Suunto Core All Black Military Watch Review

Suunto Core All Black Military Watch Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hey guys what I’m going to show you here is the sinto core watch this watches the all-black military version meaning it comes with the rotatable degree bezel and it’s a black face with white letters show you the back here saying it’s 30 meters 100 feet water-resistant and gives you the battery model there okay I wanted to tell you a couple of things about this watch I’ve had this before and I stopped using it and then I started using it again so let’s just kind of go through it when you first get the watch there’s a it’s first of all say it starts at about 240 dollars on Amazon I’ll put a link to it below here on Amazon so you can see however the price varies depending on what color scheme you get the band is kind of a rougher very adjustable and it comes with two two loops here so you can really secure the strap down color things comes with time you can set this obviously the time up on this screen below is adjustable so you can set it to date the seconds you can set dual time zones and again this is a stopwatch I’m not actually sure what that is or you can have it blank so I just have it set to the date okay so basically you know time date no big deal you press over here this middle button over here is the mode so at this point I have it set to altimeter you get set altimeter or barometer I prefer the altimeter the time moves up above here and then you can use the bottom here to log various things there’s the temperature keep in mind the temperature however is not accurate until it’s been off your wrist for a while because it will incorporate your your body temperature into there okay with the let me go back to your real quick with the altimeter and barometer.


Suunto Core All Black Military Watch

When you set it up I’ll show you guys when you go into the menu here you can choose the sunrise you can also go into the menu and it see here it has reference and profile so like for the profile it asks you where you are what city you’re in city country state so it references what your base altitude is you can change the measurements you can also turn on the storm alarm which if it recognizes a great change in pressure it’ll alert you that there’s potentially a storm coming ok you press the mode again we come back over to the compass now what you do here is it gives you a degree setting this is 220 so I would rotate this around to 220 which would show me that I’m facing kind of Southwest which is correct so good feature when you first get it and you get on to compass mode it’ll tell you to keep flat and rotate which again you just keep it flat and rotate it all the directions it’s real easy good to have like I said the time drops down below and you can change that so that it’ll actually tell you if you’re Southwest or you can just have it the time so I prefer to have it tell you what direction you’re facing rather than use the bezel but to each their own okay then we go back to time now what I want to show you guys here is a couple of the good parts and bad parts about it ok so there’s a lot that I like about this watch and there’s a couple things I don’t like so it’s pretty well in my wrist it’s a good size however if you look at that third button on the right if you move your wrist a lot you know throughout the day I see that I’ll look down and my you know if I move my wrist like this I’ll notice that it would have changed the setting see that so one way they combat that is there is a there’s a key lock on here which if you press the lower right button for two seconds it will lock the keys however you can still operate the backlight so that’s that’s not a bad feature I just don’t really like to have to lock the keys to um you know to avoid changing the setting on its own I’d rather have a watch that you could either program the keys differently or relocate that mode key somewhere else because as you can see any type of wrist movement is definitely going to press that um it’s pretty slim pretty slim line I don’t have the biggest risk in the world but if it’s well adjusted volume my only other complaint with it is the screen it does have an adjustable contrast however it’s definitely not the brightest thing in the world if it’s sunny out and you’re wearing sunglasses this watch is pretty much invisible so keep that in mind it does have a backlight like I said which works great but you know for the money you can adjust the contrast like I said but you cannot adjust the brightness of the letters and a watch you know you’re looking at $300 MSRP with all these features I’d rather lose some of the some of the features that aren’t really mandatory and be able to adjust that brightness so overall probably you know is seven out of ten I would buy it again just because I’m so used to it I like it now um and compared to a G Shock I think there’s a lot more features.

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