Traeger Tfb29lza Smoker Review

like a bird on a tree I’m just sitting here I got time it’s clear to see all right here we go I’ll start off with the somewhat negatives they’re not even real negatives just a learning curve really you have to keep this clean after at least every three cooks Hoover vacuum it Oh make sure this part here is clean because I have have if you don’t clean it after every three to five cooks the little ignition switch in here won’t bond because you’ll build up a big lump of ocean of habit where overflows the pellets into here or if I had this just fill up and then you’ll just get big bowls of smoke coming out of it like I said that’s nothing to do with the trigger itself it’s just knowing that you have to clean it every three to five cooks second thing and I’m nitpicking is this grill actually get movement and a gap it’s always a cop or else you said it past it but I suppose they’ve done that so you can get it in and out like I said I’m actually nitpicking and number three and like I said I’m nitpicking again this I would have liked this seen a bit bigger because if you don’t keep your eye on this you can run our pellets in about two and a half hours two hours something like that and if this goes low and throws an error cord here and a couple of times has caught me out where I’m thinking it’s cooking away come on air Accord but throws the error for it shocks this bad boy don’t but like you said if you wanted bigger I would have bought the bigger grill so I’m like I said I’m nitpicking this is just things that I’m finding out as I go along now all in all I’ve done a good few cooks are probably 20 cooks on this anybody that’s interested in buying one thumbs up the triggers fantastic little bro flavors that cook on it they will go up and down a little bit like if I want to set it from smoke to 225 it’s going to go above the 225 and then bring itself back there but I’ve got no complaints whatsoever about this will absolutely super fantastic like I said I’ve done a couple of silly things but Lander Cove keep this clean three to four at 5:30 keep your eye on this you’ll never have a problem with it in it it throws out fantastic food you don’t have to be the professional to use this so thumbs up freaking so anybody that’s buying one of these and there is a way to start it all you do is flick the switch off click it on sport you can hear that no the our going here is going to start dropping pellets but you’ll see in a minute it takes about five minutes you’re supposed to leave the door open and once you start seeing a flame and smoke you can close the door [Music] and she’s lit but that’s it that’s as easy as that I’ll bring you back as soon as this starts to smooth I did bring you back a little bit sooner I just want you see the pellets going in there you’ll get a little air in the ball and once it does it will start to smoke and ignite and there we go you can see the smoke starting to build up now it’s been about two and a half minutes from clicking that switch to the smoke starts now you don’t have to do this without the grill that all the girls and everything can be in there all you have to do is click that switch and leave the door open until you see the smoke and then you’ll hear the flame kick in I’ll leave you here until you see this flame this flame you’ll hear it more than see it when the grill had the grill and grate and stuff like that’s in heaven any second you start to see the little sparks of flame coming very short there she goes we have flayed and that’s it then you can close your door and you’re ready to cook fantastic little machine like I said you can do all up with everything as you can see if for the heat protector on it you don’t normally do this when it’s on I was just wanting to get to see it light huh so I’m gonna put my heat protective gloves on doing this this is defined for the juices and stuff to always put tinfoil all in it for easy cleanup [Music] and that’s all the rest of not normally not so it would be started you always tell when the Fria cook because it sounds like a jet taking off there we go guys I’m actually gonna let out he up because I am going to be doing a cook on so for anybody that’s looking to buy one of these don’t even hesitate beautiful and you can cook a lot more than you think on this I can get four full racks of ribs on you four of them looks a small grill but acts like a big boy okay ladies and gents I just want to shout out the trigger and I’m not getting paid to this I’m doing this because I love this little machine thumbs up the trigger fantastic little machine

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