Sony a7 III Camera Review

Sony a7 III Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
Written by zeeshan

I’d be using this camera for well over a year now and it has been a true workhorse in my camera bag like I’d be shooting a lot of videos and if you’ve been on your channel you know that I mean shooting the woodworker b-roll the poker b-roll the blacksmith b-roll the drummer b-roll all on this camera and I’ve also done a lot of client work with the Sony a7 3 and the Sony a7r 3 but Bob this camera and the Sony seminar 3 are getting quite old I think the Sony a7r 3 is like two and a half years old and this slight two years old so is this still a viable option in 2020 that is something that I’m gonna try to answer in this video [Music] I just want to start out by saying thank you so much to everyone that is watching you guys Rock and if this is your first time you might wanna consider hitting that subscribe button because you know that would be appreciated so let’s talk about the camera there’s so many symmetry and the sony 87 r3 is by far the cameras that i’ve enjoyed working with the most during my career which has only been like four four and a half five years i think someone like that yeah one of the biggest reasons that i enjoy working with these cameras is because they are full frame cameras and the reason that I like full frame camera is more than aps-c or micro four-thirds is mainly because you get the best of two worlds for example if I’m shooting a video on this camera like a shoot in full frame mode.


Sony a7 III Camera Review Black Friday Deals

I can jump up to super 35 mode which gives me a like aps-c crop without having to have an aps-c camera and in my opinion I do think that full-frame does give your videos and photos a better look than aps-c cameras or microphones but I guess that’s a matter of taste but it’s just like it’s my personal preferable when it comes to the size and ergonomics and weight of this thing I do know that there’s a lot of people on that web that is talking about how they don’t like the form factor of the a7 cameras and how they don’t like the ergonomics or that is too small and just feel good in your hand stuff like that personally I actually do have quite big hands but I don’t find any big issues with the camera the only thing that I don’t like is that my finger is hitting the lens right there every single time that I’m having a lens on the camera it’s like my long middle finger hitting the camera lens but that is like the biggest issue for me when it comes to the size and the form factor of this and I have tried the Canon EOS or and the Sony a7r for I haven’t gotten my hands on the mica said series yet but I gotta say those have way better ergonomics and the grip is way more improved on the Sony a7r Mark 4 so I really do hope that that kind of body is what Sony will make for this on a 7 mark for as well when it comes the versatility of the camera that is where I think that this camera is really shining through especially when you consider that it is a full-frame camera with 4k recording it has 120 frames per second 1080 recording it has super 35 mode you think some dope photos it has great low-light performance.

I mean like I’m using ISO 6400 or even 12,800 times and it still looks good but what it doesn’t have is an unlimited recording time and that is something that I didn’t think was going to be an issue at first but when I was starting to do more YouTube videos then I realized that oh I gotta put a timer every single time on 30 minutes when I’m recording a video because I can’t just let it roll because the camera doesn’t make a sound when it’s turning off and you can’t record more than 30 minutes so that is a big downside of this camera another downside of this camera is definitely gonna be the weather sealing for example you don’t have any kind of like rubber gaskets here on these channel like flat B flat lids even though I am using this in slight bristle I wouldn’t use it in anything more than that especially when it comes to like moisture and you know heavy rain but then again like you don’t usually go out when it’s heavy rain and shoot photos or shoot videos like that at least I don’t the battery time though is way better than for example say the sony a6000 or a 6400 because it has this zette battery but thing is with these batteries is that they packed a lot of power into these batteries I can actually use one single battery for an entire client shoot in one day I mean it’s kind of insane when I think about it because like it shoots 4k or you’re shooting 120 frames per second Full HD and it still does manage to stay awake for like I don’t know maybe like five or six hours constantly working so that’s pretty insane one thing that I really wish that this camera would have is a flip out screen.

