Sony A7 II Camera Review

Sony A7 II Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey what’s going on guys Eric here from Eric and miles and today I want to be talking to you about why the Sony a7 2 is still worth it in 2020 alright so I’m gonna go through some pros and cons of this camera and then at the end I’ll explain why it’s worth it so first we’re gonna go through some pros the first one is embodied image stabilization before this I owned the Sony a7 which had no in body image stabilization and going from that to this made in a world of difference pairing that with an image stabilized lens is just like it’s almost like having a mini gimbal on your camera at all times you can see I’m holding a handheld I even put some shake in there and purpose that is the first one it’s the embodiment side of ization it is so nice to have that when you’re vlogging you know like this you’re vlogging and you’re we were walking around your hand is shaking it makes that so much better so you don’t have to worry about all that all the time like before I only had three broken unfortune male 2.8 and I would vlog on that it worked but you got some a lot of shaky footage.


Sony A7 II Camera

So yeah the first one is image stabilization the second is it’s codecs it shoots in X AVC HD which is just a lot better kit codec than AVC HD I’ve done a lot of research since the past I said you can see a difference but when you apply Luntz and such that makes a world of difference it does take a little bit more memory but that is because it needs that to take in more information so you can apply lots and color great it a lot better as you can see I’m just playing some shots up here that I got with it those are all on X AVC HD and that brings us into our third Pro which is the color profiles which is the color profiles this can shoot in flat it can shoot in C log and that is really good I don’t use it that much but for people that do like filmmakers that’s amazing for this price flat color profiles are just really good for color grading the fourth of course is the price it is not the cheapest camera out there but for what it is what it offers it is one of the best priced cameras for all of it that it offers I believe new you can get this for 899 and used to come by it to about I want to say you can buy it for like [Music] I want to say you could probably find it for 700 I got mine new for 800 but that was because it was on sale so yeah that is the third reason is a price if this is still too expensive though you can go to these Sony a7 I used to own that and I have a ton of videos out about it it’s just an amazing camera for $450 now the fifth reason is it’s full frame so this camera shoots thirty five-millimeter full frame and it is just that’s just really cool i I used to shoot on aps-c but now that I went full frame I don’t think I’ll ever go back to aps-c when I’m shooting on a 1635 and this this is my 16 to 35 by the way when I’m shooting 16 to 35 but we’re shooting a 16 to 35 with my aps-c which I believe the equivalent is a 10 to like 10 to 24 you can just notice the spacing the compressions all is a lot different so that is all about the camera body but now we’re gonna go into image quality the photo quality of this is amazing I love it I shot I shot on the ape 7 before this and I went to this and you can just tell the difference right away here I’m displaying some shots I got with this like I don’t know how to explain other than like it’s a really really good image quality is unreal it’s used 24 point 2 megapixels on a full frame camera so that’s pretty darn good 24 is more than I need like I don’t think I’ll ever buy the a7 are cuz what the heck I’m gonna do with what 64 megapixels I I don’t crop into like this big so yeah 24 is more than enough for me I got some really great images out of this too and not leave video the video quality is just unreal like I said the codecs make it so much better so X AVC color grade that or put a lot on it and it looks amazing I’ve shot multiple weddings on this I’ve shot hundreds of videos on this a ton of logs on this I have a month logging recently just because I haven’t been able to go out if you saw outside right now you’d understand why it’s like two feet of snow outside so that’s all it for the pros so now we’re going to into some of the cons so there aren’t many cons but like every camera there are cons for this and the first one isn’t really a con for me but I can see why it would be for a lot of people and that is it does not shoot 4k so 4k I don’t haven’t really gotten into shooting yet but but I understand why a lot of people have I just like shooting 1080p it’s a lot easier on my computer even though Mike Peter can handle 4k it’s just a lot better for editing time is 1080 and I don’t really notice the difference unless I’m on like a ginormous screen which I never really in the fort know 4k I understand why it’s a con to some people but it’s not to me another con is the EVF is not very accurate I was shooting using only the Evo for a while and the lighting inside the EVF it makes everything way brighter than it is so when you shoot it on the EVF you always have to come back out to look it on the live view because the EVF just makes it way brighter so sometimes i think i’m exposed and i take the photo and i look at it and like holy crap that’s way under exposed so yeah that’s that’s the main that’s a really big con for me you can adjust that in here but even when it you do adjust it to less light it does still shows up lighter so those are two cons the other is there are not many lenses out for it yet it’s an F email so it is getting more and more popular but right now there aren’t very many selections like right now it’s just so neat Tamron and Sigma that are making lens kiss incidentally there are some other lenses out there that are just like third-party off brands that I’ve done reviews and some of them are really good but some of them are also not very good I’ve been trying to stick just in native so many lenses so yeah that’s uh that’s pretty much it if you guys liked this video remember to Like comment and subscribe consider sharing with the forty-fourth others cool or helpful check out some other videos I got some other ones about this Sony a7.

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