Tile Pro And Tile Mate Review

Tile Pro And Tile Mate Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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Tyl has introduced two new Bluetooth trackers and we’re gonna show them off welcome everyone it is Andrew here from Apple Insider and we’ve got both of these new tile Bluetooth trackers the pro and the upgraded version of the mate as kind of a high-level overview the pro is the most premium Bluetooth tracker tile makes the most features and the mate is one of the most affordable and it’s been upgraded with a few new features the biggest of which both of these now come with a replaceable battery which is easily the most requested feature of any of the tiles included in the box is the actual tile itself whether you’re looking at the mate or for the pro tile has a whole bunch of different tile options during the pro there’s the style there’s the sport there’s the mate that we looked at the slim which is really skinny and can fit in things like the Nomad wallet that we reviewed or other third party products such as the key smart key organizer or even some certain Skullcandy headphones so we’re gonna take a look at each of these tile bluetooth trackers individually or look at what is new what’s changed and compare them to the last generation versions starting off let’s take a look at the tile pro the Tao Pro is most similar to the tile sport we’ve just been around for a little while now and the tile sport is kind of the co companion of the tile style tile style is a little bit brighter it’s white with a gold trim around it but they are both somewhat similar these pro on the other hand is a little bit thinner maybe than the title sport and it’s a little bit taller.


Tile Pro And Tile Mate Review

It does feel a little bit cheaper as terms of build quality goes and comes in a little bit lighter we see the usual improvements in both the tile pro and the tile mate the range is extended the Bluetooth range which is really helpful when you’re trying to find your stuff and the ring volume the other thing that’s really handy if it’s gonna bury somewhere you need some good volume to be able to hear it and the ring is definitely louder on both the pro and on the mate the pro though is really impressive it actually has a Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet well we were able to test that we we get pretty darn close as you can see by that battery compartment on the back it does have a replaceable battery it should still last you about one year and it’s just a standard cr2032 battery another minor change is the little part in the top left hand corner that’s used to attach it onto something like your keyring it’s a little bit smaller and easier now to get onto a keyring while the hole itself is a little bit bigger this definitely is more comfortable and easy to use when attaching it onto your keys or anything else that you’re gonna carry this around with the tile Pro is obviously the more expensive of the two and will be available for 35 bucks then we have the tile mate you’ll see we have the two different versions here the old generation on the left and the new and on the right yes the new one is a tad taller and a tad thicker for the smallest tile on the lineup that’s a little bit of a downside but we’re sure people are gonna understand when it’s so much louder and has that replaceable battery there definitely are concessions going for the tile mate over the tile Pro the biggest one being the range instead of 300 feet the new tile mate can go 150 feet away before being able to be found of course it still has that replaceable battery and the volume is a whole lot louder instead of using the cr2032 there is a slightly smaller CR 1 6 3 2 cell battery in here either way it’ll last you about a year before you can go ahead and swap it out speaking of those batteries tile is offering a new option this year obviously if you’re not gonna replace your tile every year they still need a way to kind of keep supplementing that income and that’s why they’re introducing tile Premium which comes with a bunch of different features including free yearly battery replacements if we jump into the app we can show you some of the other cool features that are coming to premium as well so when you go ahead and setup our tiles same as we always would you’ve options for the pro there on top or the mate about half way down we’ll go ahead and set up the mate first quick the little button on the tile wake it up it’ll go and make a little bit of a noise and just keep it near your phone and it’ll automatically pair it will then activate the tile and add it to your account you can choose from a number of pre done icons and selections such as wallets toys keys backpacks IDs briefcases whatever you’ve got going on there’s a lot of options here or you can name it yourself and choose your own image if you’ll then walk you the basic process press a little button makes your tile rigged you can also double-click the actual button on the tile and use that to find your phone really really handy and even works if your phone is on silent so let’s go through some of the features inside of the tile app we’ve chosen the device like my backpack here that I have my camera in it now works with Siri shortcuts so I can have on add to Siri I can create my own custom phrase such as find my camera bag and whenever I say that’s a Siri she’ll be able to help me find my stuff it’s really handy just ask Siri to find your keys find the remote find your camera bag find your purse on your wallet all of that can be done now with any Siri connected device under options we have a few different things and a lot of these are gonna be tied to that premium feature such as smart alerts these are just going to let you know you’ve left something behind maybe you don’t want to walk out of your house without your wallet turn on smart alert you start to leave you’ll get an alert on your phone saying hey you may have left your wallet behind there’s also location history it’ll show you any place that your device has been in the past 30 days both of these features are limited to those on the premium plan then we have sharing sharing by default you can share with one other person say a spouse and be able to find each other’s car keys remotes whatever but with the premium plan there is unlimited sharing tile premium is pretty affordable it’ll only run you three dollars a month or $30 for the entire year so again for a tile premium it covers all of your tiles on your account gives you free battery replacements for your tiles each and every year you get smart alerts unlimited sharing location history and extended warranty up to three years in premium customer service if you don’t go a tile premium it’s not a huge deal there’s still tons to do I love the new Siri integration it not only works here on your phone we can provide a little map of where your device is like right now saying it’s 10 feet away from me which is absolutely true and I’m at home but it’ll work with any series connected device like your home pod simply ask Siri on your home pod where your keys are Ceri will tell you where they are like that they’re near you and then they’ll go ahead and make the tile ring so you can find it all completely hands-free plus if you’re out and you misplace your phone somewhere double-click the tile and get your phone to ring there’s a whole lot to do plus the new ones have extended range louder volumes if you’re looking for some great holiday gifts they’re totally gonna be on our list tile has done what they’ve always seemed to be able to do they’ve taken their existing product that’s extremely popular with all the same features and then built on it they’ve now fixed the battery issue of letting your place that battery yourself giving you a premium option with new additional features and keeping all the old ones around they’re still super well built they’re really popular they last a long time and you can use the crowd allocate feature if you lose something market is lost anytime another tile user walks near it it’ll automatically ping you that last minute location without that person ever knowing if you’re interested to pick up either the new tiles the tile mate or the tile Pro for you or for someone else as a gift.

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