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Swimming Pool Reviews Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Hi Freggle friends! Today you are watching a review of my Bestway pool! To be precise, it’s a Bestway steel frame pool and the size that I have here is 8 foot 6 by 67, by 24 inches or otherwise a 2.6 by 1.7 by 61 centimeter if you want to stay tuned till the end of the video I’ll come up with a nice review of the pros and cons of this pool. I got it myself here in Qatar from the Lulu’s but if you’re not in Qatar of course I’ll drop in some links either on screen or in the description where you can buy it online as well. Alright let’s get started straight away! yeah yeah Yeah! Okay so one pool, one frame, plugs and instructions, off we go! And what’s not included in the box but will be very handy to have is any water treatment products so there’s no chemicals to keep your pool clean after a few days. There’s also no tools to keep the pool clean, to give it a good wash or something. And the other thing in this pool there was no water filter included but I have seen in the shop, there are other pools probably the bigger ones. That do come with a filter pump included. So that’s something to watch out for when you gonna buy this pool. Before you build up the pool, make sure you have a level surface and nothing sharp underneath, and we chose to make it even softer with some yoga mats. Yep, okido! Ok so that’s the pool itself.. Now we have to put the frame on it. All righty so we had the tubes in the right place, now I have inserted them through the edge of the pool. And the next step will be to lift the pool and then it will get it’s final shape. All right then before we head into the pros and cons of the pool, just a reminder that you are watching the Ultimate Freggle’s Adventures! I have many adventures like Paragliding Kitesurfing and Sailing on the channel with more coming up as well. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions some of the adventures are now taking place in the house but of course if you fancy the channel be sure to subscribe, give us a like on the video and of course leave a comment to get in touch, that would be awesome!! Allright so let’s get into the pros and cons of this particular Bestway Steel Pro Pool as they like to call it on the box. So the good things of it, the setup is actually very easy on the box or in the manual it says it will take only about 20 minutes. I guess for me it took slightly longer maybe 40 minutes or so. But I would say that’s still super fast, so it’s very easy to set up. And then of course the versatility is amazing! You are basically able to take the pool anywhere you like and go for a swim. So what I did here, I’m on top of my villa make sure the floor can hold the weight of the pool because that significance of course. But we’ve now got a rooftop pool so that’s really really awesome! And then the last thing of the pool I would say that the material it seems to be really durable. Both the canvas that is holding the actual water inside seems of good quality and the steel frame of the pool that’s holding it all together it seems really fine as well. That could last for years and years I think. And then as for the cons of this pool, any negative points, Well I was slightly disappointed maybe about the depth of the pool, it is not very deep. You see if I’m standing in it it’s not reaching my knees, barely. So that’s disappointing. But maybe a design limitation I don’t know. And the other thing that there was no material included to keep the pool clean. Like cleaning products or cleaning tools so you basically have to buy those separately. If you set it up for one day of course you’re gonna be fine but most people they’ll be setting it up for like a season, and you’re gonna need those products for sure. So it’s something to keep an eye on. And on a side note, there are some pools that do actually include a filter pump. This one did not, but some do include a filter pump. And I’m also going to be making a video of the filter pump that I got, which was actually an Intex pump, which does also work with this pool. Allright so that concludes my review of this Bestway Steel Frame Pool. I hope it was useful, please let me know in the comments what you thought of it. And if you have any questions. I will add some links on screen and in the description as well. Where you can buy it on an online store or if you are in Qatar you can buy it in the Lulu’s. And then there’ll be some other products that you might need as well so you’ll find links for those as well. Plus a full text review I’ll drop a link for that in the description too. Okay I hope that was fun be sure to subscribe to the channel like the video leave us comments all that good stuff! And then let’s go and see what my daughter thought of this pool when it was all done!! Nice? What do you think, time for water?? Let’s fill it up!! Yeah! Very slowly…. So looking good, I think it’s time to get changed! Allright let’s dive in!! So there you go, there’s our little mini adventure… In the house.. I think it was a good success! Maybe some inspiration for you.. Don’t make it too big cuz I don’t want your houses to crumble under the weight… But yeah it should be good, it’s awesome, we should have a good summer still! And we’re not going anywhere.. Let’s just stay here.. See you in the next one!! Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! It’s the Ultimate Freggle… Ciao!!

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