ultra this is a 2013 flagship phone but yeah let’s see if this memory card works in this phone or not just gonna insert it yeah you can see it’s in there it’s very difficult to put a memory card into this phone just the way it is designed but let’s go to storage settings and then storage and you can see total space 119 cubits so this new memory card does work with older phones and order a hundred operating system so yeah that’s pretty cool if you have an older phone this memory card should work so I’m just gonna unmount this and remove the SD card from the phone and again it’s kind of difficult to remove it because my fingers not fit into that small space right there you have it the 128 gigabyte SD card from SanDisk does work on older devices alright guys I hope this video was helpful in deciding if you want this card or not but from my side it’s a thumbs up because this card is fairly cheap it’s not that expensive able to save videos recorded in 4k provided you turn down the quality a little bit but if your primary purpose is to record 4k videos then I don’t recommend picking this one up I recommend picking a card which is even faster than this but yeah for my Galaxy S 9 Plus this card will work perfectly.

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