Sony RX100 V Camera Review

Sony RX100 V Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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The Sony rx100 mark 5 was released back in October of 2016 darn dang near three years ago when it was initially released it was eye watering lis expensive for a point she’d like a thousand dollars seriously $1,000 for a point-and-shoot camera who’s gonna pay that but since then you can find some outrageous deals in this camera that many feel is the penultimate point-and-shoot but is it still worth getting three years later let’s find out what’s up everyone I’m the everyday dad and if I can figure it out you can figure it out now I’ve made more than my share of videos on the arcs 105 honestly you’d be hard-pressed to find another camera that has this specific feature set you know 4k recording super slow-motion built-in zoom lens built-in ND and fantastic phase detection autofocus I don’t want to spoil the whole video but yeah I kind of love this camera the last time we made a video about the rx 105 we hadn’t quite yet solidified our internal camera grading system so no time like the present then to run my personal little camera through the gauntlet and see how it will work for the online content creator in 2019 because let’s be honest there’s fierce competition out there anymore and a camera has got to bring it to be added to my kit and quick note I personally bought this camera open box from Best Buy for around 500 bucks.


Sony RX100 V Camera

Let that sink in my mind I still can’t believe it so you can absolutely find deals everywhere if you look hard enough since you might not have looked into these specs of the rx100 mark 5 in the last you know your or so let’s quickly cover what this bad boy can do before we start with the gauntlet the rx100 mark 5 is a twenty point one megapixel one inch backside illuminated sensor that that means good it can record up to 4k 30 frames per second internally and up to 960 frames per second for slow-motion alike I mean honestly it’s really only usable in up to 240 frames per second because that knits you around a 1080p ish image if you are looking for a flat image for grading because you’re crazy this can also use the s log to picture profile or any of the other standard Sony picture profiles we know which one I like for autofocus it has a fast hybrid system with 315 points and some of those points you know our phase detection my favorite points and it does have Sony’s face tracking autofocus and my personal favorite feature of this camera is the built-in ND filter I wish every single camera had a built-in ND filter that’s enough talking about the specs and you know what let’s actually set this up to be the B camera for the rest of the video boom swapped over to the rx100 mark 5 set to about 50 millimeter with the autofocus turned on and in picture profile 1 it’s my favorite now that we’ve got the camera stablish let’s take it through its required paces first up video quality what you’re seeing right now generally cameras have one aspect of these Ford we look at that they really just crush and honestly for the arch 105 it’s image quality because frankly a camera with a sensor this small and internals this small should not be able to produce as nice of an image as it does like the images that you can the rx100 are 5 are straight-up fantastic I mean it really has four things going forth in the image quality Department that make it unlike anything else I mean big camera small cameras have anything down sampled 4k from 5k it’s got a fast zoom lens like 1.8 zoom lens not a lot of one-inch sensor cameras of any kind can do that great autofocus and the flip up screen like that’s them I would call it the triangle of power but it’s for it’s the square of power which doesn’t sound as good now this does kind of bleed over into the FID leanest category we’ll talk about later but these four things combined together to just you could basically get the exact image you want with very little effort out of this camera like if you can’t use it I mean it’s not the cameras fault now when it comes to image quality there is one real serious negatives and that’s the dreaded o-word Sony cameras from this generation know what I’m talking about this camera will absolutely overheat if you record lots of video with it for long periods of time now it can’t only record 4k for about five minutes at a time to try to combat this but even that time limit doesn’t fully recover the camera and it will be something to keep in mind I mainly use this for 1080p that’s what we’re shooting on right now and they can do that for 30 minutes at a time and that’s where the rx100 mark 5 excels but dang that 4k is beautiful though however image quality isn’t the full picture pun intended when it comes to the overall video a camera can produce because audio is always the thing always the thing that will mess you up when you go to check your footage later I mean you can have something that’s totally beautifully shot but if the audio is bad that clip is ruined like so important and while the overheating is a problem as I again like I mentioned I use this as 1080p it’s not insurmountable however the camera lacks an audio in Jack which I do really find painful now I don’t know where they’d be able to put one while also letting you like have a microphone attached to it but engineers if you could figure that out my mind would be blown and this one bass would be the perfect camera when I’m using the rx100 mark 5 I generally record audio off camera like right now I’m recording the main camera or I’d do it to something like my zoom h1 in which honestly it ends up turning out better than video shot with one of my regular