Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera Review

Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera Review Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal
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I’m going have a follow-up video to this video that you should come see if you’re interested in doing really cinematic photography and getting a very movie like look I’m gonna post it really soon after I post this video so be sure to come back and check it out this video is a review for the why I am one Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera so why am i reviewing this camera because about a year ago another youtuber reviewed the camera a guy I really respect i watch all these videos and he dismissed it pretty quickly out of hand this reviewer often really likes the high-end Ferraris of cameras the cameras a clocking around usually a base of 1200 and go up to $10,000 so I could see why a little micro four-thirds pocket guy am I not excite him but after I read the specs I thought well I’d love the chickens came out myself so I contacted the people and they were kind of to send me the camera the full kit so I had a camera I got this wide the medium lens.


Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera

I got a telephoto lens for doing macro I’ll get back to all these in a minute so if you’re new to photography which I know if some of you are aren’t if you’re here you’re here because you’ve seen this camera and you’re not sure if you should buy it or not is it for you well to start off micro farthest cameras are very small camera a little small sensor however this sensor is made by Sony even us a Chinese camera has a great Sony sensor the sensor looks beautiful as 20 megapixels it’s tack sharp and I’ve gotten great color fidelity and results out of it I’m very impressed with it for starters it also has a t1 focus points which is nice so you can tap around the back to screen and pick which one I get in focus really quick and easy the base camera comes with a 12 to 40 millimeter lens and if you don’t know Micro Four Thirds photography you double the focal length so a 12 millimeter becomes effectively a 24 and a 40 becomes an 80 so in laymen’s camera terms it comes with pretty much a 24 to 80 millimeter lens which means it goes from y to semi telephoto not really you know you can’t really do sporting events but enough to get a nice good-looking portraiture you zoom in get a nice bokeh soft focus behind you it also came with this lens which is effectively an 85 millimeter used for macro photography and I’ll put a few shots up.

Right now I took with this I’m not really a macro photographer but I got some great shots of the plants this last spring yeah so I’ve been using this camera for a year it’s been about one year since they sent it to me and I’ve been shooting with it on and off occasionally swapping it out with my professional gear to see what I get and so I’m putting some of the pictures up so you can see them all through this video you can see different shots I took with this camera throughout the year some of the ones the models we’re done with this camera and a simple off shoe strobe very simple setup it worked great I had zero problems this camera the cameras I’m usually shoot everything in manual I’m a manual shooter I like to set every little thing from ISO to shutter speed to aperture because sometimes I want to get looks that aren’t automatic a lot of times you shoot see with your cell phone you get a great shot but it’s an automatic shot I have this saying I say these days which when I went to school and I shot on actual film film and you have about twenty four shots to a roll I used to say it was hard to take a good picture back then you’d be what you’re doing to get a good picture these days with cell phones everything it’s hard to get a bad picture but with a cell phone you use a lot of control no matter how much they try and tell you we’re giving you all these widgets for soft focus and focal and exposure you still don’t get a lot of control on a cell phone but with a regular camera like this one you can go to manual mode and then you can set everything.

You can get nice rich blacks brighter whites you can make the I go to what you want to focus and shoot on but I’ll tell you with this camera I was shocked that when I put into P mode which stands for program most cameras with dials will have a p he’ll call it perfect mode for slang Wow I it was hard to get a bad shot the autofocus was fast and responsive I never missed a shot which I thought was fantastic for such a real camera so who was this camera for well right now December 2018 it has a price point of 29.2 49 to 50 on amazon for the base kit which is the wide to medium telephoto in the camera and like 299 for the full kit which is with the macro lens so it’s very affordable especially right now but the price is amazing it does the work that a comples 66 to $800 camera would do I would say if you’re looking to get away from a cell phone and want to get into swappable lens photography I would absolutely recommend this camera for you if you’re a first timer also if you’re a student if you’re a high school or college student and you want to get into interchangeable lens photography it’s a great camera for you it’ll help you up your Instagram game a lot you’ll be able to take the kind of shots other people have and wonder how to get them it also does if you’re into video the video is very nice it’s got image stabilization it has 4k 30 and up to 60 frame 10 AP and I’ll put some in that video appear so you can see it.

I felt it very nice it was great either one that shot was the Palace of Fine Arts here in San Francisco you can see the quality I believe is there somebody shot at the 60 then slowed down to 24 so they have a nice kind of dreamy slow-motion effect of them so overall that’s my general consensus I’d say it’s definitely a Buy if you’re looking for something in the 300 dollar or less range for a camera now it’s not what thou downsides there’s a the the biggest one I found really was that the the back of the camera the touchscreen is not as responsive as I think we’ve all been used to and kind of spoiled with overtime for tapping on it sometimes I would tap on an area and I’d be trying to set something and I tap again tap again it would take it would take I think the the touch screens lag s we describe it it’s not not a deal breaker but it’s definitely kind of laggy I think that part of why the price is so low I think they’re probably not going with a higher type of touchscreen if they make a weii em – that’s one of things I would recommend to see if you can get a more responsive touch screen on the back of your camera and that’s pretty much it I mean it’s got everything I use it’s got manual focus zebras so if you are a manual focus or you can get that nice sharp focus on the back and I hope this review is helpful for you if you’re interested in the why I m1 camera if you have any questions about it or comments about it feel free to leave them in the comments section. Thank you for visit our post!

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