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Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away NV501 Review

Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away NV501 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

I’m very excited to be reviewing the new shark apex duo clean lift away with 0m as I’ve been using the previous shark apex in our cleaning business for a while and I’m very interested to see what’s changed in the new version so links in the description for prices and reviews and let’s get started the shark apex with 0m is the most powerful vacuum cleaner in sharks lineup and is probably the most powerful bagless vacuum on the market we measured its suction at an astonishing 101 inches of water lift which is higher than I personally have ever seen and it’s air flow at 90 CFM at the hose which is higher than other premium vacuums like the dyson ball animal – or the Miele u1 it’s even higher than the previous apex for some reason despite it having the same thirteen hundred and fifty watt motor as sharks top-of-the-line vacuum it’s packed with a ton of features including the duo clean floor nozzle and the new 0m technology both of which we’ll talk more about in a minute it has bright LED lights on the floor nozzle and one on the handle it has noise reduction technology as well as active glide technology which makes it easier to maneuver it’s also a completely sealed system with hepa filtration which is unfortunately more rare than it probably should be as most vacuums out there leak badly even if they do have HEPA filters it’s also a powered lift way meaning then it has a variety of easy to access configurations including the power lift away mode which dramatically reduces the weight and makes it super easy to clean and hard-to-reach places as the brush roll is still powered in this mode before we get to the new 0m let’s talk about the duo clean.


Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away NV501 Vacuum Cleaner

I think the dual clean technology is the best invention in the vacuum world in a long time it’s basically a soft roller and a standard brush roll combined in the same cleaner head it picks up just about everything it touches on carpet or hard floors when I prepare pick up tests for these videos it’s the only type of vacuum that has never failed a pick up test no matter what I throw at it it really is the top of the vacuum food chain as the name apec suggests but it’s not just about gobbling up big messes it’s also very precise the software is amazing for the finest dust up to the largest debris on hard floors if you have hard floors you need a vacuum with a soft roller period but the apex is great carpets as well you just flip the switch from it’s hard floor to its low or high pile carpet setting and it reduces the suction and speeds up the brush roll for the same great performance on carpet it’s pet hair pickup is second to none as well which brings us to the brand new 0m technology so 0m which I assume stands for zero maintenance is a completely redesigned brush roll which uses little protrusions on the top of the nozzle to actively remove pet hair that tries to wrap itself around the brush we tried our very best to get it wrapped in hair with our tests and at the end of the day there was virtually nothing to clean up so this seems to solve the age-old problem of vacuums requiring tedious and kind of nasty cleanings of the brush bar so kudos to sharp for yet another innovative technology besides the mysterious increase in power from the previous version there are a few other changes including my favorite which is an upgrade in the wheels the previous generation used plastic wheels with a felt cover which was prone to wear and was the principal reason I never fully endorsed that version but thankfully the new version has upgraded the wheels to a super sturdy rubber which seems like they’ll last a lifetime of the vacuum there’s also a slight change in the hose construction and it seems that shark is using this type of hose on all its new vacuums and it seems sturdy as well the attachment set varies but mine came with a crevice tool a combo upholstery tool dusting brush and anti allergen dusting brush and a flexible under appliance wand so let’s move on to the cons it’s no surprise that sharks most powerful vacuum is also its heaviest vacuum at 16 pounds but heavy for shark is a relative idea consider the last few uprights we’ve reviewed the apex is basically the same weight as osebo Felix and lighter than all the others on this list that being said it’s still heavy but since I almost exclusively use mine in lift-away mode I hardly notice it on that point I should mention that while I love the lift away mode on hard floors on carpet it’s almost too light and the dual clean roller tends to pull itself forward which takes more effort to pull it back I don’t notice this on hard floors but if I am vacuuming a house with mostly carpets I prefer to use it in its standard mode because the weight of the vacuum cancels out the forward pulling motion so I love the apex and it should count for something that of all the vacuums I have it’s the apex I turn to when I have to clean houses for our company it’s crazy powerful I love the dual clean technology and now with the 0m technology which will reduce or possibly eliminate the cleaning of the brush rolls the upgrade to the wheels and the sealed system.

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