Weber 45010001 Spirit Ii e 310 3 Burner Liquid Propane Grill Review

hello viewers this not too fast year summers upon us and I’m very excited to show you this brand new gas grill I just picked up this is the Weber spirit – III ten gas grill not been shopping around for a new grill for a couple of months now and I was going back and forth between this weber grill and the char-broil commercial true infrared grill both of them are priced around five hundred dollars but after reading all the reviews on the charcoal grill there were a lot of owners complaining about the parts rusting out after three to six months and some people had some issues with getting parts replaced by the manufacturer under warranty so that’s definitely something I didn’t want now with a weber grill they have a ten year warranty covering all the parts and also people who have had this grill or the previous model have really good positive reviews on this and all the parts are holding up really well even after several years of use so let’s unbox this put this together and I’ll show you what this grill look like here’s a look at the packaging everything is strapped in here are all the parts I took off the box these are the ribs here’s another look of these parts so now we just have to follow the assembly guide step by step and I’ll put this together [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] just put your propane tank onto the scale now weigh this down I’ll tell you how much propane is in here and here’s a look at this assembled Weber sphere to grill on this side and pull this down as a laconic started [Music] [Music] okay let’s start this up underneath the porcelain coated cast iron grate there are three burners there’s also one more burner at the very back of this grill but you’ll notice there are five heat dispersion plates three of them are covering the burners the two plates on the outside and the plate in the middle cover the burner there are two additional ones on either side and what they’ll do is help disperse heat throughout the entire grill also the heat dispersion plate completely covers a burner and I’ll protect it from any grease falling from the food which will extend the life of these burners now I’m going to grow some food on here and enjoy this new grill [Music] here you can see the steaks turn out really good I just took out the sausage and these are also very good overall I’m very happy with the performance of this weber spirit to e310 gas grill what makes this grill better than other brands out there is a quality of the components used you can tell weber use of best material all the parts and components are very high quality even the screws used in the assembly are painted to prevent rusting with a 10 year warranty from the manufacturer you know this grill will last a very long time as for the performance of the grill this grill gives you 529 square inches of cooking space with a three burners it outputs 30,000 BTU per hour and had no problem cooking a large amount of food for the family you can easily control the temperature and cook the food just the way you want it I also like the fact the side hanger that hold your propane tank has a billion scale so you know how much propane gas you have in the tank now this spirit to e310 gas grill has a top black cover you can also get in whites red or sapphire color now I got this grill on Amazon before 49 which is about $50 less than most retail box stores now if you want to get this for your home I’ll include the link in the description below thank you for watching and remember to click on thumbs up and subscribe to my channel thank you

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