TCL 55S425 55 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV Review

TCL 55S425 55 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What is going on guys Greg listt V this is a review for the TCL 55s 425 Smart TV now this TV has Roku built right into it so that takes care of its smart features and it also is 4k and HDR capable so let’s get into the features of this TV on the back of the TV is where you’re gonna plug the power in to it and then also on the other side of the TV that’s we’re gonna find all your ports on the side so it’s nice if you hang this TV up you’ll be able to easily access these ports so you’re gonna get hdmi ports on the back there you’re gonna get audio out another audio for digital so on and so forth so easily accessible and plenty of ports to play with and this is the remote the remote allows you to control not only the TV but also the smart features of the TV as well so at the top you get power button back button home button a directional pad with a selection button for okay this is a go back button in terms of like going back in the video then you have an option button rewind pause play fast forward and then dedicated buttons for Netflix sling Hulu and DirecTV now and then on the side you have volume up volume down and then a mute button so this TV does have Roku built right into it and this is the interface you get right when you turn on the TV so this is your home and it’s gonna be the other HDMI you have plugged in you can basically choose from different things if it’s a gaming console a streaming box things like that it’ll show you.

TCL 55S425 55 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV

If you have an antenna hooked up to this such as cable or just a straight like rabbit antenna ears and then these are all the apps you have installed via the Roku Store and everything works pretty well I noticed like for instance the WWE app is really old in here when I use it it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a very very long time which is kind of a disappointment but regardless I still have a fire TV and a Nvidia shield both hooked up to this TV so you know this interface is completely old so it looks like some of the apps might not be the newest apps that have been released for some of these providers other than that you can go in here and you can see other apps that are in the store and download them it’s very easy to use which is really really nice you can also go into settings here and connect to your network add different remotes and devices you can also change the theme of your TV and those are free you can change that change the background basically of what it shows right now different screen savers accessibility TV picture settings and things like that so very easy to navigate this TV and the settings alone one of the cool things about this TV is you can actually cast to the TV without having a smart media box you can see right here 55 inch TCL Roku TV I just tap that and it will automatically show on my Roku TV again without having a separate box connected to it always a nice feature especially if you’re just going to use the smart features built within this TV you can also control it and cast through this TV directly another great thing about this TV is the ability to download the Roku app on your iPhone or Android phone and it works fantastic it’s very fluid it works instantaneous and again just a great app you can play pause you can also plug in headphones to your phone and listen to the audio from the TV through your phone that way so that way if you’re watching TV and it’s laid out at night you can you know listen and watch TV with some headphones plugged in via your phone so a really nice feature built into this as for the videos I think they look pretty damn good especially for three hundred and fifty bucks for this TV I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the looks of this TV it’s not the most vibrant beautiful display I’ve ever seen on a TV I have some I have a Samsung TV that I would give that to but that TV was also over a thousand dollars when I purchased it this one is three hundred and fifty bucks and it gives you 4k HDR so you’re gonna get really really nice-looking video with this TV no matter what you do and have it be watching a video such as this on YouTube or something on Netflix or playing video games it’s just all gonna look really really good and I think you’d be very very impressed speaking of video games since this TV has such a great response rate within the display if video games look fantastic and there’s no lag it’s only input lag on this the the colors look great just overall if you’re looking to you know really get a budget 4k gaming TV I think you’ll absolutely love this even though this TV was basically first released in 2017 it’s now 2019 and again the TV still looks great you’re gonna love it and it’s gonna give you all the options of what you would need if you get the Xbox one X or ps4 pro it’s gonna be able to pay HD are 10 content it’s gonna you know just be overall a really nice looking gaming display sound is where I think this TV could improve obviously a little bit I think that’s where they may have cut back a little bit the sound isn’t that great you could obviously plug in a sound bar and be done and over with you know you know slightly below average sound but overall I mean it gets the job done you can hear it so I’ll give you a list and I don’t know if you could tell right there but basically the sounds kind of flat it’s not very lively if that makes any sense to you so I think if you’re really gonna get this TV for your main living room I would definitely get a sound bar with it and then just to sum up everything about this TV first off the price 350 bucks is amazing especially you know when years ago a 4k TV would have cost thousands of dollars and you can still spend thousands of dollars on a 4k TV but this TV is 350 bucks it’s a budget TV it looks and it works fantastic as for some of its you know things that obviously are gonna be things to watch out especially if you’re gonna make this maybe your main living room TV or just your main TV overall is the picture is good but it could be yeah it could definitely be improved it’s not completely like the most beautiful brightest TV I’ve ever had does it get the job done and are you gonna complain about it on a regular basis I would say no sound obviously is another area that could be improved but you can improve it yourself with a sound bar but again does it get the job done for sure it does it’s gonna get you’re gonna hear what’s going on and it’s gonna be able to you’ll still be able to get lost in whatever you’re watching the other thing you might want to worry about is HDR gaming so gaming on this again looks great but once you do HDR gaming have to be on an Xbox one or ps4 Pro you might run into some issues where it looks a little washed out so that’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re gonna want to be gaming on this in HD are you can do it but again the HDR colors might be a little bit washed out and after those three things that I said that could obviously be improved upon the TV overall for someone that’s gonna watch video that’s gonna do video games that’s going to use this to maybe cast from their phone that wants to get private viewing in terms of listening this does all that and it does it really really well and you’re going to be impressed with it we have it set up in our bedroom and we’re more than happy with what we got especially for the price at 350 bucks.

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