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Waterpik Water Flosser Review

he weather is weird today y’all it’s gonna go up and down so I’m sorry if the lighting is a bit off hey welcome back to my channel I want to start off with saying I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe from it’s crazy times at the moment but I don’t say I hope everyone is doing well and keeping their distance so I have been working from home for about six weeks now and that has not been good for my bank account I thought it would be but I have been doing it so much online shopping one of the items that I have picked up during quarantine is finally a water flosser and I don’t know why I just didn’t get this while I had braces this would have been a lifesaver so this video is pretty much just me using it for the first time and giving you my first impressions I don’t know what to say about it I feel like everyone that is into teeth already has this and already uses it I’m just very late on the bandwagon but I finally got myself a water flosser and I thought why not film my first impressions since I showed you my braces why did I show you this I don’t know what you’re about to see is me using the water flosser for the first time and let me tell you it made such a difference I didn’t really see it at the time but now that I’ve used it a couple more times it is life-changing so definitely pick yourself up one of these I know they have like a little portable ones as well so if you don’t want to go out and like spend all the money for this one you can always just buy like the smaller one and they do the same thing it just holds less water so just have to like refill it a bit more often which is fine I didn’t talk about in the actual first impression try on try on is this a whole pretty much how to use it I kind of just went straight into it without reading the instructions which I I mean the story of my life but read the instructions or just followed this video I don’t know whatever works for you you can get them literally anywhere it comes in black and white what a walking advertisement I really really like it though definitely recommend and it comes with six tips which I go through in the video but also I didn’t mention is you use this for a minute so what I found with the water is that one I think I was using it wrong it was like emptying out a lot of water but you definitely just use it for like a minute and that is enough water for this one the portable one I think it only lasts maybe like just under a minute so you do have to refill it but with this one it does last a minute if you’re using it properly which I did not in this video this one has six tips it has a 90 second capacity and it has 10 precious settings which I kind of go through in the video and I kind of show you how powerful the settings are which is really interesting if you have braces definitely recommend it is it actually says here ideal for braces I think I even mentioned it in one of my braces videos I said go get yourself a water flosser I just didn’t there we go that is my review I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching don’t know how much to fill it up – I think that’s alright just because I think that’s the standard one I didn’t realize that there was measurements on here what do you can’t see that but it’s measurements on here I’m gonna put it up to 600 the truth so it’s like 10 like ten dials so I think you can choose like the speed of it three two at 1:00 and press this and no one is immune to [Music] we quick the waters running outside the water running out really quickly so I don’t know how long actually meant to floss oh I think it’s for a minute I’m going to refill this and then actually [Music] I’m gonna put it on [Music] I already need to fill this up again and I feel like I haven’t even gotten through it like my home health and I think I’m just doing it wrong though I take – I don’t know what’s like a standard number to go off I think I’m gonna do my original number yeah I don’t know I think it’s wrong I think it’s best to just press it well you turn it on so then the water doesn’t actually come out because the water like instantly comes out as soon as you turn it on [Music] I got my buddies well that was messy look how wet I want to try the other heads as well I should probably read the instructions nah it’s good we do this okay what is this one I feel like this one is like the braces cuz it’s quite like a shop tip so if I can get like in between your braces I don’t have braces but I’m gonna try it anyway [Applause] classic tip the easy and most effective way to last general use okay couple so the first one that I used is for general use that I just use beauty guru this one is the pick pocket so it’s not actually for braces it rinses deep below the gum line interesting good to know this one is actually the one for the Don tech tip so for braces and for general use specifically designed to reach underneath wires and around brackets to remove plaque okay ah I see it’s kinda like a toothbrush where it’s like actually bristles I’m gonna try the braces wand that you receive weii that will be relieved in phrases you can definitely like get in and around your brackets with this I wish I had this when I had braces yes this one this was weird pluck secret tip implants crowns bridges retainers is if you have like a fixed retainer I think which I do and I have one on the top as well I think this is meant to get like in and around your retainers which I’m really excited about that’s actually why I wanted to get this so then I can floss properly with the retainer Oh God travelers if you have a fixed retainer the thing with old Eve it’s really weird to use I guess you get used to it after like doing it for a bit but we didn’t explain it so it’s really weird using it we’ve got two more the toothbrush looking one which is just for general use tooth brush tip that’s all it says convenience of brushing and what if flossing at the same time so I guess you can brush the teeth this as well I don’t know I wouldn’t just cuz I just want to brush normally and then you have this one tongue cleaner removes bacteria from the tongue to freshen breath that’s really cool I really wanted to get where these so let’s see how it works [Music] use whatever what is left it’s not on the floor right now the – all right like I wouldn’t wouldn’t brush my teeth with it actually look so much cleaner probably can’t tell the difference but I can tell the difference because it’s my teeth and I’m just really don’t take about mine it really feels like what it would feel like when you go to a dentist and then they floss your teeth okay so my question now is how do you actually clean this do you just put water in it and then rinse it out like because I guess what it comes out of it sorry does that cleans it I am not too sure verdict which ones are my favorites I love this one because I love cleaning my tongue if you don’t clean your tongue you are disgusting in so much built-up luck and bacteria on your tongue that but no you need one of these two the word is but I have like a tongue scraper they watch you toothbrush to clean your tongue honestly that works just as well the other one I really like is this one which I thought was for braces but I think you can use this the braces because it’s such a thin such a thin tip it is rubbery so you can get like in-between your brackets if you like I don’t know someone with braces tell me I really like this one because you can really like get in between like yo teeth and I do really like the just the general use classic tip cuz it like shoots out super fast and everything like that honorable mention I guess is this one just cuz I wanted it for this tip to be honest I didn’t even know it came with all these other ones I thought that it was just like the one tip and then you’d have to buy all the separate tips so that was a pleasant surprise I really liked the idea of this such a weird I feel like that and you have the video ideas while I’m in quarantine would be greatly appreciated so that being said I will see you in my next one bye

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