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TicWatch Pro Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

So this right here is the tick watch Pro 2020 which is a refreshed version of the original tick watch from 2018 which was a very popular watch for it’s two screen layout here and several other tricks it has up its sleeve but right here essentially we have two screens we have an LCD screen that shows you the time the date your steps your heart rate and you can use this in essential mode and only have that on and your battery lasts for like a month or you can use it as the always-on display whenever you’re not looking at your watch and when you flip your wrist up it’ll go to the AMOLED screen and you’ll have a standard SmartWatch there running where LS there’s definitely a lot to talk about here like first of all what is actually different about the 20/20 version considering it looks so similar to the original version and then secondly I’ll actually do an entire review and dive into this watch and test out the heart rate sensor the step tracking the speaker the microphone I’ll test everything out on this watch to help you decide if this is the right watch to bonnet [Music] welcome back to the channel I’m Michael Bryan and this is another video filmed in quarantine so I hope if you are watching this right now that you are healthy and safe and everything’s going well for you in quarantine and if you’re watching this in the future I’m glad to know the world hopefully recovered from this but regardless I feel like we’re in like if you guys saw lost I feel like I’m in the hatch right now where it’s like you’re not really allowed to leave and you have to like make videos and stuff and just it’s just a weird which is a weird dynamic but let’s dive into this watch.


