Sonos Connect Speaker Review

Sonos Connect Speaker Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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How you doing I’m Justin with audio and vision and it’s midnight and I’m about to go to bed but I just got this earlier today the shipment in and it is a stone Ellis connect now I have a client who needs this tomorrow so I wanted to get the video out and show you guys a little bit about this product because I won’t have it anymore so anyway let’s get to it and I’ll show you what this is all about so this is the Sonos connect and if you’re unfamiliar with Sonos if you don’t know anything about the product line they are a whole home audio product system audio system that’s all wireless and you can add as many speakers as you want to your house you can have one in one room another in another room and they all talk to each other wirelessly you can separate the sound or the rooms you can combine them together to be one large audio system and again it’s all wireless all over your home network it’s all controlled through your iPhone iPad Android device or PC so that’s just the basic idea of what sonís is how it works so let’s see in the box we got a little brochure here important product information and then we have this crazy it’s like wallpaper almost wow that’s cool I want to like hang that up in my room anyway so yeah in this it’ll show you to download the the Sonos app right here on either your phone or your iPad or Android device and then it’s also going to show you how to connect this device up to your home theater system.

Sonos Connect Speaker

So the Sonos connect snow let’s connect in the Sonos connect amp are a little bit different than mostly the other so most products out there because they are just a media players and they actually integrate with third-party speaker systems so the Sonos connect here’s the Sonos connect right there it’s very sleek I like the design of it it’s very simple I’ll get into those connectors and in a second I’ll just show you some of the cables it comes with comes with a power cable comes with a RCA stereo RCA cable these are really short so if you need longer ones you can get some longer ones this is a iPhone or you know iPod connector to RCA again pretty short and then and then this is a network cable so that’s to connect the connect to your router so we have that alright so we have the snow let’s connect now this is designed to again to connect to your theater system so if you have a receiver if you have a surround sound receiver if you have a pair of stereo speakers or high-end stereo speakers you really like to listen to this allows you to tie in the Sonos technology in with that system so it’s different than like having a Sonos playbar or Sonos play:1 where it’s just a speaker and you can play music off of your phone but you can’t integrate it with anything this allows you to integrate it with your existing equipment and then once you do that you can buy more sonís products and start integrating your whole home with also notes even if you have a surround sound receiver you still can integrate Sonos now the biggest difference between the Sonos connect and the Sonos connect amp is this device doesn’t have speaker outputs okay so this cannot drive a pair of speakers stand-alone it has to have an amplifier so you can connect this device to just a stereo amp and then some speakers you can connect this to a receiver a surround sound receiver and then to your surround sound speakers but this will not directly drive any speakers all right one cool part about it is it does have an audio out the Sonos connect amp Sonos connect amp only has speaker outputs this has line level outputs so if you want to tie it in with your surround sound receiver this is the one to get alright so we have our ethernet connections right here there’s two of them so in case you use up all your ports in your router this will actually allow you to not use up anymore ports you can unplug a port plug it in here and then you can use the extra port for the device you had plugged in before you have your power and then you have your audio in and out so what’s cool about the audio in is you can tie in like a CD player of some sort or a phonograph player and you can actually send that music through this to the whole Sonos network so if you have more Sonos devices in your home this comes in really handy if you combine all of your Stonehouse components together in the network and then you hook up a DVD player actually be more at the phonograph player to this then you can listen to your records throughout your entire home so kind of cool this is a wireless system again it doesn’t require any wires except for the wire that would clean next to your receiver and the wire that connects to your router so on top of the analog connections it also has optical right here for your for your digital signals so if you’re listening to something that’s in surround sound I guess you could plug it into there also digital audio is just a little bit better than analog anyway I think it’s cleaner I think it sounds better and then you have your coax digital audio out it both of these send the same signal so it really doesn’t matter if you use optical or coax just know that if you have digital you have to have a receiver that decodes that digital signal so you’ll you’ll know if you have that kind of receiver I would hope but anyway so it’s really simple on the front all you have is play and pause right here and you have your volume up and down mostly you’re going to be using these buttons to program this so nose to your app after that you probably won’t ever touch these again I rarely come up to my system and press volume up for instance it’s already on your phone so again this is just a media player and it connects up to your the power of this comes when you download the Sonos app and you start controlling this device through the Sonos app then you could play your Pandora you could play your tune and radio your Spotify your iTunes your Apple music Amazon music the list of apps they have little they have apps within the Sonos app but the list of music services they have just as is endless I still haven’t found a limit to it to be honest to sell they have everything I need as far as music goes and I really love the system again you can get this and then you can connect this to your router you can buy more play ones play fives play bars all in the Sonos family and connect them up to your entire home to form a whole home audio system that doesn’t require any wires so it’s a really awesome system I it’s always reliable it’s never failed on me I don’t get any complaints from many of my clients from it and that’s why I continue using it and continue installing it so if you have any more questions about the Sonos connect let me know if you’re in the area phoenix area in the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona give me a call because I’m a dealer for these and I can get you hooked up.

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