Toshiba 43LF621U19 TV Review

Toshiba 43LF621U19 TV Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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What’s up guys I’m texty making technology easier for you now if you’ve been using like an Amazon fire stick or one like this one back here then you probably are used to the remote control and the ecosystem so in today’s video i’m gonna show you guys a toshiba with the built-in fire TV set now this TV set is the first time i’m doing an unboxing on it so we’re gonna learn together everything you can do with it so if you want to learn more about this 4k television set with adobe vision as well as Onkyo speakers sit back relax let’s get started before I get this TV out of the box I just want to explain something to you guys really quick well first of all this TV supports Dobie vision and all of us who’ve been to the movie theaters we see Dolby Laboratories doing a great job of surround sound now there’s another technology that’s called HDR 10 now here’s the thing the dhobi vision actually supports up to 68 billion colors at 10 bit and HDR is like 1 billion colors at 10 bits but if you notice most devices that has 4k and HDR supports HD or 10 and the main reason is that people don’t want to pay a license fee to Dobie to be able to put that process or in it so I’m just making a little more proprietary it’s kind of like if you’re a little bit older it’s like the beta versus VHS but let’s go ahead and box this TV set so I can show you guys what it’s all about.

Toshiba 43LF621U19 TV

So now we got into Elda box it’s a few less things I wanna show you before we power it up and go through all the menus it does come with a multi-language setup guide you also get this pamphlet so you know what to do with the LexA part of it you get the screws from the mounting bracket if you plan on mounting it on the wall and here’s a remote control that comes with it so let’s take a closer look at it so here’s the layout you get a microphone power button there’s the button to initialize the LexA command your back button home button option button and this is a wheel where you can go up and down side to side and press the center to enter you also have your media controls your volume your TV functions mute button and there’s a couple of dedicated buttons for Netflix Amazon Prime HBO Go and view so now I’m going to take TV set to my demo area so we can take a closer look so taking a look at the back of the TV set you have a few options for inputs you have your USB input you have three HDMI inputs and they do support 4k 60 frames per second and input 1 is actually for arc you also have a digital output and unlike a lot of TV sets this one even has a headphone output which is really cool you’re also going to find your older audio/video input your LAN input for Ethernet and your cable input for over-the-air programming one thing I didn’t like is if you look at the back of it you can’t change the power cable so if you have an animal that chooses up you’re not going to be able to change that out now both this TV set at Best Buy but it’s pretty odd that you can buy these on Amazon as well you can see it has your standard screw holes right there for your mounting bracket if you plan on mounting it on the wall before I show you the menu systems there’s a few of the things I wouldn’t tell you about the television set first of all it is a little bit thicker than most TVs so the back of it it’s gonna stick out just a little bit also it has quad core processors so it’s gonna be really snappy getting through all those menus anything that you need to do with it far as the speaker system they’re built by Onkyo which is 10 watts times 2 so I do expect to get a pretty good sound out of this it will support the AC art gaming system as well as anything that supports Toby vision and you will need an Amazon account in some type of internet to get up and running now I know you guys want to know about the resolution of TV set but I’m going to show you some demos a little bit later in the video but one thing I note as soon as I turn it on that there are some ghosts in on the screen already first thing go and choose your language now we need to log into our Wi-Fi and it does support 5 gigahertz and 2.4 gigahertz now once it connects to Wi-Fi if you have a version that’s been on the TV shelf is going to have to download the latest software before we can continue so when you first pull it up you get this option to full or basic so full it’s going to give you access to things like live TV that may be a paid service as well as applications pretty much everything that you need and I recommend this if you have if you’re a prime user now if you go to the basic it’s just going to give you the basic live TV and 6 apps but keep in mind you can download more apps later now if you already have an Amazon account you can go and log in or you can press new as a new user now since I have account I’m gonna go ahead and log in now if you use a lot of Amazon devices you can save your Wi-Fi password on file but that’s completely up to you you can able parental controls if you like now if you have streaming services you can use you can get started but I’m gonna hit no thanks so here’s the main screen in a layout as you scroll down you have recent applications all your inputs videos and more next we have life and the great thing is now you can see that YouTube TV is supported on Amazon so about a year ago you couldn’t access YouTube from Amazon so now that dispute is over you can easily download app and start