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Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75 With WiFi (RV750) Review

Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75 With Wi-Fi (RV750) Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Like this is close to me all right and then let’s start this way to get another YouTube video ah so today I have something that I have been dying to have in my house for quite a quite a long time now I actually think about it so I my girlfriend has a Roomba it’s like a Roomba 670 it’s supposed to connect to Wi-Fi supposed to work with who will assist it from what I understand but after about one or two hours of me trying to get this to work with Google assistant I’ve had finally just given up because it would not connect to Wi-Fi to save my life so today we have this this is just like a Roomba except it’s made by shark and this one clearly states on the front of the box as well Wi-Fi enabled in voice control this happened to be a Black Friday deal that we purchased actually I didn’t even buy this my girlfriend bought this I’m just using this content thank you babe we wanted to have a robot vacuum but we wanted to have a robot vacuum on each floor because we’re in a 2-story house and we wanted to have one for downstairs and one for upstairs now this one should actually work with Google assistant so I’ll be able to tell Google hey vacuum the upstairs and boom this thing will come off the dock it’ll start vacuuming for us we’ll be able to set it on a schedule so that it can vacuum for us you know two or three times a week and then we’re gonna bring the robot or we’re gonna bring the Roomba from upstairs to downstairs since it’s manual just so when we’re down here we can hit the button and start this one reason being a little monster there.


Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75 With Wi-Fi (RV750)

