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Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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So this is a full review of the Tenneco a11 cordless stick vacuum I’ll be going through the different features of this product how it performs how long it runs and much more if you haven’t done so please subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell icon when I publish new reviews and I have a lot at store in the future with that out of the way let’s get started one of the first things I noticed with the 811 is the transparent design you can clearly see the different components inside this vacuum such as the motor the filters you can also see the electronic component here right in front of the switch even the batteries have a frosted finish like the dice in VA the Tenneco e11 has a trigger switch it turns on when you squeeze it and shuts off when you release the trigger switch unlike the dyson video this one has a trigger lock pull it back and it stays on without you having to squeeze it push it forward and the vacuum turns off on top of the vacuum is the max switch so this vacuum has two power settings default so you use the default setting on most cleaning tasks and the max power would be suitable if you need extra power to keep clean carpet Tanaka says that the Al Evan uses a 450 watt digital motor and that this vacuum has as much if not more power than the v8 so to test if those claims are true.


Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

I use an anemometer to measure air flow at the wand the a11 produces 31.9 CFM on low and 58 CFM on high compared to the v8 it has almost the same power in the low setting but this variant produces more than the v8 in the high power setting another feature worth noting is that the a11 comes with two liyin batteries Tenneco says that these two batteries will combine to run for about 50 minutes so to test if those if those claims are true I tested it with and without power tools so the a11 will run for up to 26 minutes and 44 seconds with suction only tools and after 25 minutes with the main cleaning head in the max mode the a11 will run for up to 10 minutes with the non power tools so removing the battery is easy just press these two buttons on both sides of these vacuums and it slides out do the opposite to attach it another feature that I like is the dual charging wall mountable dock dual charging because you can charge two batteries at the same time so just plug the spare battery on this slot and then attach the vacuum here and this will charge the battery that’s attached on it so this minimizes the downtime you can use the vacuum what a spare battery is charging it also has slots for three extra tools non power tools take note that this dual charging tap is only available with the a11 hero+ and the master plus variants while the master only comes with a tool caddy or more information about the attachments included in each of the a11 models please check the links to the review below the 11 has the same design as a dyson v-6 when it comes to the dust cup meaning that it doesn’t have the hygienic system at the v8 two empty contents of the bin we just need to press a button in front of the bin and it releases a trapdoor and it relies on gravity for dirt to go down unfortunately stuff like hair and dust may get caught up in the filter part right in the middle don’t worry though the dust canister can be disassembled if anything gets caught up about the fill line tonight oh says that the Al Evan can hold up to 600 milliliters of dirt which is slightly bigger than the Dyson v8 that can hold up to 0.5 four liters now let’s look at how the tomato a 11 dozen scientists the overall scores were impressive with an average of the high 90s in all the tests the a 11 was able to pick up degrees of different sizes like Quaker Oats coffee grounds pet litter kinwa without any issues whatsoever if you compare it to the more expensive pure and s12 the difference isn’t that much even though it’s stuff like Froot Loops won’t be an issue thanks to the soft water brush that picked up everything in its path the a11 also scored high marks with regards to cleaning edges and corners on feature I liked with the two main nozzles of the a11 is the row of LED headlights that help boost visibility this feature helps a great deal at tracking dust on areas under furniture keep cleaning tests the a 11 scored a 97.2% which is slightly lower than a score of the bureau nest well that had a 99% score considering that the a11 hero is easy to a few hundred dollars cheaper than a pure one s12 the results are fairly impressive I tried using the auto filter cleaning tool but so far I haven’t had any success cleaning the filter with it I would stick to washing the filter for now until I figured out moving the stick vacuum around obstacles won’t be an issue thanks to the lightweight design and she was hearing what I liked most is the rubber wheels that lessen the risk of its scratching hard surfaces one gripe that I have with this wagon is it doesn’t go completely that because that shoot that connects the main nozzle to the wand is set that affects angle it is very possible to clean under furniture but you’ll have to turn it sideways which makes it harder to push back and forth long hair will wrap around a brush of the multitasker power brush so you have to clean this part often if you live with someone who has long hair the 811 maze measures for the 7 inches long with a cleaning path of 9 point 25 inches in terms of monsta xi is pretty loud producing up to seventy two point nine decibels at the default setting and 75 can’t for decibels of the highest power setting between the a ten and a eleven i would go with the ladder because it has better attachments all of which with the exception of the filter cleaning tool have a quick release latch that makes it easier to attach and remove the master variant comes you there was a lot of tools of any Korda stick vacuums I’ve tested it’s something that can I go finds themselves with overall I like to improve in a technical made in the 811 build quality has improved over the a-10 particularly with the quality of tools included cleaning performance with all three tonight all products I’ve tested is really close so choosing one will depend on the features that you want I’ll do a comparison between the three soon so please subscribe and hit that Bell icon to get notified when I publish that review.

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