using it now back on the top page we have your video so these are videos that you subscribe to purchase you can go down here and watch it also if you subscribe to the prime service you can go down here and watch any of the original episodes and prime service is generally about a hundred and nineteen dollars per year but it’s always fluctuating now of course you got movies that you can just order you have TV shows and you have applications and under applications you have all these different genres so you can just click on them download a program that you like and good to go the last thing I’m gonna show you guys are settings so right here we have inputs and you can see all your inputs right there including a built-in media player so if you have information on a thumb drive you will plug it into that USB and play that right away no problems now if you hit the option button I showed you earlier you can do all these different settings you can choose a pitcher setting for each input so if you have a gaming system of HDMI one you can set everything up the way you want it and let’s say you have another device on input 2 you can set that up separately you can also change the device name so you could call that whatever you’d like next we have notifications and this is where you’re gonna find updates as well as different notifications that Amazon wants to put out there under networks you can change your Wi-Fi that you like and you also can see the signals good check your network or remove it now next we have display and sounds under here you can change your picture settings like I showed you earlier on each individual input under sound settings in all these different modes based in trouble which is very rare and you have these little dance settings as well and here’s some of the other options that are available now under applications you can see your App Store have everything to upgrade automatically you can manage your subscriptions you can also unsubscribe to things and under manager applications you can go through this list here and you can you can clear things like your four stop clear data and cache and that just reload logins and things like that the same thing that you get on an Android device now if you install the application you can also uninstall it from this application as well now under live TV I’m gonna plug it in talent to it later show you guys how you can scan through the channels but here’s the different sources that you have and then under controllers you have your remote control game controllers other Bluetooth devices and if you have headphones or controllers you can actually go here and scan for the different Bluetooth devices which is pretty cool then you have you have the full application as well as things to try and under preferences you have your parents control mantra data your location time zone you also have your sleep timer device and software and if you decide to sell a TV or give it away to a friend you can factory reset it right here then you have accessibility magnifying the screen use voice commands and then you have a help and then you have your account where you can see all your different settings so if you had a TV set like this you might use applications but I plugged in 10 in it so we can look for over-the-air as well so that’d be the perfect combination if you ask me so friend of menu go to settings and then click on live TV and with the antenna plugged into the back now we can scan channels and when you go to scan channels you have Advanced Options and you can scan for digital channel only or both now since there’s a 4k TV I’m not gonna look for analog once you make those settings go and press next and it’s going to start scanning for channels now this could take from 2 minutes all we up to about 10 minutes so they will define 13 channels let’s go and press channel management to see what we found it was able to find quite a few and this is great because it is free TV now if you press the TV button on a remote control this is what the menu system looks like so if you find a show that you like just press the option button and then press add to favorite channels now I’m just gonna select one to see how good a quality is it’s pretty good I think you’d be satisfied with that now I’m going to show you how to customize these applications so if you don’t use these applications you can remove them select the one that you want and then press the option button then on side this click on remove from cloud and don’t worry about it you can always search for it again if you need it another feature you can do is you can rearrange the applications if you hit the option button again press move you can then put it exactly what you want so you can put your favorite applications at the top and the ones you don’t care about at the bottom so this TV you can add all kind of controllers and Bluetooth devices and then include like remote controls as well as keyboards and things like that so in front of you I have some empower headphones which I made a video on you guys can go check that out I’ll leave that in a link in the description but I’m gonna parodies over to the TV set you can put most headphones in pair mode just by holding down the power button and to us as pairing once they’re in pairing mode go and hit other Bluetooth devices and then press on add Bluetooth devices now to scan in and have found the impala x 4.0 all you need to do now just press on it and you’ll see now they’re connected now to connect them and unconnected from the TV is very easy if you press and hold