Sony A6300 Camera Review

Sony A6300 Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

So there’s no question about it that the sony a6300 but this is still worth buying yo yo cut err Loretta my name is Elle ooh I’m a photographer my filmmaker from Iceland today we are going to take a look at this camera here this only ace is 300 now gonna see if I could try to answer the question if it’s still worth buying now I’ve had this bad boy now for about 3 years I’ve hammered on it the Sony is 300 is made of magnesium alloy body and it’s super tough like I’ve dropped this little bad boy more times than I want to help me and still like it still doesn’t have that many scratches I’ve had it to extreme temperatures freezing freezing temperatures in Iceland super super maturing they spin with me to tropical temperatures in Southeast Asia I’ve like I’ve hammered on it I used to both see all my YouTube videos and my client work and yes the body is weather and the steel and it still performed well I’m not very very happy with it as they said all my videos that are on this channel here are shot with this little camera that I have in my hand it’s only a siz 300 as well as the client work I do is also on this camera.


Sony A6300 Camera

Both photography and videography we don’t have to go further than to last week where they the paid photo shoot and only had this camera and this the only camera I use and I’m very very happy with it and I delivered the photos and my clients were also very very happy with the result so that brings us to the question is this camera still worth buying before I answer that let’s talk specs ok alright so this camera is that has a twenty four point two megapixel sensor and it’s able to record 4k up to 30 frames per second actually it’s recording 6k and then it down samples it down to 4k and sony claims that that’s a better method and produce much better quality of video I’m so far I’m very very happy with it in Full HD it can go all the way up to 120 frames per second so you can get that super super slow motion with this little bad boy and with photos you can go and do a spraying like with 11 frames per second if you’re doing an all-action type of photography it’s all north spec wise this is super nice camera.

If you take a look at a newer camera like I’m filming on now which is a sony is a 6400 it hasn’t really changed that much it’s only decided to use the same sensor the same like almost the entire thing in the camera is the same as the new model both the sony a6000 and a 6600 we think that a 6 486 who has a lot of 666 the thing that the newer models have over it is that they have flip out screen these autofocus is better and some smiley things I think they did some changes to the color but all not it’s very identical now this one a 6 300 has a flip screen but it doesn’t go all the way off as you can see it’s no flip up screen so you can’t really see yourself when you log it which it’s kind of ok you know now as I said the beginning it the body is super super compact it’s very very small fits in the like you can just put it in the pocket it’s very robust it’s me as I said it’s made of magnesium alloy and it’s moisture and dust protected this is even a word it’s protected from moisture and dust now at the moment this camera is little over four years old and the question is this it’s still worth buying when I recommend it and we should have put a bra more over here a really big piece of our life my answer that question is yes.

Absolutely especially if you are a beginner if you’re beginning content creator or beginner like in creating this video general or taking photos and even if you create videos for a living this could be a nice second camera to have like on the gimbal at all times like I feel a wedding with two cameras like this one that I just had on the gimbal that was the Asus 300 and I got the borrowed a 60 run from my friend and one that had on the gimbal the entire time they involved and order in their hand super super super nice worked out perfectly and the reason I recommend it it’s because it’s a good kid still a good camera you know and for the camera it’s very very cheap you can get it used for not a lot of money and as I said if you’re a beginner I think it’s I mean you don’t need the best things you wanna still you don’t need the best things you can go back and watch my videos there all created with this camera I got the 86400 recently because I wanted a second camera so I decided like let’s just get the newer one it can be nice now if you have little bit make some money to spare it has some extra features like a flip up screen like better autofocus and some few other things but it there to be honest and very minor I would have wished it’s only made bigger jump maybe a new hit made a new sensor in the camera but it didn’t so that’s like one of the big reason why I think that this is still a bad boy and it still performs very good so that’s my conclusion.

I honestly still like this camera a lot and as I said if you’re a beginner it’s a very good choice to get because it’s cheap has 4k you can go 400 no no 400 exactly that would be sick 150 150 it’s my mouth is going crazy right now 120 frames per second you take great photos with it and even like if you do this for a living I still you can recommend me this is second or third camera but then again if you do a lot of lot of work then maybe you know maybe then you probably have the money to get a little you know listens better camera so that’s it for me today if you have any questions as always for Fidesz and comment down below if you could smack that like button for me it would really really help me out I hope did you like this video I’m still gonna use this as a second camera I’d really much like it like I said at the moment I only had aces 404 like I’m like one week and I’m still grabbing this guy cuz I mean they’re very difficult there are some things that I just know this guy I know everything about it I’ve had it for such a long time I’ve used I’ve taken thousands like perfect hundred thousands of photos with it and film hours and hours and hours on it I absolutely love it this is the camera that got me into filmmaking and it was always in photography you know there’s always just special to me oh thank you guys for watching I catch you guys in the video mode peace.

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