Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed Review

what’s up guys beautiful panda here hey look what I saw it’s another sinus bet as you can see here it’s about as tall as I am when it’s delivered like this because that’s pretty much the headboard in there and then everything I think is kind of installed or packed into the headboard itself so this is the queen-size and it’s pretty heavy and so I thought I might be unpacking it out here in the garage and taking the parts into the house and then getting the sucker set up so let’s go ahead and try that alright guys so I got the bed into the room where I’m going to set it up and you are going to kind of want to lay it out where you’re going to need it so I’m going to put the bed headboard up against that wall so I’m going to end up moving this over there this is not my first sinus bed but I was so impressed with my other one that obviously I picked this one up now it’s obviously laying face down I’ve got the back up here and that’s because all of the parts for the bed are in the back panel here so it’s kind of a cool little packaging you unzip this and you flip this bad boy open and there is the akashic components right so you’ve got your panels here now this one is in kind of a gray fabric the other one I have is like a pleather I wanted to try something different not necessarily have the same matching that set in both both rooms so you kind of take everything out and then you get the headboard zipped back up and we’ll start assembling it so I’m going to show you how to assemble it and that will take the kind of a close look at the finished product and give you my thoughts now the instructions per sentence up are pretty clear but if you follow my video you may not even need the instructions first of all you’re going to want to kind of the big crossmember piece here it’s labeled D or its identified as D so you’re going to want the D so you’re going to have to find the D because this is what you’re going to need and you’re going to get the D and you’re going to open this up like this and then these two legs fold down like that and like that and that is going to be one big piece of the bed right there next you’re going to find your little accessory kit which is going to include some bolts of different sizes pay attention to the letters and then you’re going to have an allen key here what you’re going to want on this one is to use the L bolts which are these bigger ones down here L and it looks like you get a spare one there and you’re going to run bolt through here so that these legs that hold it down now are going to be permanently fixed next you’re going to want to find George II bar which is really the only owned metal bar and the legs just pull down on the sides here so what you’re going to notice is that the e bar is a little shorter in length than the D bar now here’s where these two will kind of intersect make the bed this D bar is going to be the long bar and so that’s going to be the length of the bed at least in the case of this bed which is a queen-size bed this e bar is going to intersect it in the middle so you can see here hopefully there’s a notch in the middle of the D bar so what I’m going to do is just to kind of get things generally in place I’m going to put this and kind of in the direction that the bed is supposed to be set up anyway so I don’t have to move it too far now I take this a bar I’m going to sit it in here in the center there is a couple tabs that are going to hold it in place and now you’re going to use one of those screws to attach the two bars together so you’re going to have this X that’s going to take another one of these L bolts that you just use and you’re just going to install that and tighten these two bad boys down now step number six that box that all the parts came in and your pieces actually come with four legs they’re plastic and they look like you know cups kind of but they have a screw on the end I don’t want to take off the little rubber stop on the end of it and now you’re going to screw these bad boys in you’re going to screw them in to two different parts the first part is a headboard up here which I have the padded side now facing out on the bottom this black part this unfinished part is going to be hidden underneath the mattress but if you look down here on the bottom here to find a little hole right down there and this leg is just screw right into it and then you just want to install it on the other side as well now you obviously have two life left and that’s where as a footboard is going to get its legs what you’re going to notice about this is it’s completely wrapped in fabric and unlike the other pieces it’s kind of flat as well the other boards with fabric have wooden supports attached to them so it’s not going to be that piece it’s going to be the kind of the unfinished long piece that’s going to fit right on the end here so again this exact same thing you’re going to notice that on the ends here you have a little hole and that’s where the leg is going to screw into the footboard here too so let’s go ahead and now this thing is starting to come together and what you’re going to notice here is that the bar has two little notches and there are two bolts attached to the headboard here it’s going to seal on the footboard so you’re going to want to back out these screws just a little bit to give them a little gap so that you can slide this plate over them so you’re going to back out both of these bolts here now once you get them both loosened and take the bar and fit it over the two bolts now if you have the headboard resting against the wall like I do you’re gonna have to get it vertical to get the bar to slip over and there pops into place and now you just tighten these back up we’re going to do the exact same thing down here on the footboard back out the two bolts right in the middle of it just a little bit take the two notches on the D bar and get them over and snap them into place and then tighten those down alright now we’ve got the headboard and footboard but we have no sides so what you’re going to need to do is grab one of these panels now there there’s totally two different versions but the difference is on one end you’re going to have a bracket that’s going to either attach to the headboard or the footboard