TCL 43S517 Roku Smart 4K TV Review

TCL 43S517 Roku Smart 4K TV Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

What’s going on guys today I’m doing a review of the TCL 4k 43 inch roku TV now I’m gonna go over the pros and the cons and then I want to give you some real-life experience that I’ve had with the TV hey guys we’re gonna jump right into it before I say they’re gonna be an Amazon link in the description if you guys want to click on that at any point in the video but moving on to the biggest Pro for me it would be the actual panel itself though it’s extremely vibrant it’s bright and it’s a 4k panel and I love watching 4k YouTube on this I absolutely love it the colors are so vibrant the screen is bright it may not be the brightest panel out there but you’re not spending a thousand dollars on a TV if you’re spending like 220 230 dollars that’s what it is on Amazon right now that Lee’s been a psychic Pro is the cost of it it’s literally for this 43 inch one it is two hundred and thirty dollars for a 4k TV now the next is a refresh rate and if you don’t know what refresh rate means it’s essentially how many times the screen will refresh it it’s almost kind of like frames per second the more they are the more fluid everything seems now most computer screens that you look at are about 60 Hertz you can actually understand that if you drag a mouse across the screen really really fast it will kind of look like it’s skipping a little bit that’s because it’s 60 Hertz you get a higher Hertz panel it won’t do that it’ll be more fluid this reflects to be more lifelike so when you’re watching TV or YouTube or Netflix it seems a little bit more real now this panel has it’s a 60 Hertz panel.