A screen that goes up like this instead of going up like this because this screen is like it does a good job of like when you take low photos or when you want to use it as a display and shoot those low camera angles but having the option to actually flip out your screen is like it’s so good and I really don’t like the contraption that they did on the sony a6000 hundred because it’s like it’s no just no it would be so much better to have like one of those flipping out screens that you can let you rotate and like twist and turn the way you want it because I mean like when you’re recording a blog and you can’t see yourself which is good in a way because then you learn to actually look into the camera but it sounds good to know what kind of like framing what kind of exposure what kind of composition you have in your shop even though I am using this camera mainly shooting videos with it’s actually one of these absolute best photo cameras that I’ve tried like especially since it’s a full-frame camera you gather iaf fantastic battery life and the autofocus overall is just insane and the only reason that I think the a 7r3 is a better camera overall when it comes to photos is because the size of the sensor of the a seminar because if you like started using days of an hour sensor and then go back to a 24 megapixel that is gonna be like oh no you really will notice the difference because it’s that huge it’s almost like della one of the biggest reasons that I really enjoy working with this camera.

So much is actually the Ibis off the camera because I think it does a fantastic jobs both when you’re shooting videos and when you’re taking photos I mean like when you’re taking photos you can just crank up that shutter speed area and it’s not gonna be noticeable anyways but when you’re shooting videos it’s actually really good like have something that helps you to remove that small shakiness that usually makes your footage look really cheap and if you’ve seen like the poker b-roll or the woodworker b-roll day and probably know that i’m using the sony 24 millimeter g master lens that doesn’t have any OSS built in so that is purely the wide-angle together with ibis that makes the footage to look that smooth and of course maybe like some magic camera movement and that also brings us into the cage that i’ve started to use for this camera as well if you’ve seen any of those videos they’ve probably seen this cage sitting on top of my camera like so hey Ilana and this is a cage that is from the brand eights in which I really enjoyed having on my camera and the reason for it is because one it feels like the camera is an expansion kit and you can just mount everything that you want onto this cage which is the well some – it will give you way smoother footage because instead of holding like this I’m now holding like this so it basically gives me like a steering wheel that I can move back and forth instead of holding like this and not being able to control.

The what is this called like the x-axis some some axes the rotational axis I really enjoy having the extra grip here on this side as well the only downside that I found with this cage is that this part should have been like cut like right here because now it actually cuts in to my hand it feels like now you’re sitting there and you’re like oh so if that wouldn’t be there it would probably be like the most perfect cage that you can buy for the a7 3 so that said would I actually buy this camera in 2020 well if I worked about my very first full frame camera today and it had 4k video recording it had 120 frames per second in Full HD and it was a full frame camera and you can take some really good photos with it and everything for a really good price and I do know that a 7 mark 4 and a 7s mark 3 is probably gonna come out sometime during 2020 but they are also probably gonna be way more expensive than this camera is so yes I actually do think that this is a great starting option for someone that wants to go into full frame and get a lot of stuff for the money that you invest in to your camera but I will say that if you have a Sony a7 Mark 2 or a7r Mark 2 then I will probably not buy day 7 3 and instead wait for the a7 mark 4 or the a7 s mark 3 depending on if you’re doing videos or taking photos because my thoughts on a salmon mark 4. It’s gonna be like a 30-something megapixel camera with 4k 60 and maybe like frames per second in Full HD but that’s just my speculations I have no clue really I am looking forward seeing what Sony will bring to the table during 2020 because it’s gonna be really exciting to see if they actually make this like super video oriented a seven this Mark three that everyone has been waiting on or if they do drop like the a7 mark for first so yeah I would love to hear your thoughts what do you think about the Sony sm-3 in 2020 would you buy it if this was your first camera do you own it or would you like to own it or doing another camera like the canada-us or or the Nikon said I would love to hear your thoughts about those two thank you so much for watching we hope that you enjoyed this video and if you did please do give us a thumbs up because it does help a lot and oh I’m til next time pizza from Sweden out.

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