Video Camera 4K Camcorder AiTechny Review

Video Camera 4K Camcorder AiTechny Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
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This is a review of the AI techy 4k video camera that I’ve been using for the past month inside the box you can find out more about this fantastic offer by clicking the link in the description there’s a bag which is good sometimes you don’t want to carry your camera in a box that’s why it’s nice to have a camera bag bag comes with a front pocket to hold your front pocket things maybe a pen or a pad or your imagination could go wild inside the main pocket there’s a top pocket that’s exciting you can see inside of that pocket it’s mesh you got that orange inner color so that everything is visible the contrast with the black components in the orange bag there’s an extra battery there’s a mini HDMI to standard HDMI cable so when you get that great video you can plug it right into the TV and start watching immediately instant gratification very important here’s the camera itself in a second bag in the bag which is good because then it protects it and it has a little loop so you can wear it on your belt pretend like it’s a giant cell phone like you’re in the 80s the camera with our hand hole and the battery get back into that in a minute.


Video Camera 4K Camcorder AiTechny

Once we get into the rest of these goodies in this soft fuzzy bag is the external microphone can mount this on the hot shoe on top of the camera with the cable included and there’s a switch it’s a lot easier to read in real life than it is on my cell phone camera to set the sensitivity of the external microphone depending on how far away your subject is it’s a little door back here for the button battery here is the other lens for when you don’t want to just be a standard lens kind of person you can have an ultra wide-angle lens and that mounts right on the camera itself by taking off the front part of the ultra wide-angle lens right here’s the back screw revealing the threads where it mounts on the camera face and by taking off the back part it is a macro lens for getting all those videos of tiny leaves blowing in the wind with dew on them to really capture the mood you’re feeling share it with Instagram so that way though everybody else knows how deep you are so it’s an important feature of this camera lets you let other people know how deep you are some more important cables here’s the cable that connects the boom mic to the camera itself when it’s in the hot shoe transfers the sound to the camera here’s the USB charging cable it’s a mini USB here’s the lens adapter ring that is used to attach the wide-angle and macro lens to the standard lens right here this screws on the front protective cover comes off the back of the wide-angle lens and then that goes on the adapter ring that looks official it’s gonna be some sample videos I took with all these lenses attached to this put the covers back on put the lenses back in the soft plush bags as the old saying goes put your lens in a soft plush bag it’ll stay protected here’s the wall adapter for the USB cord although you might have a few of those laying around they tend to show up sometimes long after the thing that they stopped they charge stops working so you got next one now this camera here is the light open in the back and put in four double A batteries as a diffuser plate in front of the LEDs and it also can mount on the hot shoe by itself instead of the microphone or with the microphone in the hot shoe you want to put both of them on put the light on first and then put the microphone on top of the light well rectangular slots right there can do some real gonzo reporting with this thing the spirit of protecting the components in a flesh bag protect the hotshoe with that little plastic square that’s all of the components of this great little camera now let’s fire it up see what happens open it up it turns right on tilt the screen down so the cameras up above your head you can see what you’re filming you tilt the screen up when you’re running around chasing a dog you can see what you’re filming with the camera at ankle level and you can tilt the screen all the way around so as you’re filming yourself walking down the street making the perfect vlog you can see what you’re doing in here we’ve got the menu button on the top left the play review videos on the top right power on the bottom left display and Wi-Fi on the bottom right which is pretty cool you can connect set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on this camera and then connect to it with another device like a phone so once you get that perfect macro video of the wet leaf waving in the wind or the selfie video walking down the street vlogging about the hot new trends you can you can Wi-Fi right into that from your phone and hit upload so micro SD card slot right here and there’s a full-size SD card slot down there if you want to use the external microphone you plug that Curly cable in to the circular hole there charge the battery the mini USB port is here and for your instant gratification big-screen needs with the included HDMI cable the mini HDMI port is right here put the little rubber cover back on also has night vision when you’re holding it like such zoom button up top W and T for wide and telephoto there’s a mode button and a still photo button right behind the zoom so all in all pretty great little camera especially for the price can’t really beat it for anything if anything else out there so take a look at the sample post.

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