down the power button you can see you get a pop-up that they’re now connected to the television set and if you power them down you get a disconnect notice and it goes right back to the speakers or sound bar that you have and this works for any type of headphones that supports bluetooth now I’m gonna show you what it looks like on a computer first of all after I used HDMI cable let’s go over to settings so we can see the resolution now since the netbook screen cannot support 4k I plugged it in and extend it to display you can see I was able to get it set up at the 4k resolution on the TV set now I must tell you this TV set looks really good I can see you’re using this as a monitor for a presentation gaming and a lot of the things here so let’s open up like Excel spreadsheet one thing I do like about this TV so far it looks like a real monitor a lot of different TV sets when you plug different software on it it doesn’t look as good I also would show you guys a shameless plug to my new website so if you guys have a little time go check it out it’s tech Steve HD comm and I’m gonna be building out on this website as well as putting some other videos that you won’t see on YouTube so be sure to go check that out if you guys are interested here’s one last look at the App Store you see everything looks really nice next let’s take a look at a gaming system so I’m gonna plug a Playstation pro into it and see what it looks like if you do have a gaming system that supports HDR you need to set it up when you first plug it in under most gaming system go to settings go to sound and screens go to video outputs and then go over here to adjust HDR from this point just go through the setup and make sure everything matches and to double-check your settings go down here to video output information you can see is supporting 4k 60 Hertz and I am using a 2.0 HDMI cable now let’s take a quick look at a demo [Music] one of the best features about this television set is the voice commands so let me give you some examples go to HDMI one so it switched over to the PlayStation that was using earlier open up YouTube app and once the application is opening you can then search with inside of that application show me today’s hot is hit getting that from YouTube now to get back to the regular commands just hit home show me my Amazon photos here are some of your photos so these are all my cloud from long time ago play Billy Irish on Amazon music music you can see on the side there it will show the worst of the music and that’s great if you’re having a party or something like that open up Netflix here’s Netflix now since I didn’t download it I can just hit the download button log in I have access to that no problem and you have full access to the full Alexa system so for example let’s say we’re gonna ask there’s some Alexa questions what’s the weather like tomorrow tomorrow in San Diego there will be intermittent clouds with a high of 64 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 52 degrees what’s five billion two hundred and sixty six divided by 13 five million two hundred sixty-six divided by 13 is 384 million six hundred fifteen thousand four hundred five point zero seven seven what do I have in my Amazon shopping cart in your Amazon card you have micro 12 millimeters T 2.2 and also if you have like lighting systems or thermostats vacuum cleaners is connected to your Lexus system you can use this voice command to control all that as well the last thing i’ma show you guys is the fire TV application that you can use from your smartphone just go search for fire TV and it works on Android and iPhone and go and open it up once you open it up you’re Neil go ahead and sign into your Amazon account and have the TV set own it scan for some new devices and you can see it found my Amazon TV at the bottom let’s go and press on it now there’s a code that appear on your TV set just go ahead and enter that into the phone so if you look at the screen you have this keypad and you can just move around you see right there just with your finger underneath the gear here you have your settings you can see the TV moved to settings let’s hit home again now in the center you have your microphone if you just pull it down you have your voice commands right there the next you can see all your applications you can see just right here and if you press on them it opens them right up you also have access to the keyboard right here you see it pops up on the screen and then of course you have your volume up and down mute button and the regular controls like your option button right there now we have two point of video you guys gonna ask me what I really think about this television set well after using it over the last three days I would actually recommend this TV set I mean it sells for less than $300 so you can usually get them for about 229 to 250 on sale and I’ll leave some of those links in the comments below but the biggest thing I liked about it is that it has voice command it has really good viewing angles on top of that the 4k works really well and it looks really good on computers so I would highly recommend this TV set now what I’m gonna do is leave a link in the comments below so you can go over to Amazon or Best Buy and take a look for yourself and read the other reviews that other people putting out about about this TV set but the last thing I want to show you guys is I film some demos off for YouTube clips so you guys can get it the last impressions of the pitcher quality.

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