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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Review

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hey guys Devin hunter from Indianapolis I want to do a quick review on the shark navigator vacuum I want to show you this we just picked it up I’m gonna show you it in action and tell you from its stay-at-home dads point of view you know what I think about it so here we go I’m gonna show you the box here so that will be our make sure we’re talking about the right one so what this is is the shark navigator lift-away Pro alright so five-star rated Consumer Reports okay so that way we just make sure we’re doing the right one here alright guys here it is the shark navigator Pro is very small the width of this is we’re looking probably 610 inches maybe wide I’m going to show you right here just take a look around this thing I like it it’s a very easy to handle put your foot down here tips it back there’s no levers there is also an on and off switch here it turns it on we’ve got a bare floor option and also a roller on and you can turn this on the roller is not going the rollers not going until you tilt it back so there’s some releases right here to take off the container as far as where the dirt Rhett reservoir is don’t do the mistake like I did is far is unleashing this a nun letting go that and then it all dumps out.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

So you want to do is just do the sides and then lifts right off and then you take open up the top open up the bottom that way you can empty the dirt and then you can release this right here and that’s where you put your attachments at okay very simple to do and it comes with a bag of different attachments also and you could lease this right here and it makes it a long wand all right so I’m going to show you real quick it in action and just tell you what I think after that okay all right so rivers on it all right there you go moms and dads stay-at-home moms and dads this is my quick review of this I really like it it’s very light it’s easy to maneuver has lots of attachments and easy to carry – let me check it out all right just lifts up its I don’t know maybe 510 pounds at the most so I highly recommend it so there you go so guys if you’re interested getting more information about this you know go check out the website I don’t know the link I’ll probably post a link down here that way you guys can be directed to it it’d be a lot easier to do that be down the video description and you know feel free to come back and check out some other videos I do reviews on different things it’s all kinds of various things so who knows what I’m gonna be doing but there you go hopefully you enjoyed it leave a comment below if you like and if you’re a mom or a dad a stay-at-home mom or dad who’s recently been employed or looking to make some extra money you can do reviews like this simple reviews by blogging and if you’d like to make some extra money we can talk with that also so guys I’m out of here this is Denver Minneapolis hopefully you joy to enjoy this video about the shark Professional Series so guys I’m out of here who will see you I see you bye for now make sure you click the video the link below and check out my website bye okay so here we are with the shark navigator vacuum that’s like five years old navigator professional never loses suction three times capacity this thing’s old but we have between the family we brought out three or four of them and this is why the dreaded Christmas tree needles that are left over oh my assistant thank you lovely assistant there is going to backboard nothing left over so slowly so just more that job to make two passes over all the Christmas team and you see that the thing works it’s great now for the people out there that would be like me they’re gonna say oh well wait till he bit to that big heavy thick pile well for news doubters here we go of course you have to go slower and that’s just that’s the first pass so they didn’t always like the second pass.

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