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Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum – HV301

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum - HV301 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hi Katy Pilkington for CNET and today we’re going to be taking a closer look at the shark rocket those of you who may have seen our review video or article of the DC 59 might be screaming copycat right now and there are undeniable similarities between the shark rocket and the Dyson lightweight model but there are a lot of differences to most obviously the fact that the sharks hundred and $79 price point makes it less than half the price of the $499 Dyson another major difference that’s obvious right off the bat is the fact that while the dyson dc50 9 is a cordless model the shark does have a cord meaning that you will need to be near an outlet when you’re vacuuming and will be held to the same constraints space-wise that you would with a more traditional vacuum but shark makes up for this inconvenience by giving you a lot of options to really customize the rocket to do whatever you need to be at hard floors carpet upholstery curtains stairs or car detailing and they put all of these attachments in this bag so that you have easy storage and you know where everything is it’s all in one place.


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum – HV301

All the time one of my favorite tools that really sets the shark apart from other lightweight vacuums we’ve tested in this group is this attachment which kind of works like a Swiffer vacuum for those of you who may have it and that here’s the vacuum nozzle right here and then this microfiber pad that’s totally detachable and machine washable follows along behind and picks up any dirt or debris that may be caught or stuck to your floor’s these options for total customization are one of the things that we really liked about the full-size shark that Megan Willerton reviewed in 2013 I was really impressed that the rocket is such a dynamite with pet hair pet her proved to be kind of a struggle point for some of these lightweight vacuums partially perhaps because their suction is less than a standard full-size upright but also because their brushes are more narrow the diameter is less and pet hair just gets caught and tangled in those bristles I’m happy to report though that the shark rocket performed really really well and honestly above my expectations weaknesses are large debris and fine particulate on carpet particularly high pile but I really like this vacuum because I have two pets that shed pretty aggressively so that day-to-day carpet maintenance is something that can really get out of hand if you’re not keeping up with it and this would be a great vacuum for that daily maintenance just run it over the floors really quickly and then you’re done and then you can pull out the full size vacuum your upright for your heavier-duty weekend cleaning so if you like the idea of customizing your vacuum perhaps a little bit more than the dyson and you also like the fact that this one retails for half the price at 179 dollars then I would recommend considering the shark rocket for CNET I’m Katy Pilkington.

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