cameras but it is an extra step and I’m one of those guys that just that always tries to eliminate steps in my production however the audio that you can record internal to the camera isn’t the worst and you know what let’s hop outside really quick for a video slash vlogging test so I can show you we’re gonna step back this time you know why yeah welcome to the vlogging test of the Sony rx100 Mark 5 and yes this camera is so old but it is still the best I love I love checking out this camera and I love checking out all of these small cameras because I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but checking out big cameras is really tough on the shoulders and the older I get the more I like small portable easy-to-use kit now we’ve got this set to 4k because these vlogging tests generally don’t last longer than 5 minutes we’ve got the autofocus turned on we’ve got the stabilization turned on and the audio you’re hearing is the audio being recorded internal to the rx100 5 I don’t have a microphone plugged so this is the vlogging you can get out of this camera and it’s just it’s so light it’s so easy to use it’s got every feature you could want and every feature that generally people look for in bigger cameras but it’s this tiny thing that doesn’t weigh anything and I love I love this camera it just it does literally everything if it could record in 4k a little bit longer it would make me happier but for what you get out of this camera it’s incredible okay it’s summer I’m sick of sweating back inside and we’re back wow that was a very long conversation I don’t know that I normally talk this much about image quality and the reason that’s surprising is I’m firmly depending that technical image quality is not the most important aspect of a camera any more I’m actually firmly the belief at least for us uploading our content online that we’ve reached peak camera image quality long ago like long ago we reach that like back in the rx100 marks five times so what’s more important is usability and that leads into ease-of-use now you’d probably think and maybe not wrong that I would lambaste this camera for not having a touchscreen like a canon g7x mark two point shoot or as many physical buttons as some of this bigger brothers I actually think the rx100 5 is pretty easy to use now it does have an aperture control ring on the front a mode dial on top and a selector dial on the back and a couple of customizable buttons if you do want to change how certain things work inside of the camera like it’s a very easy to use body which is great because it’s tiny the biggest negative for me when it comes to ease-of-use isn’t really anything about the body itself it’s about that flip screen goodness oh my goodness a youtuber talking bad about a flip screen for shame every day dad for shame i wag my finger at myself the problem isn’t necessarily the flip screen it’s when the screen like right now is fully flipped up and fully articulated the bottom information of the camera is cut off so when I’m in front of the camera right now I can’t see the settings like right I’m looking at the camera I have no idea what the shutter speed is the ISO that I mean that kind of negates some of the value in having a flip-up screen in the first place because if something’s wrong I don’t know how to change it I got to flip it down walk around fix it kind of frustrating but what really matters about cameras to me is how easy is it to get the footage you want after heat record and that’s a little thing I like to call it leanness and here barring the screen thing I’ve talked about a second ago it’s pretty darn easy to get the image you want again built an ND great autofocus good-looking image built-in stabilization and a flip up screen five five things that’s a seriously dangerous combination and that’s about as good as you are going to get for a camera that very easily fits in your palms that’s the things that everybody wants right it’s all in one camera I mean real talk there are cameras out there that can do better things than the rx100 Mark five but they are way bigger way heavier they draw more attention if you are just trying to get some footage out by yourself like there are serious drawbacks to bigger cameras and dang I just like this camera like an awful lot but let’s say you decide to buy it what does the ecosystem slash upgrade path look like well as an all-in-one point shoot you don’t really need much in the way of upgrades I mean you could always get a cage like this one from small rig I mean you could use this to attach lights or audio devices or something I mean there also is a little grip that Sony produces to give you a little tripod and some extra physical buttons to the camera and I mean those are all nice and everything but you don’t really need anything to make this camera work that’s the genius and the benefit of getting point shoot cameras I mean it is I mean that’s the draw right of a point shooters you don’t need anything else but at the end of the day so what right is the Sony rx100 Mark v still a good camera three years later and if you had if you have not been sleeping this entire video yes absolutely I love this camera I mean I’ve gotten rid of just about every other camera I own but I keep this around as the ultimate backup I could run the entire channel with just the rx100 mark 5 if I had to it’s got great image quality works by itself and it’s frankly one of the best cameras ever made like it it really it’s shockingly good and if you can find a good open box deal like I did you will not find a camera better anywhere else for 500 bucks you just won’t even today it’s still the best point shoot ever made .

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