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Westinghouse IGen4200 Generator Review

Westinghouse IGen4200 Generator Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
Written by zeeshan

How’s it going i’m jerry gillis welcome to another all about RVs today we’re looking at these two generators I just had to do a video on this because they’re extremely similar on the amount of power that they produce but they are extremely different and everything that they have to offer this one here is the ijen 4500 dual fuel and it produces 4500 pequots I think 3700 continuous watts on gasoline of course take what 10% offered propane wattage ratings and then this guy over here is the ijen 4200 it Pequots at 4200 I think continuous watts is around 3500 watts open frame so it’s probably going to be a little bit noisier than this one this one being enclosed like I said they’re both in herder generators so it will be quieter than your typical construction generator even though it’s open frame so let’s look at the 4500 duel fuel first and what it has to offer we’ll just start from the top and go down to the bottom and then we’ll kind of run it through some tests and see what they run I imagine they’ll run just about anything I can throw at them in my 30 amp RV but still be fun to test it out so obviously we can fill up the gasoline up here on top I believe the fuel capacity is just under three and a half gallons so you can put a healthy amount of gasoline in here and they say on a quarter load it can run for around 18 hours now I knew a guy that ran I think 500 watts and he wanted to see how long it could do that it ran for 26 hours and on propane it’s supposed to run a similar amount of time I think they say 15 hours or something like that running on a 20 pound bottle of propane which is the the smaller bottle of propane that you’re traditionally used to seeing for barbecues and stuff so on the front of the generator we have our switch for turning the battery off and on when we’re ready to start it they actually have a place where you can put a float charger on this while you have it in storage that way when you go to pull it out your battery is not dead and toast and you got to go buy a new one so they have a way that you can float charge your battery during the off season they have the RV ready plug what nice not to be able to have an adapter your standard house outlet and then we have the the breakers for each of those power sources on the generator we have our fuel selector switch between gasoline and propane and then our port for plugging in the propane into the generator and an on/off switch then we have our indicator lights and the switch for efficiency mode like economy mode for the generator then this has quite a few places for data it gives you like a whole data center so if you wanted to know the remaining runtime hours the power output that the generator is outputting how much fuel you have left in the gasoline tank the voltage that it’s producing and an hour meter for how many hours the generators been running that way you know when to when to service it so it has just about all the bells and whistles on this generator oh I almost forgot it does have a pulse start on the side and a remote for starting the generator remotely on gasoline and propane it does have a handle so rolling it around is a piece of cake it almost looks like a suitcase kind of a handle the way that it pops out and rolls around I do have to be honest this thing is a beast it weighs quite a bit I can get it in and out of the truck by myself but having an extra set of hands to put this load it in and out definitely is an advantage to just heating it up there by yourself now moving over to the ijen 4200 this generator couldn’t be more different in terms of features so you have your fuel valve a manual choke the other one had an automatic choke you do have an hour meter on here which is very nice for a stripped-down model place to charge USB stuff switch for having it on run and when you turn it off for stopping it’s your indicator lights reset button again it has efficiency mode your standard RV plug outlet on here standard household outlet and then your two circuit breakers down at the bottom there is no battery on this so obviously remote start is out of the question they do give you a fuel gauge on top a manual fuel gauge so that way you know how much fuel is in here now the the runtime and the power that it produces is extremely similar to the I Jenna 4500 dual fuel they say can run for 18 hours on a quarter load but it has a gallon less fuel capacity so I think it’s around two and a half gallons of gasoline and that this guy can hold again this being an open frame inverter generator definitely is going to look different than your traditional being enclosed like the 4500 duel fuel over here but the engine size are it’s actually pretty similar between these two generators just a little side note and a tip when you’re looking at generators and you’re trying to compare what power they produce engine size actually will tell you quite a bit if somebody’s saying that they’re producing a lot more wattage with a smaller engine size chances are it’s not gonna perform as well under a heavy load now this one has a 212 cc engine and this one has a 224 and the you can see that in the watt ratings in between the two this one’s the Pequots at 4,500 and this one’s Pequots at 4200 so even just that little bit of difference in the engine size you see that in the power output difference so when you’re comparing generators take a look at the engine size along with the the watt rating that that generator has so let’s fire up the 4500 first and we will turn on the AC and a few other things and see how it handles it okay let me see if I can speed this up for us a little bit because I ran this test three times I did it on gas on the 4500 dual fuel and then I ran it on the other generator and then I ran it on the propane side of the 4,500 so it was what I did is I turned on a couple of TVs so we had those going playing stuff I turned on a space heater and we had that going and then I fired up the AC I wanted to see how it did firing up the AC once it already had all those other loads going because that’s really the reason why you would want a generator like this is have things going and still have your AC be able to kick on we could see that these two generators handled this typical scenario no problem at all if we had nine to twelve amps going and then the AC kicked on it was able to power through that and is that that big draw happened it was able to push through that because of the size of these generators so we let them run on that power load for a little bit to see how they could sustain it and they they did fine so the big question with these generators is how are they gonna do in the long run how well are they gonna do for years and years and years because looking at them this has all the bells and whistles the other one has just raw power so that’s the big question what these we’ll have to see how they do long term so as far as sound I’ll talk a little bit about that but the sound for this 4500 dual fuel was very quiet I had a hard time hearing when it was still running outside when I was trying to run it out of gasoline I had to actually like step outside to see if it was still running at times so it was extremely quiet the other one with the open frame it does present some additional noise it’s like I said better than your typical construction generator but if I was for us on our rig we have an Onan generator so I would probably say that the 4500 was the quietest for the generators that we usually use it’s really close to that champion 1 then our Onan generator and then third coming in last place would probably be that open frame generator as far as noise I know it’s not really fair talking about the Onan generator in that mech that’s a mountable generator for your RV these are very mobile they’re still for RVing so similar purpose just different form factor but they really handled well powering through that heavy amp draw load that was required when that AC kicked on and got going so let’s talk about price this one I think is around the $600 range stripped-down model to give you just a inverter generator with no frills I did notice that this thing does give you volts frequency and hours so it gives you a little more information tonight and I first thought there it did run a bit louder than this guy which was expected the 4500 dual-fuel I think this one goes for around $1,100 this one in my opinion did excellent on the sound I don’t have a bunch of generators to line up side-by-side and test the decibel and frequency but it sounds good and it is very quiet so really the last question to answer with these generators is how to been dependable are they going to be there’s some generators out there that have had a really long track record and a long history of just being dependable and these just have to show that over time and I know there’s been people out there using this branded generators that have had great success I know there was a version of this 4500 before the dual fuel that they had some issues with automatic choke and the plug being upside down I didn’t have any of those issues while testing this guy out and kind of playing around with it oh one thing I did forget to mention on the feature list on this guy that’s different than the champion that we had looked at a little bit ago is you can switch between gasoline and propane on the fly so if you’re wanting to switch over from gasoline to propane you can just flip the switch and it’ll switch over or vice versa so that was that was pretty handy so I hope you enjoyed this quick look at two extremely different extremely similar generators and so remember if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and if we don’t see you on the road hopefully we will see you in the next video this remote makes me think of that movie fun with Dick and Jane Mercedes off

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