TCL 43S517 Roku Smart 4K TV

But it has a 120 Hertz CMI and what that means basically what that means is TCL came up with a way to do a bunch of signal processing and backlight scanning which essentially means that they developed a hundred and twenty Hertz looking panel that is currently 60 Hertz so essentially you’re getting 120 Hertz panel because to your eye side it has the exact same visual qualities that another 120 Hertz panel would get but that’s part of the reason that they can make it so inexpensive is so they take those things they find a way around driving the cost up so you’re getting 120 Hertz panel 4k great color accuracy great screen but now let’s move on to the next one the next one is a Roku TV I was absolutely blown away with how fast it was now I’ve used a lot of Roku TVs where you plug them in and they get a little bit laggy sometimes this doesn’t this was like snappy it was like you turn it on it’s on everything’s really fluid with it I know a lot of new TVs are but this is a cheap TV it’s not an expensive TV and I was not expecting it to be this fluid I mean when you turn it off the screens are just turn off it fades out we turn on the screen fades up when you click a button it immediately goes over there’s no lag there’s no waiting for a response time it’s instantly there and it’s incredibly fast to like you know if you just want to watch Netflix click the on button two clicks over you’re in Netflix now as well one thing that I absolutely hated doing on mostly almost these other TVs was changing the channel to go to like an HDMI if you if you’re plugging you know an Xbox in or something with this it’s all done you can set up every single port to a specific name so all you have to do is just click over and once you click on that it’ll switch to that name so I have an Xbox hooked up to the TCL and all I have to do is as soon as I turn it on there’s a space that says Xbox HDMI I just click on that and I’m an Xbox and you can set up every single port for that which is really really nice to have the next Pro is the sound quality I wasn’t expecting the sound quality be good but the bass is really really good way better than I was expecting it to be you know I was expecting it usually when companies try to put speakers into something and they’re not trying to be super high quality the bass is like tinny there’s not a lot of it everything just seems kind of muffled these are really good speakers the bass is very basic it’s very deep you know if you’re listening to some music with some deep bass you’re gonna get pumped up you know I mean the trebles are good and overall the sound quality is really really good it also gets extremely loud I live in a dorm and if I crank this up to you know 100 percent volume I would definitely get kicked out for a noise complaint [Music] if you are getting like the bigger size TVs you’re probably gonna have a sound bar anyway so that doesn’t really matter but I thought that I would mention it the next Pro is there is different sizes there’s a forty three of forty nine a fifty five a sixty five and a seventy five and holy heck is it cheap so obviously when you go up in screen it’s gonna get exponentially more expensive they’re just harder to build hardship everything is just harder with the bigger TVs so it kind of goes like this and with a lot of TVs you’re gonna 75 inch TV you know it’s a couple thousand dollars you can get the biggest one the 75 inch TV for eight hundred dollars I mean that’s ridiculous that’s like bigger than my room and it’s eight hundred dollars alright guys the next thing that I really like is the remote so this is a remote it’s pretty basic it uses batteries on the back so on the top of it you have your red power button you have your back button your home button your up and down left and right and okay to navigate most things you have a rewind button a fast-forward button a stop and play button and then you have netflix vudu hulu and the roku channels built into them I’m sure most of you will probably only use the Netflix and Hulu but it is kind of cool you can adjust automatically just click on those and it’ll take you right there I mean so if you watch Netflix a lot like I do all you have to do turn your TV on click that button and you’re in Netflix now guys as well this has HDR 10 and that also ties in to what I was saying about the very vibrant colors that this has HDR stands for high dynamic range and basically what that means is you’re gonna get deep deep sand light lights and you’re not going to give up either of those normal screens without HDR you know you’re gonna give something up you’re either gonna give up those really deep deep but then the more lighter colors are gonna be okay and they’re going to be blown out or you’re gonna get really deep deeps but then the whites are gonna be blown out what HDR does is it kind of takes each one of those part of the pictures the movie or whatever is on your screen and it optimizes them in real time so that you see the best most realistic picture possible it also makes it a beautiful sight to look at that’s one of the things that makes this TV amazing not only is it 4k 120 Hertz EMI it’s also HDR 10 now guys as well I live in a dorm I think this is a fantastic TV also for students I think it’s amazing it’s cheap it still looks amazing it’s pretty much easy for anyone to use this because it’s so easy to navigate you know if your parents need this you know if you have grandparents and they want a new TV but you don’t know if they’re gonna like it or not and get on one of these it’s incredibly easy to navigate I know a lot of people they have these massive remotes I mean I don’t even know what’s going on of those remotes I don’t know why there’s so many buttons like I’m working a spaceship all you need this many buttons you have a Netflix ready to go everything else is pretty much controlled right here you have your on and off you have your back button but everything can be controlled just from these buttons right here you also have your sound on the side which is really nice mute volume down volume up now as far as siling you can look at it it has pretty symbols on the side it looks really nice it’s thicker towards the bottom but thin at the top but it is definitely not a bulky TV at all now guys another thing is if you have a LexA this TV actually works with Alexa so you can set your Alexa up to control your TV which is really sweet because I personally love Alexa now I cannot show you that because in my dorm it’s really dumb you can’t have an Amazon echo or a Lexus or whatever because it can’t connect to the Wi-Fi and that brings me to my next point if you’re a student and you go to college just like me this TV is a great choice because to connect to the internet in most colleges in America if you are not on a phone or a computer it has to go through an Ethernet cable and this actually has an Ethernet on the back of it which is really nice all you have to do is plug it in you guys are tons of course there are three HDMI ports there is a USB there’s a USB port RF composite a headphone jack an optical audio out and an Ethernet pull so you pretty much have plenty of ports to work with there they also give you when you buy them when you buy the TV they give you an adapter so if you do have the really old-style video cables you know if you want to plug in like an old ps2 they give you an adapter so you can do that which is really really awesome so guys overall I think this is an amazing TV it’s 4k a hundred and twenty Hertz HD our Roku the screen is amazing the build quality is really good it’s got a lot of ports and it’s two hundred and thirty dollars guys if you want to go pick yourself up one of these there was an amazon link below it’s two hundred thirty dollars on Amazon Prime there are also bigger versions this so if you guys are interested in a bigger version of this everything is the same it’s just a bigger version of it if I wasn’t in a dorm I probably would have gotten like the fifty five or the sixty five.

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