and on the other side you’re going to have some of these bolts that you’re going to back out because that’s going to slot in these little brackets here so in this case I would attach this end to the headboard and this end to these little support brackets here and if it were on that side this would be attached to the footboard so let’s go ahead and all you have to do here is again back out the bolts out of the headboard a little bit so you can get in this piece this piece over them and then you want to back out the bolts on the side boards here a little bit so you can get them into this piece right here okay so let’s just loosen Wapping then get the thing in all right so I’ve got all the sideboards in if you haven’t taken this time now to tighten up all those bolts back this is where you want to do it I mean you have most of the bet at this point put together you’re going to put down the wood slacks here in just a moment so I’m going to tighten everything up and then we’ll install the wood slats that are at the platform and now what you’ll notice here on the sides you have these wooden rails with the hard sided prickly side of the velcro on this side so what we’re going to do is we’re going to take our rolls of wooden planks you’re going to have to remove the the the wire straps on them and they’re all tethered by a long piece of velcro and you’re just going to lay them down so the velcro meets the velcro on the board and then roll them out now you’ve got two of them so you’re going to have one for the top half of the bed and one for the bottom half of the bed so let’s go ahead and get those installed Wow so that’s basically it you just kind of roll the board’s down there now I noticed that some of these are a little bit boat like this middle one here in fact has kind of a lot of bowing to it but once you get a mattress on there and obviously the weight of a person even if the velcro isn’t kind of holding it in place right now that’s going to kind of hold it in place now what I’ve also noticed is that especially we use those memory foam mattresses they’re pretty heavy so in pretty thick so they’re going to really push everything down I only put a mattress on top of the boards I don’t use a box spring anymore because it’s kind of nice that this is off the ground quite a bit so the legs and the frame kind of lift this thing probably 7 inches off the ground so you could certainly store stuff underneath there if you wanted to and then you have probably another 7 or 8 inches of you know material here the bed is probably sunk a couple inches down so you don’t have it a full like 16 14 or 15 16 inches off the ground you’re probably about a foot off the ground to start and then whatever size mattress you have like a 10 or 12 inch mattress then your your total height off the ground so it’s going to be a couple feet possibly thick of the mattress the higher off the ground it is but I’m going to notice that that height is really really good now let’s kind of take a look I think you know one together pretty much just like my other sinus bed or thinnest bed or whatever they call it this one’s a little different because it’s a it’s a cloth it’s a fabric and as you can see here it’s kind of grey it’s like a charcoal and silver no there’s a little bit of kind of a variety of color in here the material feels pretty good it kind of feels like a wool suit a little bit like a wool dress suit in terms of material you know not quite that buy with that kind of a thread towel but you know until it’s a little thicker but it seems pretty nice and actually it’s pretty I think pretty classy looking in general I mean he doesn’t match my carpet perfectly sometimes the drapes don’t always match the carpet but I think as a standalone it looks pretty nice so I’m pretty impressed with that if we go up here to the headboard where we’re going to see it kind of in all its glory well we here is kind of a square tufted pattern to the to the stitching as you can see and then again kind of this great there’s no white I mean it might kind of look like that in the camera but it’s like it’s actually a little bit more uniform gray than you think it just looks a little more speckled the closer in you get so further away yet it just kind of looks like a kind of a gray material almost like a denim I would say a little little more on the higher end like a polyester type of fabric on a canvas you know it doesn’t doesn’t look like a wear as much as like denim pants do so that’s pretty cool so the square headboard and as you know it’s not super thick because or it’s thick because all the materials and the supplies for the bed team packed in ends but this is actually even though this isn’t that thick there is about an inch of padding or about an inch of give here so if you’re sitting up in the bed and leaned against actually would be a pretty comfortable place to be obviously the sled or the sleigh type of headboard or it’s kind of sculpted and reclined back probably give you be a little more comfortable but this seems like it’s going to resist stain and dirt and look pretty nice to kind of an executive style look I think so you know if you’re you know room is kind of more of a muted earthy well let’s say kind of cool colors like white off-white blue gray black those types of colors I think this is going to look really really good in it so overall I’m pretty happy like I said for you know I got this one on Amazon in including delivery I want to say that it was under 160 bucks you know I bought it when it went on sale because I needed one but didn’t need one badly enough to to buy it at full retail price which was only you know about 180 you’re home to $90 so for under $200 you get a full bed like this and I think it’s really a steal check it out they have these in different styles and colors I can get it in kind of a stay and color which is my next choice I almost thought about getting that one and then obviously I haven’t met a espresso kind of faux leather pleather material which looks great miss held up really really well I’m a repeat customer so follow the link in the description if you want to check it out and see some of the other styles but that’s how you set it up and pretty nice overall peter von banda my zionist bed out

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