TicWatch Pro Smartwatch

Now I want to start off with the physical tour of the device here and I want to start off with the screens because that’s the big selling point of this watch and it’s very important to understand that now you have a 1.4 inch screen here so pretty big and it’s an AMOLED screen is the main one you’re gonna be using for most of the SmartWatch functions then something I like about it is that you don’t really see a black ring and like the double bezel they have on some other watches instead you have like this nice little just you know the classic minute marks around the watch there and they kind of cover up where the bezel actually would be so it looks pretty nice overall in shape is pretty similar to the Galaxy watch but we do not have a rotating bezel we have two buttons on the right side and neither of those rotate I mean technically they rotate but they don’t do anything when you rotate them so we don’t have a crown which means all of your navigation is either from pressing the buttons or from swiping on the screen now looking at the two buttons the top button is going to open your app drawer or else go home and if you tap and hold it it opens Google assistant I’ll test that out in a minute and then the Bond bottom button opens up the app of your choice and by default that is the tick health app right there so if you want to work out using their app you can do that right there double tapping either of these does nothing and then tapping and holding the bottom button is how you’ll switch into a central mode or power off your watch now on the right side we also have a microphone right there so you can use that for google assistant or for phone calls so you can field phone calls on this watch there’s also an LTE version available and the speaker then if you look I actually struggle to find it at first because I didn’t see a speaker when I was wearing the watch when you take it off you’ll actually see on the inside on the bottom part of your wrist there that’s where they hide the speaker so it is a little bit muted when it’s on your wrist it’s kind of strange to have it down there but it does serve its function and you can still hear everything that you need to the body of this they say carbon fiber with nylon and I’m pretty sure from looking at it looks to me more like it as nylon that is reinforced with carbon fiber and then on the back we have our stainless steel and plate right there with with the heart rate sensor at the two diode heart rate sensor and then our charger on the left side the four little nodes there and that’s really all there is to look at with this there’s mechanically of course the watch strap it comes with is genuine Italian leather and it has rubber on the inside so a really nice probably one of my favorite watch straps where it’s pretty soft it feels really comfortable and it just is a very nice feeling watch strap now this is waterproof ip68 which means you can go swimming with it drop it in the water shower whatever you want to do just maybe don’t go diving with it and you should be fine now I would recommend if you’re gonna do that maybe genuine Italian leathers not the best if you’re gonna go snorkeling in the ocean maybe get a different strap but it’s really easy to swap out straps it’s very standard with the two little pins right there so the second screen is where things really get interesting admittedly it does make the watch a little bit thicker but it does save a lot of battery so having that is he always on display means that you’re not wasting your battery all day and you also don’t just have a black circle on your wrist so having the time they’re having you know normal watch look is pretty nice then you flip it up and you’ve a smart watch I like having that and switching into a central mode is really unique on this watch because while we do see most other watches like the Galaxy watch and a lot of other wear LS watches have a time only mode which means you can last you know five 10 days whatever using time oh maybe 30 days for some watches but it only tells you the time which is kind of pointless for a SmartWatch to do that now what this one does in essential mode is you it tells you the date it tells you the time so already that’s more than most time only watches out there and then it also tells you your steps its tracks your steps all day and you can press the bottom button to see your heart rate so having that combination there I think really adds some value to this watch if you’re trying to go on a long trip and you don’t want the battery like you’re gonna be in the woods and you want to know the time and you don’t want to you know have a charging pack with you all the time to charge your battery that’s nice and also if your battery is running low it automatically switch over to a central mode I’ve seen a lot of watches out there also that claim they have two days of battery and they end up being like one maybe a couple hours like one and a half days at the most but this watch actually does have a full two days for my testing I found that if I took 24 hours and then I extrapolate that it ends up 50 hours of battery life now the reason I can’t actually test it to the time it dies is because it does switch over to a central node at some point so but still 50 hours is a pretty good battery life for a SmartWatch under normal use and that’s with everything on well let’s talk about the specs right now to see where this is actually different from the original version so this does have a one-point 4 inch display as I talked about it has LCD and AMOLED screens carbon fiber nylon body which is really nice IP 68 water resistance it has GPS NFC so Google pay right there it has Wi-Fi has bluetooth the Bluetooth kind of connect to your phone or to your earbuds or both if you want and unfortunately it is only bluetooth 4.2 so it doesn’t have the newest Bluetooth but still it should work just fine and then it has one gigabyte of RAM and that’s what’s different really that’s really like the main difference between this and the previous version from 2018 one gigabyte of ram definitely helps this run where or less and it runs a little more smoothly than the old one but the one drawback here then is the processor on here is Snapdragon 2100 you have to dig a little bit to actually find that and that processor dates back to 2016 so unfortunately even the Snapdragon 3100 is a little bit antiquated I don’t really like seeing that and a lot of smartwatches but it gets the job done this one is even older than that which I find to be like I don’t know why they did a refresh on this and they didn’t add a newer processor so that’s that’s one thing when you’re using it you’ll notice it’s not the snappiest watch but it does for the most part get the job done it just takes a little bit longer to like redo your heart rate open apps power on like stuff like that just takes a little bit more time so now let’s go and test out some of these sensors onto this watch ok so to get into a central mode you tap and hold the bottom right button and then go to a central mode right there and then to get out of it you have to tap and hold the button again so I am going to test out the step counter by going a thousand steps so we’re at 1745 right now and let’s see how accurately these measures alright so one thousand steps later and we’re at 2,750 honestly every time I flip my wrist up it shows something different it was 40 like 10 seconds ago so it’s not the most accurate on the it’s definitely close enough a thousand steps and we’re clocking in I mean less than like 1% difference there to get out of this mode you tap and hold the top button and it should eventually switch back to regular mode as we’re seeing right there the powers back on the one thing with the slower processor is I mean screens really dim right there but it does take a really long time to power on actually so to test out the heart rate we’ll go into google fit and we’ll go down to heart rate and one complaint about this watch is the screen is not actually that bright so it’s really hard to see here when it’s so bright out but we go down to read heart rate and let’s compare to my actual measurement so the heart rate sensor does take a pretty long time to measure again another thing with having a slower processor on board there we go it has a reading right now and it says it was 73 beats per minute so 73 beats per minute is actually pretty close I measured and I got 72 beats per minute so realistically this is pretty accurate I wouldn’t expect it to replace any medical equipment of course and if you are doing very active workouts and you want to track your heart rate very closely this may not be perfect but it definitely should give most people a really good idea of how hard they’re working out and if they’re in the right heart rate zone so now let’s test the GPS by starting a walking workout and we’ll see how accurate it is all right so I just walked a known half mile and since I stopped it went from point four four two point four three and now 0.45 so it’s not it’s not looking good for this watch as far as GPS goes it looks like we’re off by at least 10 percent right now so I don’t know if I would necessarily trust this for going on a long run or anything that needs to be very accurate for average runs that’ll give you the right idea and I think what happened here was that it lost signal quite a few times during that walk all right so let’s test out the speaker with Google assistant right here so if we turn on the screen and we say what’s the weather in Albuquerque New Mexico currently in Albuquerque it’s 54 and mostly cloudy today so definitely not very long but certainly audible so this is running we’re os looking at the interface here it has the always-on display right there which is also the same as what it’ll look like in essential mode when we flip the watch up or press the button right there it’ll bring us into the AMOLED screen and running where OS you can tap and hold in the middle of the watch to change your watch face if you would like this one’s called Goldwing right here we can swipe down and get to our quick settings there we can go to full settings as well we could go and find our phone we could turn on Google pay right there and pay for something on a vending machine or whatever if we swipe over from the left it tells us what our weather is we can go up and down it just tells us basically about our day if we swipe over from the right it shows us essentially how fit we are today we can go through the different tiles there’s a weather one there’s another one for like a timer and you can have five tiles as it’s pretty standard for using Google wear or less right here so if you swipe up in the bottom you’ll get your notifications and if you have a text you can actually reply to that from here assuming you have Android so if I go there’s actually several ways you can reply you can just hit reply right there and you can either do a voice typing right there you can see an emoji you can actually draw an emoji if you want or you can go to a keyboard and if you want to do that you’ll actually have to like you’ll do something like swipe texting and it’ll do stuff like that and then you can send it and it works just fine now if we hit the top right button like I said this will open up the app drawer they have lots of apps on here you can of course get many more in the Google Play Store but the ones that are specific to this one are the tick apps so if we go down to tick they have like tick health tick pulse and tick exercise admittedly they’re not really that different from the Google health one so I don’t really use those but we do also have like the privacy app right there and a few others that come pre-installed on this watch so in conclusion guys this watch I have mixed feelings about I think that I’m disappointed to see that they have some antiquated interiors it’s not the most updated watch it’s also a little bit bulkier than I would like like thickness wise otherwise the shape of the watch and the aesthetic I think they did a really nice job it’s very durable it’s waterproof I love the strap I think it looks really nice and I love having the second display on here so is this the best watch you can buy right now honestly maybe not there are some better specs out there on other watches but if you buy this watch I think you would still be pretty happy with it even though it’s not the snappiest watch out there I think that it you know it is a good watch it definitely gets the job done you can reply to notifications and you can do pretty much everything you need to with this watch it just might be a little bit slower so guys that’s what I have to say about this watch.

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