One time we left the Roomba running downstairs at which point he had went to the restroom in the floor the Roomba ran over it and was not pretty so for that reason that’s why this is gonna be upstairs because he’s always blocked from upstairs while we’re gone at work during the day so this will be able to run upstairs two or three times a week while we’re at work and then downstairs we’ll just manually run the older let me show you some of this some of the features here though the shark robot are 75 this one says designed for pets which is something we definitely wanted because we have a pet and who could tear everywhere autosense navigates all floor types and adapts to obstacles multi-surface brush roll carpet pet hair dander allergens into breeze nice nice and I like that it has the dual edge corner brushes the Roomba which is this yeah see how it has the two brushes the room only has a brush on one side this has a brush on each side which which I I like ease of a robot performance of a shark so this is literally same things that were on the front and Wi-Fi enable Wi-Fi enabled optional cleaning and schedule from your smartphone or with voice control through the snap if you look on the back here you can see a lot more details of the Box easy on board controls with a push of a button the robot goes to work they have sensors everywhere kind of like a Tesla spinning brushes two of them and the dust bin now what you get is you get some type of boundary strips which you can put down they keep it out of certain rooms don’t think we will need those you get your charging dock and of course you get the robot has a lithium-ion battery Wi-Fi enabled and what’s with Alexa and Google assistant yeah so literally they put this on three sides it’s it’s on each side of the box it’s on the front of the box and in a way it’s on the back of the box let’s let’s get this unboxed and see about getting it set up on the Google assistant is another one of those complicated unboxings alright so you pull your tooth flaps and then if we lay it down like so alright look at that present hey all right so this is cardboard Wow it’s not even paper so install the brushes let’s see setup the charging dock install the brushes charge the robot prep the home for cleaning download the app got it here’s a regular owner’s manual probably probably gonna need those actually nice little soft thingy here is the robot itself now supposedly this also has some quiet technology so we’re gonna compare it to the room but a steep hill here switch on before charging interesting very very nice beautiful very beautiful this is oh that’s one of the brushes other questions that’s the tape and then lastly the charging dock and cable and that is it so this doesn’t have a whole bunch of extra parts or anything comes with two brushes you need charging dock cetera remove film before use alright let’s get that out of the way power switch switch on before charging okay alright that seems pretty standard look this is your bin to empty yep so that’s where all your dirt will go and it picks everything up clean filter weakly tapped clean filter do not wash filter all right oh these are the brushes these should just go there they are okay so that’s a little brush and it should just pop right on like so and now it’ll spin well this one on all right I noticed this has a few extra little bristles on it that I don’t recall seeing on the Roomba versions but I like this like it Alec Alec Alec alright literally design seems the same a little bumper that makes it a turn around and go to a different direction excuse this convenient power outlet I have here open up our charging station get the tape off alright place the docking station in there take our nice cable plug into the power here got a little green indicator light there very nice very nice and then all that should be left to do with this is it told me to flip this to on and then let’s just set it on the charger there we go much better charging indicator much better than the Roomba one alright so I’m gonna have to give this a couple of hours to get charged in the meantime I’m gonna clean up this mess I made and yeah we’ll get back to this once it’s charged up and then we’ll get it synced in the shark app I realized I can probably go ahead and do this setup while it’s charging so let’s get into the setup alright so first of course you’re going to go into your Play Store or your app store and there is going to be a shark ion robot app shark clean let that download nice little animation there all right now I’ve got to make an account we’ll skip this part for the video of course but just create yourself an account here all right yep by agreeing all right let’s get your shark ready to start cleaning so make sure you make sure your phones on the Wi-Fi got it first turn on your shark got it it’s fun did a good home this gives you instructions of how to set up the dock and all of that now let’s activate your sharks Wi-Fi press and hold the left and right buttons on your robot for five seconds now these buttons look slightly different than mine my left and right though our docs are doc and Max so two three four up there we go that little beep was it so I see the Wi-Fi icon now it is going to connect to the Wi-Fi it sees sees the robot now it’s on the know the white here’s my Wi-Fi now that my Wi-Fi password has been entered it’s going to connect it to Wi-Fi see the little Wi-Fi light is lit up on the robot yay we’re connected so we’re gonna call it pixee fox’ and I call this the upstairs vacuum and I’ve already did all this tells you to move stuff out of the way etc alright so this tells you even how much battery you have left that’s pretty nice and there we go it is on the Wi-Fi it uh it’s still charging it’s a fifty-five percent so we will let this get to a hundred percent but I think that’s going to basically do it for this video pros and cons always tells you your battery life which is nice brought it upstairs because this is where we’re gonna use that so but how’s your battery life but there’s no no handle Roomba has a handle which is a nice little feature I have to say they should have incorporated a handle somehow that’s probably my only complaint really some put this back on the dock alright it’s charging now let’s do a sound comparison let me get the Roomba see the handles just kind of kind of helpful then I’m gonna take this one and set it here and then we’re gonna take the camera and sit in this chair and then I’m gonna turn them both on and we’re gonna see what they sound like alright [Music] now for the first time let’s see how loud the shark is see how the shortage oh yes much quieter Wow while this thing is a million times quieter now I notice the well sweepers don’t seem to sweep as fast but maybe you can turn that up in the settings I don’t know exactly I haven’t did a lot with this yet but it definitely works this is a much quieter like listen this this is close to me alright and then let’s start this way to get here that that’s a huge difference really big difference it looks like this is a Mac setting Oh seems to be about the same I think it alright well I think that will do it for today’s video I can definitely say the shark is much quieter than the Roomba now as I mentioned my Roomba or my girlfriend’s Roomba is a little older than then some of the newer ones I think this model is about a year too old but yeah this thing is completely quiet compared to the room but from what I can see in the app the app works perfectly fine I can tell it to start and stop and all of that actually works unfortunately I cannot find the shark app in the Google home settings so at this point I am unable to set up the shark with Google home to tell Google you know hey vacuum the upstairs and just have the upstairs vacuumed but through the shark app I can still set up the schedule I wanted to where it will vacuum in here and vacuum our upstairs for us on a schedule so I don’t necessarily need Google assistant but I do want it and if I can get it set up I’ll make a setup video later on whenever I figure out how to find the app and get it set up I follow the instructions on the website those don’t work either therefore the old app before Google updated it so shark means to update their instructions please shark I think that’s gonna do it for today.

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