Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam Review

Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Hey youtube its justin AKA demonic sweaters here with another product review today we’re gonna be talking about the sony handycam HD r CX 405 that’s not a long enough name for you i don’t know what is but this is a very inexpensive lightweight handheld handycam video camera that is pretty great for youtube if you’re on a budget now in the age of smartphones where the cameras are getting better and better you may be asking why would you even want a video camera today when you can just use your phone and you may not there’s a lot of good phone cameras out there I have a pixel 3a that has a great camera on it but I still like to use the camera that I’m recording on right now which is a Canon DSLR and also this camera I think is a great addition when I want to do multicam or work as well as to have a nice lightweight dedicated camera that has some good features and these things are pretty cheap there are about $175 and if you’re interested I can post a link down below to one on Amazon and let’s go ahead and talk about some of the great features of this little camera has for one very you tuber it has a turn around flip out screen let me open the lens there which is a absolutely essential feature if you want to do YouTube it also has a fairly decent lens going from 26 millimeter all the way to 804 millimeter so that gives you a pretty wide view it’s not super wide it says that it’s wide but I don’t know if I would consider it as wide as some other cameras out there but it’s not bad but it does have a really good 30x optical zoom and plus another 30x digital zoom giving you a total of 60 X telephoto which is pretty good and even the 30x alone is really good.


Sony HDR-CX405 HD Handycam

That’s optical so the difference between optical and digital zoom is optical uses the actual glass in the lens to zoom so you don’t lose any resolution when you zoom in another decent thing about the lens on this camera is the aperture going from F 1.8 2f 4.0 and that will give you a pretty decent ability to shoot in low light in fact it does have a low-light specific setting that you can turn it on in case you’re in a situation where the light is a little bit dim I’m not really sure what it does exactly in that situation it doesn’t really specify but it does seem to do a pretty good job now this camera also has the ability to shoot in two formats at the same time it can shoot in Sony’s proprietary codec at the highest resolution which is 1080p and 60 iframe rate as well as mp4 so you basically record two different formats at the same time so you have a really high quality one and then a lower quality one if you want to just share it quickly on social media or something like that now the mp4 version does look quite a bit worse in my opinion than the full quality but of course you’ll have that I mean that’s the purpose I’ve been having the two different formats on there to begin with all this together giving you the flip around screen the good video quality decent low-light and the high zoom is makes it a pretty good camera for the money you know if you’re looking for a budget camera to start a YouTube channel and your phone doesn’t have that great of a camera or you want something that’s just dedicated this really isn’t a bad option at all one feature this camera does not have though is an external microphone input however this isn’t a totally essential feature I’ve created a video about why you really don’t need this on a camera and I’ll post a link to that down below so you can watch it for yourself the built-in microphones are really not that bad but even if you don’t want to use those there’s other options all right let’s go ahead and get to the samples and you guys can see what this thing really looks like all right now you’re looking at the CX 405 and as you can see it looks pretty good I have it set in the exact same position that I had my Canon in the lighting hasn’t changed at all I’m just using natural lighting for my window as well as a lamp right over here to the right of me and overall I think that image quality is quite good and it can be used on a very low budget for a YouTube channel or for even doing other projects music videos or something like that so let’s go ahead and do some other tests now what I want to do is just show you an example of the zoom okay so now let’s go ahead and check out zooom I’m just holding the camera on my window and let me go ahead and zoom in and as you can see let’s see don’t focus yeah there we go the zoom is quite powerful that building is a good two or three miles away and even though another thing I forgot to mention is it does have a stabilizer and I’m hand-holding the shot right now and it is pretty stable even zoomed out that far it’s raining outside it’s really nasty out there right now but I this image stabilization is quite good I mean firm that far out that’s pretty impressive and back out all the way you can see how far we were let’s do that one more time all the way out to those buildings all the way out there that’s pretty awesome that’s something I can’t do on my DSLR because I just don’t have that good of a lens or that powerful of a telephoto lens on my DSLR alright so one last test here now you may notice a difference in the audio and that’s because I’m using my field recorder app on my phone with my lapel mic and I just synched it up afterwards and that’s like I was saying you really don’t need an external mic input on a camera to have high quality audio now this is something that I get lazy a lot admittedly on my channel where I kind of you know just flake out I’m using an external mic and just use the built-in camera so I tend to have a lot of background noise on my videos sometimes but I’m gonna try to work on that from now on and try to have some higher quality audio for you guys so it’s not as annoying and I have better stuff for you guys to watch so anyway I’m not really gonna go over the photo side of the camera because the photos you know they’re really ok but they’re nothing special and that’s not really why you would be buying this camera.

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