Sony RX100 III Camera Review

Sony RX100 III Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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Hey Jesus viewers its crystals here again from the camera store we promised you is coming because we gave you a teaser the Sony rx100 mark 3 it’s here and we’re gonna do a full review today we’re going to do it at calories annual lilac festival this is just a nice street fair but I’ll give you a bit of information lots of expensive food probably belly dancers at some point and dark clouds I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lot like festival that has not been rained on we’re going to see if that holds true today we’re gonna put this camera through its paces we’re gonna have a great time so right off the bat already holding the rx100 mark 3 it’s very familiar to the rx100 mark 1 and mark 2 almost exactly the same body design same kind of weight same kind of feel so very very familiar control layout is well almost identical so really I think what we’ll be looking at today is the extra features like the faster lens the cool new viewfinder we are going to do a lot of video today and test that out but all in all it feels very very familiar feels like what I’m used to and that’s a good thing because it’s got a great layout to start with so by far the coolest feature on the new mark 3 this viewfinder pop it up turns the camera on which is great pull it out it’s ready to go now we’ve got a 1440 K viewfinder it’s very sharp it’s very magnified it’s so compact and it’s so handy.


Sony RX100 III Camera

I love it it’s a great feature they’ve really just implemented it extremely well another great feature on the rx100 mark 3 is this faster lens I’m going to try it here in just a bit I’m going to try to get sort of thin depth of field shots see if we get much improvement but with a fairly big sensor we should be able to get some cool soft backgrounds of course the other great thing low-light performance we’re gonna take a look at low-light as well in just a bit but that wider aperture is going to help us out in that too so we’re at lilac festival here we actually found a lilac tree which is amazing it does give us a good opportunity to test this thin depth of field I’m shooting it to 8 and you can see here really nice soft backgrounds which is a great feature on a camera like this it’s an already fairly large sensor but it gives us closer when an SLR can deliver it’s a lot of fun so you’ve got a musician over here talking and I took a photo of him I want to get too close because we’ve got a lot of people standing around and one thing I’m noticing I do love the faster lens that’s great but it is only 24 to 70 not the sort of 24 to 112 120 range that we used to have and it does make a difference so not a major change but some you’re gonna have to keep in mind and appreciate now it comes to low light on the rx100 we did a quick test here it’s basically the same sensor that we’ve always had but it’s a noob ions X processor and I am seeing incredibly.

Good low-light performance considering the small 1 inch sensor size the rx100 does amazing things with this sensor and this is just getting even better even 3200 ISO no issues and 6400 is now usable it wasn’t so usable on the first and second version it’s definitely very usable here now of course it’s nothing new but I’m going to say it again I do love the focusing on the rx100 series of cameras I’m not finding this any quicker than the mark 1 or mark 2 but that’s ok because it’s incredibly fast for a camera in this price range and this size I have no problem getting good grab shots I’m confident the focus is going to hit it it’s a really really nice camera that way so I am loving this 24 mil the 24mm lens just gives it a little bit extra reach a little bit of extra depth of field it gives us that dimensionality it’s fantastic for street photography like we’re doing today and again the cameras autofocus is just bang on I never feel like I’m going to miss a shot so I really do like this camera for this kind of work and honestly anybody who sees me just thinks this is a basic point in shoot I know it sounds like we really love this camera that’s because we really do there’s not much bad to say about it that’s the problem the camera is so well designed the grip honestly I’ve never had a problem with I never feel like I’m going to lose it and you can get an extra grip anyways the only other thing they’ve taken away on the rx100 mark 3 is a hot shoe now honestly nobody puts a flash on this camera anyways because it makes it too bulky and too awkward to hold and the EVF is no longer necessary.

Because of that built-in viewfinder I will say one thing though if I did want to take this camera and shoot in the studio and it’s perfectly capable of doing that I don’t have a hot shoot to put radio triggers on that is a minor downside though all in all I love it so here’s the question guys because of course obviously you’ve got cameras like to shoot no hot shoe on this cameras that can be an issue for you you know all right she’s live cameras in space right yeah for sure this is the new rx100 mark 3 there’s no hot shoe on this do you even care I’m going to take that no I don’t think so honey put in a few finder check the show look at that BAM built-in EVF this is tiny and hard to use you’re a liar it’s beautiful it’s amazing and it’s clever it doesn’t even taste okay no Mari welfare no it’s fast look at that yeah right you got it so can i push it close it look at that and then it turns off ahh alright it’s Jordan so you know what that means it’s time to talk about video now so basically what Sony’s done with the rx100 mark 3 is they took everything that I loved in the rx10 added it to their compact line.

We get the three stop neutral density filter we got full center readout now which is really really sweet but then they added something else now we’ve got X AVC encoding that was my only issue with the RX 10 we’ve now got a high data-rate codec and it’s just a beautiful beautiful image off this grades really nicely now as well they’ve added a few focus aids to it we’ve got peaking now we also have zebra as an option to check our exposure it’s a really full featured video camera except where we would usually mount a mic is now an EVF so no way to run external audio into this it’s a bit of a pain one other thing I really like that Sony’s done is they’ve given me a clean HDMI out so I can record an even better video signal if I want to write out of this terrible micro HDMI port only problem is they took the shoe away from me so I don’t know I mean thank God we got the new guy Levi here all right so we got a flimsy little HDMI Levi you’re gonna have to stay pretty close to me and let’s go record some uncompressed video come on buddy no like stay with me okay so one of the other things they’re talking about a lot is we’ve got this new active intelligent steady shot and I got to tell you it’s like an e/m one it’s unbelievably stable it’s like a Steadicam almost you know they say there’s some digital stuff in it but I’m not seeing any degradation of the image it’s really impressive you know what I love slow-mo Chris you love slow-mo oh you know I love slow everybody loves slow-mo so rx100 thanks to that new EX AVC codec we now have 120 frames per second at 720p it’s really cool it’s very slow quarter speed at 30 frames per second that said it’s not the best quality it’s got some aliasing issues it’s pretty soft and there’s actually a pretty heavy crop when you jump into this mode not sure exactly why that is but you got to be aware of it you’re not getting any wide-angle super slow-mo but I mean come on these puppies look adorable and they look even better in slow-mo all right it seems like Sony has found their way into the market.

They seem to be everywhere you look and it’s good reason for that they’re making great cameras the rx100 mark 3 no exception you know you’re going to love this camera for the same reasons you always love the rx100 it’s compact it’s got full control and yet it takes amazing photos we’re getting such good features here guys great viewfinder that’s an amazing addition I would take a wider aperture lens over longer telephoto range any day the image quality and lowlights gotten somehow even better considering the small chip size the camera focuses quick it handles nice it’s super compact and is discreet which is great for situations like this the rx100 mark 3 even steps up the cinema capability of the camera as well so check it out you’re going to love it if you don’t have one already this is the one to buy and if you already have an arch 100 or 100 mark – this might still be a worthy addition it’s that good thanks so much guys we’ll see you guys soon there’s a camera automatically it’s handy oh we’re trying to work you.

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