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Westinghouse IGen1200 Generator Review

Westinghouse Igen 1200 Generator Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

Generator power source calm here for our review of the Honda EU 2000 verse the Westinghouse ijen 2002 very similar units and at first I was very reluctant to even match these things up because they I thought I was under the impression which I’ll tell you why I was wrong was they’re just in different leagues because of the price there were Westinghouse is literally half the price of the Honda if you’re one of those people that associates value with price usually that’s just kind of a reason for caution but let’s get into the differences with this the Westinghouse ijen 2000 is 1800 watt running 2000 watt peak the EU 2000 is 1600 watt running and 2000 watt peak so a slight advantage to the Westinghouse here run times and noises etc I thought that the Westinghouse was going to be a very rattle rattle chat basically it was I thought it was going to be a cheap generator and it was everything but that it was it was the smoothest the smoothest motor that we ran and one of the quietest under idle the Honda was quieter under a load at a 50 foot distance but definitely more vibrations out of the Honda versus out of the Westinghouse so let’s come to the front and address a few differences because this might be a kicker for some people on the Honda you know you have 220 volt receptacles same is true on the Westinghouse one difference on the Westinghouse is you get two USB ports here DC 5 volt 2 USB ports whereas on the Honda at least you’re getting a 12 volt DC plug so that if you had to charge a battery you could do that on the Westinghouse that’s not going to be a possibility you would have to carry along a battery charger if you’re an RV R this might be an important thing the Honda has 2 ports for parallel capability the Westinghouse actually uses a separate cord that plugs into the receptacle in the front that comes out and then parallels with a with another unit both offer Iko Iko mode versus full throttle again at a 50/50 foot distance of the Honda was quieter than the Westinghouse but the Westinghouse was quieter and smoother under no-load right at the unit both units are 46 pounds so really really easy to move these things I mean it’s literally like carrying a suitcase you can you can move this anywhere about again back to the the big point here is the price and because both both of them offer parallel capability this is a really big important factor for a inverter generator the Westinghouse again is anywhere from 479 to 499 depending on the time of year and where you buy it the Honda in the red edition which is the most popular is going to run you about nine hundred and ninety nine bucks in the real street ranlo it’s about ten fifty to eleven hundred bucks so we’re almost double than the Westinghouse depending on which model you pick up so it can essentially buy to Westinghouse parallel them and buy a battery charger and be at the same price range as the Honda now some people prefer the Honda name I totally understand that Honda has made great products for many many years as well as Westinghouse Westinghouse has been making quality equipment for many years one other knob that I’ll give the Westinghouse is the the customer service I was on the phone with them asking questions especially about the parallel capability because I was a little bit confused on that their answers went above and beyond so really really impressed with that Honda has been super super helpful as well any questions you have and one nod to the to the Honda as well is if you ever have problems with the Honda out on the road there’s always going to be a power sports store that can service Honda so that’s one of those things that goes with that name-brand both units handled the load fine they both were very very comparable in terms of handling at 15 100 watt load very very comparable in terms of noise if you haven’t seen that video check out our decibel readings on both of these units that is been a app generator power source calm the Westinghouse ijen 2,000 versus the Honda EU 2000 we have a full write-up of these two units in more detail on generator power source calm thanks for watching subscribe give us a thumbs up and we’ll be back for more comparison videos shortly [Music] is to

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